The Community

The Art of Simple exists to help people live well & ignore the rest.

When you join The Art of Simple community, you are legitimately coming alongside Tsh, helping her bring more truth, beauty, and goodness into the world, for the common good.

here’s what you get:


Live Hangouts

Video chats about every 6 weeks, where you can ask Tsh literally anything — from travel, to writing, to faith, to anything else that’s on your mind.


Community Chat

Access to the community chat space on Slack — connect with Tsh and other like-minded soon-to-be-friends.

Secret Podcast

The WRLD at Home, Tsh’s bi-monthly podcast just for the community, where she shares one small, easy thing to watch, read, listen, or do to learn more about the world and make it part of yours.

First Dibs!

Early access to Tsh’s events, current and planned for the future — community members get to fill spaces first!

How Your Involvement Helps…

• You’re helping AoS get one step closer to the Big Goal: an ad-free experience on both the podcast and blog. Truly listener and reader-supported work.

• You’re providing time and energy for writing books, running the blog, podcasting, teaching (via online workshops) and gathering (events) — all resources to help people live thoughtfully.

• You’re part of the sounding board for the blog, podcast, books, and beyond. (Have an idea? You can share it!)

• You’re aligning your pocketbook with your values — you’re telling the world that you care about putting lovely, useful, thoughtful resources out in the world.

If you appreciate and have benefitted from the work Tsh does
— her books, AoS, the podcast, courses, or trips —
consider helping her grow the work.