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From Pinterest to Real Life: October Edition

It”s that time again… the last Friday of the month means our fun linky where you can showcase some of the fun things that you”ve taken from your pinboards to reality!

This months I had high hopes for a project on the bigger side, but the truth is that life happens, and the best laid plans of mice and men–and pinners and DIY-ers– often don”t come to fruition when we thought they would. So hopefully next month I”ll have that one ready to show you.

In the meantime, I had a fun month with several smaller projects and recipes, which I found through Pinterest and actually brought to real life.

Friendship Bracelets

I had forgotten how fun these are to make! And to be honest… I had also forgotten exactly how to make them! Sure enough, a quick Pinterest search brought me exactly the quick refresher I needed to get me started in the form of this simple chart.

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest


Once I got going, it came back to me like riding a bike. In a flash, I was back in eighth grade again with a safety pin on my jeans, knotting away at a masterpiece!

My daughter had a friendship bracelet that recently broke off so I told her I”d be happy to make her a new one! It took me a couple of tries to get it the right length for her wrist, but I finally whipped one out for her in the colors of her choosing.  Now I want to make more!

 Jar of Matches

A clever idea I found that I thought would be easy to make was this cute jar of matches– much more pleasing to the eye than the standard strike-anywhere box. I cut out a circle of sandpaper and glued it to the lid of the jar with spray adhesive.

It looks darling, but to be honest,  I don”t think I picked a coarse enough grit sandpaper. When we tried to light a match on it, it didn”t work very well… so much for strike anywhere! Oh well, in my book it wasn”t a complete fail. I ripped the striking strip off the box and kept in the drawer just in case I need it.

Fab Food Finds


This idea is probably one of the most brilliant I”ve seen, simply in terms of practicality. The original blog post details three recipes that are packaged up in advance, frozen, and then can be easily dumped into the Crock Pot in the morning. Each recipe includes meat, veggies and sauce, and makes two batches.

I made the BBQ chicken recipe and it was delicious. I can”t wait to make more of these to store in the freezer– I think it would be fairly easy to convert almost any slow-cooker recipe into one of these make-ahead freezer meals!


This month my hubby turned the big 3-0 and on his birthday I made him these delicious doughnuts. They were surprisingly easy to make and without the usual doughnut-sugar-rush because I made them with coconut palm sugar instead of white sugar.


Source: via Nicole on Pinterest


And finally, this week we had this fun, yet healthy treat– Breakfast Banana Splits.

Much more interesting than yogurt in a bowl if you ask me!

Last month we had some great posts linked up by fellow pin-and-do-ers including Marixa, who made a great rope bowl and some pretty cash envelopes among other things, and Cotton Bottom Mama whose wreath came out even prettier than the original inspiration in my opinion!

Now it”s your turn! Blog about something you”ve made and link up with us. If you don”t have a blog feel free to leave a comment telling us what you”ve taken from Pinterest to real life. If you link up, please link back to this post in your blog post.

Happy Pinning and Creating!

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  1. bryssy

    I totally don’t blog. I can’t keep up with all that. But I do use Pinterest. My board Completed Project! shows the stuff I’ve actually done in real life!

    • Nicole

      Wow, you have so many pins! I love the idea of a completed project board. Do you just repin items to that board after you complete them?

  2. Angie

    Breakfast banana splits? Oh, my, now I’m starving!

  3. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    Too funny–I just taught my kids how to make friendship bracelets, but I don’t think I saw it on Pinterest. You better believe I’m going to go looking at Pinterest for more ideas now, though 🙂

  4. Lindsay

    Your hubby’s wearing a University of Puget Sound shirt! I grew up near there.

    I love seeing all the completed Pinterest projects. I don’t have a blog either, but love Pinterest. Good idea from @bryssy on a completed projects board. I think mine would be exclusively food.

    • Nicole

      His brother works there actually. 🙂

  5. Angie (TheActorsWife)

    These are such inspired ideas. Love the bags for the crockpot…I think I might do that this weekend! And too funny about the friendship bracelets, I made one for my son just a couple of weeks ago. I too had almost forgotten how to do them!

  6. Julie

    Hi Nicole!

    I just came across you blog and had to send in a quick note to you and all moms out there. A couple of years ago I too was searching online, how to make friendship bracelets (last time I made them was in the ’80s). I taught my girls how to make them with tape and pins…they struggled but kept trying! Anyway, my parents were babysitting and my dad watched his grandaughters struggle and decided there had to be a better way. The result is My Friendship Bracelet Maker, Award Winning toy sold all over the world! Check out!

    P.S. LOVE the crock pot idea! 🙂

  7. se7en

    UG…I meant to say: “Se7en Quick and Easy Toddler Crafts” when I linked up but blundered!!! So my post is just that!!! Thanks for getting us moving and doing!!! I totally love this link up idea!!!

  8. Jennifer

    I have that barbecue chicken in my freezer. Glad to hear it’s yummy!

  9. Krissa

    Love the friendship bracelets!

    • Krissa

      And a quick question…did you use the tapioca for the BBQ Chicken recipe? Do you think it’s necessary?

      • Nicole

        I used it because I had it (Bob’s red mill brand), and not sure if it was necessary, but the meal was nice and thick!

  10. Nisha

    So glad you posted the make ahead meal link. Love the idea and can’t wait to check out the recipes!

  11. NotJustAnotherJennifer

    Wow! That banana split breakfast looks delish! I also saw the crock pot idea and plan to test it out over the next month. And friendship bracelets! Takes me back. I’m feeling a little veklempt…

    • Nicole

      thanks for linking up! your stuff came out super cute. 🙂

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