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On occasion we share what’s making our lives a little sweeter lately. It’s a series called My Good List. Here’s a brief glimpse into my list for this current season of life.

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This was a wild month, so I didn’t get much reading time — but I can’t NOT read. So, here’s the smattering of what I read in October.

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Colleagues and friends often ask me for advice about starting a small group. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to communities; local culture and context are everything. Still, with so many people hungering for analog, face-to-face relationships—true friends in an age of “followers”—I want to share a few things with The Art of Simple community that have worked for us. If you are contemplating starting a small group in your church or neighborhood, perhaps you’ll find some resonant wisdom here.

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Online relationships and hangout spaces are great. But they’re even better when you remember that no one fully lives in the digital world. Connecting in-person is where it’s at.

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Psychologists say that anger is a secondary emotion, meaning that it tends to be an indicator light. When you stop to investigate anger, there’s usually another emotion hiding below the surface: anxiety, fear, grief. When I examined my own anger about this particular issue, I could see a sense of injustice and care for others at its root. But I also saw something else: helplessness and worry. My anger was telling me to do something and I finally listened.

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