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It’s always difficult for me to return home after a vacation. I’m not the type of traveler who longs for her own bed and daily routine after a week or two. I’m the type of traveler who always dreads the end of a trip. I don’t mind re-wearing the dirty laundry (too much), the lumpy mattresses, or the unfamiliar streets and food. I like my everyday life, but sometimes re-entry can be rough.

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There is something sacred, something different, about having life-changing conversations that matter in specific places. When we let a place talk to us and teach us what it knows, we become more of who we’re meant to be.

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I have fond memories from my childhood of playing games involving license plates and staring out the car window on long cross-country road trips. I have no memories of whining and complaining or uttering the dreaded “are we there yet?” but my mom confirms it happened of course. Now that I go on long road […]

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We decided to mark the moment because we calculated it had been sixteen years since we were last all in the same room together. It was fantastic. And we all left pinkie-swearing we wouldn’t wait another sixteen years before getting together again.

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For four days in a row last summer, all I wore was a swimsuit, and it was unexpectedly glorious. Some of our close friends had invited us to spend a long weekend on their houseboat on Center Hill Lake, just a short road trip away from the farm where we live south of Nashville. Now, […]

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