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From Pinterest to Real Life: September Edition

Today marks the start of our new monthly link-up!

On the last Friday of the month, I will show you a thing or two I”ve made in “real life” from some of the inpsiration I”ve found on Pinterest. Then I”d love you to link up a blog post showing what you”ve done with your pins as well. I”ll even choose a few posts to promote on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Last month I made a succulent wreath; this month I”ve been all about new recipes. I”ve made several new dishes, drinks and treats that I had pinned to my yum yum board on Pinterest. Prepare to start salivating…

These Chocolate and Peanut Butter Squares were amazing. Seriously. I will definitely be making them again. They were the perfect after-dinner treat for our Bible study friends and they also made a delicious afternoon snack (along with coffee and a good book) for a tired mama.


Blueberry Lemonade! I made this earlier in the summer and it was sweet and tart, just how I like my lemonade. I even froze a jar of it for when I need a summery drink in the middle of winter!


Zucchini and feta balls? Yes, please! Especially this time of year when squash is in abundance and oh! You had me at feta.

Probably my favorite find was the nutty, creamy Blueberry Oatmeal Maple Smoothie that I think I made three times the week I found it (in a addition to this morning!). The oats are soaked which helps your body digest them better and it”s made with simple, real ingredients.

I also made this summer salad, a cheesy corn bake, and a delicious baked oatmeal (the top photo on this post).

Now it”s your turn! Blog about something you”ve made and link up with us. If you don”t have a blog feel free to leave a comment telling us what you”ve taken from Pinterest to real life. If you link up, please link back to this post in your blog post.

Happy Pinning and Creating!


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  1. Heather

    Those zucchini feta balls look awesome! Definitely will have to repin and try sometime soon!

  2. Kara @Simple Kids

    my pin is from earlier in the Summer, but this peg wall is the project that keeps on giving now that we’ve changed from hanging up swim suits and towels to jackets and hats. 🙂

    Great idea for a link up!

    • Nicole

      I love that project you did!

  3. Krissa

    Yum…those all look delicious! I’ve been wanting to try that Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie!

    • Nicole

      You totally should! 😉

  4. Gena@MsDivinesMelange

    I made these wonderful SUPEReasy cake mix cookies earlier this summer, and have made a batch every couple weeks since. A box of cake mix [lemon or strawberry are my favorites!], a tub of Cool Whip, and an egg. Seriously, that’s it!
    Found on Pinterest, via TidyMom:

  5. Elle

    What is that first picture?! The oatmeal-looking thing. Looks amazing!! OMG I want it now!

    • Nicole

      That’s the baked oatmeal I pinned. It was delicious! Perfect for autumn!

  6. Tiffany

    I love Pinterest, I’m totally addicted 🙂 I am adding those Zucchini Feta balls to my ‘To Make and Bake’ board!

  7. jenleahlynn

    i’m new to pinterest, how do you track back and find the recipie? i kept finding other pictures of those choclate peanut butter treats, but where is the recipie?

    • Nicole

      If you go to the pin and click the photo (or the link to the right of the photo), it should take you to the original site (if the original pinner pinned it correctly).

  8. Emma

    I love this challenge to do less pinning and more doing!!
    Only problem is that I have just pinned this post 🙂

    • Nicole

      heehee. 😉

  9. Paige

    Those zucchini feta balls look wonderful! And I’ve been looking for something to do with ALL THIS ZUCCHINI!! 🙂

    as for Pinterest, I’m a little late to the party. Or rather, not yet invited to the party. I sent an invite request to Pinterest, but havent heard back yet. Anyone wanna invite me?? Thanks! 🙂

    • Nicole

      Hi Paige, thanks for reading… Invite sent! 🙂

  10. Staceyann Dolenti

    I’ve never seen oatmeal look so good!

    Stacey ann Dolenti

  11. Sam

    Everything looks super delicious. Specially that chocolate and peanut butter squares. I believe you, because the sure look amazing.

  12. Jade Tiu

    They really look yummy specially the Zucchini and feta balls. It would be great if you included the recipe for those I love to try it out.

    • Nicole

      Hi Jade, Just click the link and then once you are looking at the “pin” on pinterest, you can click the photo or the link to take you to the original post and recipe.

  13. Heather

    Oh YUM! I recently started a blog dedicated to encouraging Pinterest users to not just PIN but CREATE! 🙂 My favorite creation last week was these Easy Polka Dot Mickey Nails:

    A combination of two pins, I was amazed that I was able to create pretty good results without any special tools or training! 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to link up! 🙂

    • Nicole

      super cute blog you started, great idea! 🙂

  14. Michael

    OMG, the pic of the blueberry oatmeal maple smoothie made my mouth water 🙂 I’m just into the process of researching a good blender, i.e. one that also breaks ice well, as I like my smoothies to be thick. Found Vitamix, but they seem a bit pricey….what blender would you recommend for good smoothies? thanks!

  15. Nisha

    super excited about this new link up party!! Loving Pinterest. This will motivate me to actually do something with my pins!

  16. Stefani

    Great post! I too have been making some of the awesome desserts I’ve found on Pinterest. Those chocolate and peanut butter squares are totally calling my name!

    What I like best about Pinterest is how you can link your blog or Etsy shop up and get more views and even more sales. That’s one of the ways I’ve gone from Pinterest to Real Life. 🙂


  17. Dewalt Battery

    OMG those feta balls look lovely. I think I will be looking into how to make these! Just pinned this to my board.

    Many thanks,

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