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Decorating: use your taste buds

How do you deliciously decorate your home? With food and drink, of course.


Photo by pachey

But what’s the difference between serving food to your family and guests, and actually using it to adorn your dwelling, to further make your home a haven? I think it has to do with thinking about others’ tastes, making refreshment convenient and approachable, and by reflecting who you are as a family. Plus, certain foods make great eye candy!

Take the culture of where I currently live, for example. Here, a guest in your home is treated as royalty, and as such, they are showered with coffee, tea, water, and the like. Little candies, fruit, and nuts are sprinkled in dishes here and there on side tables.

I don’t necessarily do this quite as fervently as the local people here, but I’ve taken some cues from them. They often go the extra mile to provide food they think we would like – they know we are Americans, so when we come to visit they serve food that isn’t quite as foreign to us. But they also sometimes serve local food they are excited for us to try – they want us to sample a little of what they love.

So my personal takeaway is this: provide food and drink that make guests feel at home, but encourage them to expand their horizons by serving them something unique to you as a family.

Other helpful tips for making your home delectably beautiful:

Try to have coffee and tea on hand, even if you don’t drink it. Many people do, and it’s often appreciated by guests. I think these drinks are also symbolic gestures of hospitality. Plus, tea tins and coffee beans can be really pretty!candy.jpg

Serve seasonal food. Not only is it healthier and supportive of your local farmers, there’s something beautiful and natural about providing food that makes sense. Who doesn’t love walking into a home during the fall with apple pie on the counter? And how beautiful is a simple compote of lemons during the summer?

• Which brings me to my next point – decorate with food. Fruit provides a natural splash of color. Oranges, limes, lemons, apples, and cherries are gorgeously painted. Nuts have a woodsy, earthy color, and they look great in simple mason jars. Even colorful candies lined on a shelf in jars add a colorful pop (and of course, kids love seeing candy on hand!).

What are you decorating ideas that stimulate your taste buds? You all have provided such great ideas in the comments section this week; I’m looking forward to what else you have to say! Please share.

We’ve got one more sense to cover, and really, it’s the most obvious one when it comes to home decor. Look for it tomorrow.
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  1. sevenjobs

    We like to train our children to accept that first the wishes of our guests has to be fulfilled and then our own wishes.
    That is why each child has its own box of sweets in its room which is only allowed to be opened for guests. It is unbelievable but they accept this rule and they do not eat their sweets without guests.
    Thank you for your great ideas, which help me to think again about our home and our rules.

    sevenjobss last blog post..Werden die Milchprodukte teurer: der Bauernstreik?

  2. simplemom

    @sevenjobs – What a beautiful example of your children to put others before themselves. I love it.

  3. Rachel@SmallNotebook

    I know if I put out a bowl of m&m’s I would eat the whole thing in about two days. I think I’ll need to set out some dried fruit and nuts instead.

    Rachel@SmallNotebooks last blog post..SmallNotebook is Moving!

  4. Penelope

    THis is fabulous. I just got engaged and we are thinking about doing our centerpieces with lemons and limes in big vases / hurricane glasses.

    Find out where to get the bestChicago Catering

  5. SilverMoon

    I have a big glass cookie jar I was given for xmas one year by MIL. It’s not very convenient for cookies, but right now it looks gorgeous – I have three punnets of strawberries, washed and hulled, along with a split vanilla bean in there, and I covered the lot with vodka. The lid is airtight, and those strawberries are stewing for NYE, when I plan to throw them in the blender (with the vodka) and serve as a refreshing summery drink, perfect for that hot, long night (Southern Hemisphere). The vodka is slowly leeching the colour from the strawberries, turning it a lovely red, with pale pink hearts floating inside. It looks great, and it reminds me everytime I see it of how rewarding it is to give. (I’m making this drink for my friends NYE party)

    SilverMoon’s last blog post…Slow Cooking Thursday – Ham and Scalloped Potatoes

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