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I’ve been consistently journaling for 25 years now. I have no doubt that this has been the most important habit in my life that helps me stay sane (or at least return to sanity when stress, confusion, or circumstances knock me down). This is what I think is most important about journaling: find what works […]

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When my son was three months old he had only lived in our house for six weeks. Two women in bright sweaters pulled up outside our home in a white SUV and marched—clipboards already out—towards our front porch. I opened the door in my maternity leggings and a flannel shirt I had gotten at Target […]

Balboa Park’s House of England, December 16. Many of the other Janeites dressed in legit regency attire. I did my best with an empire-waist maxi dress. I felt awkward at first, but then began to settle in. Women, and a few men, mingled with tea cups, while trying to guess each other’s assigned character persona. […]

This is pretty nifty.

I’m looking forward to this slow and steady reading pace and to getting back into my habit of beginning and ending each day with a good book.

Over and over again I resist those things that are healthy, whole and life-giving.

I have felt at home here for years, but only recently have I thought so much about how at home I truly am.

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