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From the Gardening Archives

Well, dear readers, it’s about that time of year again… as we head into spring and we all start getting a little garden fever I thought it would be fun to delve into our archives to revisit some of our great posts from the past to get you inspired for this year’s season.

I plan to bring you all along with me this year as I attempt a bit of gardening, and I look forward to hearing what you’re growing as well.

Gardening 101

It’s hard to believe Simple Organic has already been around for two years! When we started out, editor Katie Fox spearheaded a great series on the basics of gardening. Here are my favorite posts from the series.

More Resources

Since those early days, we’ve had more helpful posts on gardening. Here’s some more reading material to inspire you as you brave those last weeks of winter.

Don’t forget about composting!

If you’re new to composting or need a refresher, be sure to (re-)visit our Compost Q & A series where I interviewed a master composter with reader questions, and gave an overview of some composting options.

So now the questions is, what are your gardening plans for this year? Have you started yet?

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  1. Jeanette

    I have started dreaming about it, it’s still too cold up here in Norway. 🙂

    But I will make another attempt at growing herbs and vegetables this year, last year the whole crop rained away. And my partner has promised to build me a herbal spiral, and I’m so looking forward to that!! 🙂

    There will be tomatoes and zucchinis too, and bell peppers… and of course, a lot of wonderful herbs in my spiral. 🙂

  2. Becky @ Sowing Little Seeds

    Thanks for all the helpful resources! We have never done any gardening before and this year are only planning to plant some herbs indoors.

  3. T @ aseedinspired

    I just threw the first seeds in yesterday.
    A week early by my great grandmothers standards… but not too early by my friends great grandfathers standards…lol…
    so it’s probably okay right!?

    Glad to see gardening articles climbing out of the internet shed!

  4. Amy

    I am waiting for some of my seeds to arrive still. Then I will take the seeds that need to be started indoors to my friendly greenhouse owner, who starts them with hers. I give her half of my seedlings as payment for starting mine. She likes the heirloom varieties that I take to her each year, always something different.

  5. Charis

    i wish my mind was on gardening, but being on a countdown for a new baby – less than 6 weeks to go – i think i may get a late start this year. however, i love gardening and love to learn new tips from everyone!

    • Nicole

      That’s how I felt last year, Charis. I’m looking forward to getting out there this year!

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