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  1. Christian

    Sounds like you might benefit from a simple meditation practice. I know it helps clear and focus my mind. 🙂

    • Osheta

      I think you might be right, Christian! I’ll look into some meditation practices before reading.

  2. Allison Gonzalez

    HI Osheta,

    Thanks! I get distracted as well. I LOVE reading but I can never do it at home. I found when I go on vacation or away from the house I can actually read and honestly wondered why it was so much easier that way. LOL, I never figured in that I was just distracted at home.

    I’m going to try your hack about going to a cafe or coffee house, that makes a lot of sense. I also love people watching so I guess I better face the wall, lol.


    • Osheta Moore

      Yep! I have to face the wall or even better the fireplace! That is, if the coffee shop has one. Let me know which hack works best for you! I’m always intrigued to hear what works for other people.

  3. Grae

    This is just what I need. I’m easily distracted by everything — from making a list (which I would forget later on) to the sound of a ticking clock. The only way I could get to finish The Silver Linings Playbook was by reading it when I go to work or during heavy traffic when I’m driving (a bit dangerous, I know). At home, my parents and/or Netflix is always there to distract me. So, thanks! I’m glad that I’ve stumbled upon this article. 🙂 I might try listening to audibles while reading.

    • Osheta Moore

      Oh Grae… you know what’s really been the most helpful with these hacks… grace and patience and kind self talk. That way, I can just take up as much time and try as many little tricks I need to get through a book. Also, was “The Silver Linings Playbook” amazing?

  4. Sheila

    Before I hit the sack, I was just going to read a chapter in a book I have been on for sometime, but my husband said “I left the internet up.” So, here I am. I happened upon your article in Blogglovin’ and thought how true. Life is full of distractions…but that’s life! Never really called them that. I thoroughly enjoyed what you had to say and agree with it all. I live in a small town; no trains or subways – don’t travel much, so my reading is usually under the hair dryer when I shampoo! But you gave me lots of good tips and plan on trying them. Have done books on tape and love them. That’s one way to read stories I never would have picked up the book to read. Thanks and keep up the good writing!

    • Osheta Moore

      Oh I almost included going to the hair dresser as a hack because I’m usually there getting my hair done for at least three hours– that’s prime reading time. Thanks for commenting and happy reading!

  5. Kal

    Great article! Unfortunately, these days I have become a distracted reader. There is always too much going on in my mind and around me that i couldn’t focus on my reading. The way I tackle this is by allocating 10 minutes reading a few times a day (during commute, before bed, etc). I also joined a book club with a regular meeting to ensure I read at least one book a month. I am going to do the #1 hack you suggested and start connecting with the book and author before I deep dive into it. Thanks for sharing this!

    • osheta moore

      I wish I could find a book club reading the kinds of books I like or am in the mood to read. I’m so happy to hear you have one and that you’re allotting 10 minutes a day to reading. Sometimes, that alone feels like a total win!

  6. Colleen

    During grad school, I took a speed reading course. The teacher said part of the reason we get distracted is that we read too slow. Our thoughts move far more quickly than our mouths. Saying the words aloud slows us down and leaves us with time to ponder other things. (Who hasn’t done that while reading to their kids?)

    So, it may work best to stop reading aloud and actually move your eyes more quickly down the page. (And take a little time at the end of a few paragraphs to process what your eyes have seen.) I bet Udemy or someone has a speed reading course that explains it better.

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