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Beloved dust

We all know what it’s like to feel exposed. We know what it’s like to have the light reveal the dark places we have been trying to hide. In those times, questions of right and wrong rarely enter our minds.

Instead, something clicks on deep inside of us that turns us to the pragmatic. “How can I fix this?” becomes the sole question that captivates our hearts. Our first instinct is to hide.

I see this posture of hiding in my children. When they are exposed, when they are caught doing something wrong, they hide. Each of my children has distinct tactics, but the goal is the same.

My son’s methods are blatant. When he is caught in the act of hitting his sister he will run away and bury his head in the couch so that I cannot see his face.

My daughter usually hides by doing something she thinks will please me. When she does something wrong, she will immediately offer to help clean up or ask if I want to color with her.

My son’s hiding is a bit more obvious and, on the surface, rebellious in nature, but the truth is that my daughter’s strategy is just as problematic. She is seeking to avoid being seen by putting on good character. In effect, she is saying, “Daddy, I don’t believe you can love me in the truth of myself, but I believe you can love the good little girl, so here she is.”

Both my kids are seeking to hide the fact that they have done something wrong. They fear exposure.

Things are vastly different when I am playing hide-and-seek with my kids. They love to play hide-and-seek with me, but they are terrible at it.

I am usually assigned the job of seeker, which is never very challenging. I hardly have the chance to ask the question “Where are you?” before they answer. Within a few seconds of looking, my kids will, without fail, jump out and expose their hiding places. “Here we are,” they both yell in unison.

My kids believe the real essence and joy of the game is in being found, not in hiding. They desire the moment Dad sees them and scoops them into his arms.

As a dad, these contrasting scenes tell me a great deal about my kids. Their postures toward me when we are playing hide-and-seek are completely contrary to their postures toward me when they do something wrong.

When we are playing hide-and-seek, my kids have a posture of exposure and embrace. Even when they are hiding, they are itching to reveal their positions, to be found, hugged, and laughed with.

On the other hand, after doing something wrong, they often have a posture of fear, shame, and avoidance. They don’t want to be seen.

My job as a dad is to ask the same question I do when we are playing hide-and-seek: “Where are you?” My job is to call them out of hiding and to love them in the reality of their brokenness.

“Where are you?” That is the question.

We spend much of our lives hiding; doing everything we can to avoid exposure. We create false selves that have proven to work over the years. They serve to keep our failures, our wounds, and our brokenness out of sight.

We believe this is what allows us to maintain friendships. It is what keeps us safe from relational harm.

However, the truth is it keeps us from knowing real relationship, for it is in being known that we truly experience love. If you want to have vibrant, flourishing, and intimate relationships, there is one catch — you actually have to show up.

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beloveddustWhat you just read from Jamin is an edited excerpt from his new book, Beloved Dust, and he is offering TEN Art of Simple readers an opportunity to win a copy.

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  28. Heidi

    Thank you so much for this article. Just last night I was praying for the Lord to show me how to deal with a healthcare worker at my mother’s assisted living home who is covering up her negligence. This article gave me some insight on how to deal with her. And thank you for giving your readers the opportunity to own the whole book. Bless you!

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    I enjoyed it very much and it left me wanting to read more. My son is turning 20 y/o next month and your writing took me to a place of very sweet memories.
    I’m hoping you will consider sending a copy my way. Once read, i will pass it on to others so they can enjoy it as well.
    Jonnie 🙂

  33. Naomi

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    This lines up with a little lesson I learned just last night. I learned that my 4 year old nephew is great for accountability, but he doesn’t neccessarily call you out when in the wrong (but he does it with kindness if so). This kid points out the victory. When he notices that someone spoke the better word versus the not so good word he lets them know and tells them good job. Accountability, may be more for celebrating victories and creating more victories than just for finding out our brokenness. Christ is celebrated in the victory over sin, not just His finding and baring our sin. Conviction is healthy, but we cannot have and share victories if we don’t come out of hiding.

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    Just this morning I was lovingly confronted with a painful truth about the way others perceive me when I speak. I thought I had spoken truth in love – and perhaps they simply didn’t like the truth I had to share – but apparently what I communicated came across as harsh and unloving. I am sad and I want to hide. I want to face my sin, my part in this conflict, but I want to run from those who hurt me. So for now, I run to the Father’s arms and ask Him to give me courage to face others in time.

  195. Heather

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    • Meredith

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    I love the cover of the book and your post is so true
    and causes me to go inside myself, and think a lot!
    Many thanks for the chance to win this intriguing book…

  224. Liz M

    This is so powerful and so good.

  225. Linda Kish

    This sounds really interesting. I would love to read it. I hope I’m not too late.

  226. Kristina L


  227. Katie

    Sounds spot on!

  228. Misty

    I can’t wait to read more!!

  229. Elizabeth

    WOW! How timely a piece for my heart. Our second child has always hidden after doing something wrong and he’s just started really testing limits and so does it a lot. It’s his job to do that though. He’s 3-1/2. This was a nice reminder and interested perspective that will definitely help me in parenting him. Would love to ready more!

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