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Dreaming in Green

Judging from the comments on Stephanie”s recent post about Natural Living Fatigue, I think it”s safe to say that she wasn”t alone in feeling overwhelmed with it all at times. I can definitely relate. For me, I really have to remember that we all go through seasons where we can invest more or less of our energy and resources into a crunchier lifestyle.

But… that doesn”t mean I don”t dream about the future. Sometimes I just want to step back from reality and from the striving and just imagine what I might enjoy someday. Here are a few of things I would love to do with my family…

  • More gardening, or while I”m dreaming, small-scale farming!

  • Raise chickens

  • Use solar power

  • Remodel a fixer-upper with repurposed materials

  • Learn to do more canning, preserving and freezer Suomalaiset casinot TalletusbonuksetLuotettavat kasinotVerkkopankkitalletuksetNet Ent -pelivalmistajaVerovapaat nettikasinotMicroGaming -pelivalmistajaKaikki saitin artikkelit© 2014 Online Casinot. cooking

  • Repurpose more clothes, and do more thrifting (haven”t quite figured out how to do that with three littles in tow)

  • And of course, read all the books on these topics and more!

While many of these could actually come to fruition in the next few years (when I have a few more spare moments), some of them are much more far-fetched (definitely dreams, rather than goals).

But hey, it”s fun to dream, right?

Photo by emmylouhelmeuth

I have an inkling that dreaming big when it comes to going green just might be one more way to avoid getting burned out. We can”t do everything we”d like to right now, but we can enjoy the baby steps that do suit our individual families and life circumstances, while dreaming of the things we”d love to do someday.

What are you dreaming about for a greener/more natural lifestyle? What resource do you feel like you lack most to turn your dreams into realities– money, time, energy, space, or something else? Does dreaming big make you just feel discouraged or does it help you enjoy where you”re at while looking ahead?

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  1. Laura

    I’m comfortable with being considered crazy by many, but I prefer to think of my dreams, even the wildest ones, as goals. I tend to think of the ideal situation for my life, and then think to myself, “Well, why CAN’T I make it come true?” I’m a dream-chaser for sure, but I know that for the little bits and pieces I don’t acheive in this life, that’s what heaven is for. 🙂

    • Nicole

      Maybe I should just term mine “very-long-term goals.” 🙂 For now they are dreams but I do hope at least some of them become reality someday. You’re right though, heaven will probably be “greener” than we could ever imagine- just the way God intended His world to be!

  2. Heather

    I agree with Laura, most of my dreams I have as actual goals…As far as what is keeping me from reaching some of those dreams? I think all of the above would be the answer! I never seem to have enough time/money/space to do what I *want* so it is all in the adapting and making possible with what we have. Definitely a balancing act!

  3. Kara

    I think I share many of your green dreams. Sure time, money, and/or space seem like constraints toward those dreams, but I don’t see them as impossible. I’m sure I can achieve them, if I put in the effort…and maybe I will someday. For now I’m content with keeping those dreams as dreams.

  4. Kristina Larson

    This year I achieved two dreams that I never before would have thought possible: raising backyard chickens and going no-poo! I want to use the momentum of success to tackle my next goals: learn to lacto-ferment, make homemade yogurt, and make my own laundry detergent

    • Nicole

      way to go! I love hearing that “dreams do come true.” 😉

      • Sarah G

        I second the lacto-fermenting. I’m thinking it’s going to take a babysitting and another green friend of mine having a kitchen date to make that happen though!

  5. Stacy

    I LOVE to dream green. It’s fun. Everything has to start with a dream, right?

    I dream of having chickens. For some reason that dream won’t go away. In reality, I don’t necessarily want chickens, but fresh eggs everyday, that sounds good 🙂 Maybe a neighbor with chickens?

    • Nicole

      Love this: “In reality, I don’t necessarily want chickens, but fresh eggs everyday, that sounds good”– that might be my thought too, when I really think about it.

      Having the eggs sound amazing though, so I probably haven’t totally thought through the reality of having chickens! 🙂

    • Alissa

      Yes! A neighbor with chickens. I thought it was the best possible scenario when my office mate was raising chickens – the eggs just showed up on my desk each week.

      That’s the same way we dream about a boat: We don’t want a boat – we want really good friends with a boat!

      • Nicole

        LOL, so true about the boat- good analogy. 🙂

  6. Rebecca ~ Sweet Baby Yams

    When we finally purchase a home, I would like to raise chickens, have a front-lawn vegetable garden, and preserve my own food. I do feel limited because I rent a condo, but I know someday I’ll be able to make this happen.

  7. Lorarian89

    I would love to live on solar power as well! in fact I wish I could build a solar power based house….!

  8. Sarah

    I dream of having chickens. For some reason that dream won’t go away. In reality, I don’t necessarily want chickens, but fresh eggs everyday,..thats awesome if that will be happen:)

  9. Alissa

    I think it also helps to know people that have achieved some of your dreams. We have friends (very normal, down to earth, working 2 jobs, raising a son, hang out every week friends) that also happen to raise chickens, garden half their suburban lot, and run their home on solar. That helps bring those dreams a little closer to earth.

    My dream is always the gardening one. I think my mom’s green thumb is buried somewhere in our frozen central oregon soil. =)

    • Nicole

      I agree, Alissa, it’s good to have real-life examples we can get inspired from and have as resources.

  10. Alexis

    I always dream of having my own house with huge lawn so I can have a beautiful landscape with beautiful flowers… Until now, it is just a dream, but I am determined to make it a reality someday.

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