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Back when I first signed up for that free Blogspot account, I hardly knew what a blog was. Our pastor had one, and then a dear friend started journaling her adoption process with one. I knew of no other blogs, or how to find more of them if I wanted to. When I found myself pregnant with our first child, I knew that grandmas were going to want to see belly pictures and plenty more of the little bean whenever he showed up.

So I started a blog.

It was super exciting. “Today I had a doctor appointment and I gained 12 pounds.”

Over the course of a few months, things like “Henry had green poop today” made the bloggy rounds.

My intended audience was family and a handful of friends… none of whom had any idea what a blog was to begin with, but whom also graciously humored me and clicked over every few days. And then, I started getting comments from unrecognizable names. I would call my husband in an excited panic “Do you have family in North Carolina? This woman commented on my blog and I have no idea who she is!”

Apparently, people were reading my blog. I had no idea how they found me, or frankly, why on earth they thought my little family was interesting. But I kept writing.

Four years later, that little web journal I started to document our growing family has turned into a thriving community that cries together, laughs together, and helps together. It’s been an amazing journey and I still can’t believe how far its come.


Yes, there is a but. This blogging thing is no longer a casual, easy-going hobby. Now, there are schedules and linky parties and PR requests, conferences, email inboxes that always have something unread in them… and my little Internet space is a lot of work. Like, actual, honest to goodness, I’m not even being dramatic: work.

I’m friends with Lindsey Cheney of The Pleated Poppy, and we would often commiserate about our bloggy woes. Her blog was even bigger than mine, plus she had a handmade shop that she had to keep stocked!

“I feel like my business has so much room to grow but I just can’t seem to keep up with all of the emails and back-end stuff! I don’t have time for the creative part anymore!” Being the ever helpful friend I said “Well, why don’t you hire someone to help with that stuff?”

I became Lindsey’s Virtual Assistant for two years. It was a great job for this stay-at-home mama, and I loved working so intimately with Lindsey and getting to celebrate in her successes! I felt like her personal cheerleader and Team Mom, all rolled into one.

Since then, lots of other bloggy friends have asked about my experience as a VA. They know they need help, too, but don’t know where to start, who to hire, or what to look for. Eventually, someone suggested I write an ebook about it. So with some prodding, I finally did.

Inside my ebook you’ll find a ton of practical tips for how to find a VA, what qualities they need and why they are important, and plenty of actual nuts-and-bolts ideas for what kind of work they could be doing for you. I also included words of wisdom from some of the best bloggers in the business:

Since the ebook launched, I have gotten countless emails from people who want to be the hired help. “Will you be writing an ebook for people who want to do this type of work?”

The answer is that I haven’t written that book—partly because I haven’t found a few extra hours hidden in the cushions of my couch—but also because so much of what I would write is already in my Hire Blog Help ebook. While the ebook is geared to bloggers needing hired help, the information and tips in there are completely applicable to someone wanting to become a VA! So if you’ve been toying with the idea of helping out a blogger, this book is great for you too! Promise.

I hope that my experience helps others. Blogging should be the fun creative outlet it once was. And there are plenty of people out there who would love to help! Let’s make those connections and help each other thrive in this latest form of communication.

Are you a VA? Looking for one? In what ways would you use a virtual assistant?

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  1. Michelle Parrott

    That would be SUCH an ideal job! Coming from teaching {before our move to the UK and turning SAHM} I love the busy lifestyle & absolutely LOVE the blogging community! I never knew such a thing existed. ha ha. Now you have me scouring for VA jobs. lol. Glad I found this post! I’m excited to head on over to your blog now! xoxo

  2. Emily

    I bought the Ebook and love it! Thank you so much for introducing both bloggers and VA hopefuls to all of your tips:) The blogging community has given me so much. I would be honored to give back in the form of becoming a VA. I think the artists need to focus on their talent and I know I can help manage the business side:) Searching for jobs now!

    • Emily

      If you are interested in hiring a talented and experienced business manager email me!

  3. Heather Allard

    Hi Jeannett,

    Loved this post!

    Like you, I started a blog four years ago with no intention of it being big. Now, it’s grown so much and has become a real job, one that I LOVE.

    I just hired an assistant last month and she has made my life and site SO MUCH BETTER. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your story…wishing you much success!

  4. DaniM

    Thanks for this post. This has helped me see the “other” side of the VA world…The clients view!

    I have been a VA for the past year after working in the corporate IT world for 8 years. I am happier than I’ve ever been…I love being behind the scenes and I love being around creative brains. I also get to be a WAHM, which I’d keep in lieu of a huge fat corporate bonus any day!

    I will def read your ebook. Thank you!

  5. Megan at SortaCrunchy

    I’ve been thinking about this since I got back from BlogHer earlier this month, so I just went ahead and bought your book! Thanks for covering a topic that I am sure MANY of us want to learn more about!

  6. Dawn

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing. I am looking to be a VA, as a stay at home mom, I’d LOVE the extra income. I love to write to research, just had no idea about how to get a job doing this. I would love to be involved in this type of community and project. Great post, thanks again!

  7. Amy

    My blog is only six weeks old and I have so much to learn! It helps to know we all kind of started the same way–and I am looking forward to whatever comes next.

  8. tosha

    Awesome post, Jeannette! This may be a shameless use of the comment space, but if anyone is looking for a VA, look my way! I’d love to have my own homesteading blog someday, but that’s years down the road. In the meantime, I’d love to see the back end of a blog! I’m a grad student in Nutrition with a pretty light workload and I’m in front of my computer all.the.time. I could easy fit some VA tasks into my life, especially since I could use the extra $$ 🙂 Holler at me at tws061105 at gmail if you’re hiring! I’ll be sure to check out the ebook!!

  9. Angela Chee

    Thanks for sharing. I’m don’t need a VA right now, but I love your story about when you started your blog. Reminds me of when my cousin told me to start a blog. My son was only 10 weeks old laying on my lap sleeping when I wrote my first post. I was inconsistent for the past few years, but I just relaunched and now I’m focusing more on my content and hope to grow and continue sharing wisdom, inspiration and laughter.

  10. Brittany Ross

    I loved this post! From wonderful things manifesting from doing something you love, supporting others in a world community, giving thanks and giving yourself space to put the wonder back into living your life!

    It’s given me some things to think about as I go along my own journey ang for that, I am always grateful!

    Keep spreading the love! 🙂

  11. Anne Marie

    What a great post and I am excited for the book! I am currently working part (ish) time as a Marketing operations manager, and though my company is fantastic, I am trying to find something to keep my skills sharp but have more time at home with my son.

    A VA position would be a great fit, so call this my shameless plug, but I would love to help someone as a VA if they are looking for someone with quite a few years in Marketing and business operations experience!

    Thanks as always for another great post, and networking opportunity! 🙂

  12. Sheridan

    I do some VA work for a company I know and love. 🙂 I just kind of slipped into the role, which was great.

  13. Susana of Montessori Candy

    Thanks for this! I’ve been asked to do this kind of work, so I’m looking forward to your ebook.

  14. Audrey

    I just started a blog and, to be honest, I didn’t think too much about the technical piece until I started- I’m just interested in the creative portion. While I certainly couldn’t justify hiring a VA for something that’s not making money, I can already see how useful that would be! This seems like such a burgeoning field!

  15. Jennifer

    Interesting. I have been thinking about hiring an assistant for a while now, and this book looks like it might help me decide. But, honestly, I think you priced it too high. Nearly $10 for an 85 page book, with no way to read an excerpt or check it out of the library, and if I want a physical copy I have to print it myself (for additional cost) is expensive. I don’t pay $10 for 300+ page paperbacks.

    I would like to be convinced that this book will pay for itself, but testimonials don’t do it for me, and saying that there are interviews from other top women bloggers in it just makes me want to search the net for the advice separately.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love your site and your writing, I just won’t pay that much for an ebook unless I have a lot more confidence that it’s worth the cost.

  16. Amy @ Frugal Mama

    I just bought this eBook and couldn’t put it down. It’s chock full of really good information, which I don’t know where I’d find elsewhere, and Jeannett has a really fun, friendly style.

    Thank you for this lifeline!

  17. Don

    A lot of bloggers out there who aims to generate money whose work aren’t getting noticed. I would love to learn your ideas on how to get quick results. Putting a lot of love into your work is definitely one of the reasons why a lot of people appreciate your post. Keep up the good work.

  18. Amparo Castano

    I just started blogging a couple of months ago, so I can use all of the help I can get. I used to be self-employed as a VA, so that’s something that definitely interests me. I think the more I learn about blogging the more I can offer my clients. Thanks!

  19. Jamie

    Hi, I’m Jamie – Director of Outreach at – for writers, we have a ton of paid work at the moment. For content buyers, we have flat-rate purchase options for blog posts, tweets, and other types of content! We hope you give our service a shot – feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions at

  20. Samantha @ KreativeKaring

    This is a great post, but what about the people who can’t afford to hire help? I really love blogging and helping people, but I also work 3 jobs and just can’t keep up with posting daily. The last couple months have been really tough and I’ve barely gotten a chance to write anything. Yet, I would be so sad if the blog wasn’t there.
    How do we go about finding good people that simply have extra time on their hands and are willing to help others out? Are there no people out there like that anymore?

  21. Christina Dematos

    Thanks so much for this post! Its so nice to see someone who isn’t a VA (well anymore) write about why a VA is important to have. Keep it up. Thanks

  22. Sarah

    Love this post! And I might just have to check out that e-book 🙂 I’m a virtual assistant and am always looking for new tips and tricks! Thanks for sharing!

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