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I don’t believe 40 is a magic number that divides everything into before and after. But I do believe it can be the start of a second journey instead of the beginning of a downward slope “over the hill.” Entering our 40s can be met with negativity, or it can be met with tenacity and courage—and we get to decide. I’m only one year in, but I thought I’d share some things my 40s are already teaching me.

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Yes, don’t be reckless with your budget, or needlessly buy fast fashion or unhealthy beauty products. But in all this — it’s just fashion. It’s just beauty. It’s meant to be experimented with, played around with. I care more about feeling good in my body than impressing people that are wondering simultaneously if I’m impressed with them.

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When Tsh suggested I write a post for the blog’s “A Day in the Life” series it seemed like a daunting task because I’m still in the newborn stage and every day is so different. It’s a challenging season to maintain routines and it requires a lot of flexibility. Nevertheless, I actually had a lot of fun thinking about what my average day was like in this season, and then documenting the details.

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I think landing somewhere in the middle of all this hullabaloo, between ambitious planning and hating on it, is why at the beginning of the year, I’m drawn to both setting goals and choosing a word. (You know, two of the most common rituals in January.) They tap both my go-get-em side and my reflect-over-coffee side.

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Less, but better — that’s the theme of AoS this year. As our podcast episodes and blog posts intersect with each other, we’ll focus on fewer topics but with a deeper richness. And, we’re treating this space like the beauty it is, giving it the attention it deserves. I’ve loved my twelve years of hitting publish here, and I don’t plan on stopping soon.

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