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Easy no-sew fabric-matted photo

Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

One of my favorite things about moving into a new home is decorating the walls. I recently saw Ashley Ann from Under the Sycamore say on Instagram that her husband commented about her not liking white space on the walls. That’s definitely me, too.

My husband often makes similar comments to me, but the truth is there is just too much beautiful artwork and too many adorable photos of my kids out there for me to refrain from filling my walls with them. And that doesn’t even count the two guitars and two ukuleles I’m planning to hang up soon.

This time around I decided to take down one of the paintings from the girls’ room– I’m just not that into it anymore. After changing a few things from frame to frame and was left with a frame that I love and a photo that I love, but unfortunately in differing sizes.

I considered getting a new mat made (but that would mean a trip to Michaels and forking over some dough), or making my own “mat,” out of scrapbook paper (which might look a little cheesy), but finally decided on using some fabric (that coordinates with the girls’ valance!) from my stash (currently stored in my upstairs coat closet) to make my own fabric-mat. I love how it turned out!

Here’s how I did it (it’s pretty basic, but I thought I’d give you the step-by-step anyway).

1. Find an old frame– awww, look at those cute college-age kiddos… memories.

2. Find fabric and take out the cardboard backing from in the frame.

3.-4. Pull the fabric taut around the cardboard, and tape down. I used painter’s tape that I had lying around. Make sure to try to pull evenly so your fabric stays even on the front.

5. Center your photo. I used an 8×10 photo on an 11×14 piece of cardboard.

6. Attach the photo. I glued mine down with Decou-Page. Just a tiny drop of glue will suffice since the frame will hold it in place. If I were being super careful, I would make sure to use something acid-free (I just used what I had on hand).

7. Put your fabric-matted photo back in the frame with the glass. Hang up and enjoy how beautiful it is! Aren’t my two girls just precious?

Have you done any creative photo-matting?

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  1. Breanne

    I recently did a frame make over as well, except I just painted the frame (an old wooden one that just looked dated) with some paint I had hanging around. Picked up an 8×8 print at Costco and voila! New art for the walls for under $1! =)
    Slowly but surely I’m filling up my white space too.

  2. Stacy

    Very cute!
    I should do this in my living room! I have plain white paper behind a few photos (boring!)

  3. Lynda

    We’ve recently bought some inexpensive canvases in various sizes and let our 3 year old create art for our walls. Since the canvases are wrapped around boards, they’re 3D and are fine (for us) without a frame. I love the color he uses and his interesting designs. At some point I may cover them with white paint again and let him create new paintings…we’ll see!

  4. Mike

    My favorite homes to be in are homes filled with gorgeous pictures of their family or children. God’s miracles are much more beautiful than art – in my opinion.

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