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In early 2008, Tsh created The Art of Simple to catalog what she was learning as an expat living abroad with her family. It soon became a community-driven site to help people live well & ignore the rest.

When you become a supporter, you are genuinely coming alongside Tsh, helping her create work that brings more truth, beauty, and goodness into the world for the common good.

Here’s what you get:


Exclusive Essays

Longer-form essays about work, writing, vocation, faith, and other things on Tsh’s mind — thoughts she won’t share anywhere else.


First dibs and early access to Tsh’s events, current and planned for the future — supporters get to fill spaces first.

Secret Podcast

The WRLD at Home, Tsh’s monthly podcast just for supporters, where she shares one small, easy thing to watch, read, listen, or do to learn more about the world and make it part of yours — with space to then talk about it with the community.


Community Chat

Access to regular community chats — connect with Tsh and other like-minded soon-to-be-friends.

How Your Support Helps…

If you enjoy any of the things Tsh creates — countless podcast episodes, blog posts, books, and beyond — your support goes a long way in saying thank you and in keeping the digital lights on.

Why? Well, mostly because it’s lovely to pay writers and artists for their work. As a society, we are so used to finding most anything we want on the internet for free, we forget that it’s real human beings who work hard to create the stuff we love. It’s good to pay for the good stuff out there, because it helps to continue that good stuff.

We pay for magazine subscriptions, streaming subscriptions, movie tickets, meals at restaurants, and more — why wouldn’t we pay for the things we enjoy over the internet as well? They’re not free to make, and doing so would only cost us pennies per day. It’s a tangible way we can vote with our dollars for more goodness on the internet. Let’s counteract the dumpster fire yelling with good stuff.

But… ads. Yes, there’s advertising, and right now, ad and sponsor placements do help support some of Tsh’s work. But to be honest, it’s not as much money as you might think it is, and her goal is to move away from advertising entirely. (Plus, don’t forget — we buy magazines with ads in them, we pay for movies and endure their commercials before the trailers, and we even put up with ads on certain streaming subscriptions we pay for.)

Tsh’s dream is for her work to be 100% supported by the people who enjoys, values, and uses it. There’s many reasons this sort of structure aligns with her ethos and values.

Plus — and this may be the best feature of all — you’ll have the satisfaction of supporting someone whose work you enjoy mostly for free. It’s a small but significant way you can be part of keeping goodness on the internet. Truly.