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Tell me: Where are you at home in the world?

Well, here it is. This week is just another regular week, to be honest. Except for me and my family, it’s not.

At Home in the World has been a years-long project, and finally, finally, it’s arrived in your mailboxes and on the shelves of your local bookstores.

at home in the world

It’s cause for a celebration. Because yes, while this book is a travel memoir about my year spent traveling around the world with my clan, it exists because of you. You are the reason this book about the love of both home and the world will tuck into the nooks and crannies of the globe.

And I’m mad-crazy grateful.

So this is what I want to do this week to celebrate.

travel gif

All week long on The Simple Show and here on AoS, I’m going to share little tidbits about the places where I feel at home in the world—small stories about the places I love, big and small. So far:

Now? I’m inviting you to do the same.

Here’s your invitation: tell me about one of the three things, below, and I’ll feature them all this week on the podcast, blog, and social. Share them however you want—as an essay, a podcast, a video, or a quick social media post.

Let’s celebrate the sacred places in our life that have meant something to our journeys. I’ll help you share them with the world!

1. Share about a place where you feel at home in the world.

This can be anything from a little coffee shop in an obscure back alley in a tiny village in Central Asia, all the way to your favorite armchair in the corner of your bedroom. Tell me why you love being there so much, and why it feels like home to you.


It doesn’t have to be an exciting or sexy place. Really. Sometimes it’s the “boring” places that end up mattering most to us.

This can be 1-2 sentences posted on social media, all the way to a lengthier essay published on your own blog or on Medium. Or heck, a podcast episode. You do you.

2. Write about a city (of any size) you love.

Guide me through your favorite bits about this place! We have a series called I Love This Place here on AoS, and these are the questions I use to get my writers thinking—feel free to use any of these, or pick your own:

  • What’s the most obvious must-see place/landmark to visit? (i.e., the Eiffel Tower in Paris). What’s your opinion of it?
  • Where’s a favorite place of yours to eat out with family or friends?
  • Describe a great date (for you) in this place.
  • Describe the attitude, demographic, and/or style of its residents.
  • If you spent a morning or afternoon entirely outdoors here, what would you do?
  • How would you spend $20 here?
  • What’s a great holiday to spend in this place? Give us some ideas on what you’d do.
  • Tell us about a great store here.
  • What would you do if you could only spend 48 hours here?
  • Share a personal favorite memory of yours that happened in this place.

cities travel gif

3. Tell me why you’ve chosen to stay wherever it is you call home…

…even though it’s not perfect. Why is your community important to you? At Home in the World celebrates being home just as much as exploring the world.

Near the end of At Home I talk about something called the Vow of Stability, which the nuns at Our Lady of Mississippi Abbey say is “resisting the temptation to escape the truth about ourselves by restless movement from one place to the next.”


What does this look like in your life?

Any of this can be posted anywhere—on social media, on your own blog, on Medium, YouTube, or anywhere else, so long as I can read it, see it, or listen to it.

IMPORTANT: You can rework something you’ve previously published, but in all submissions, please either link back to this post or link to the book directly from your favorite bookseller, mentioning the book’s title. (I say this is ‘important’ because we’re getting a lot of submissions missing a mention that it’s in celebration of the release of At Home.)

• Kindly use the hashtag #athomeintheworld, and where it makes sense, tag me.

• Also, feel free to use any of these images.

Here’s where you can find me:

Important! Then, share it with me here:

This will ensure I see your submission, so I can make sure and share it with the Art of Simple/Simple Show community.

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I’m so excited to see what you share this week! ….And I can’t wait to share with you, starting tomorrow, about the little pins on the map I love.

To get your juices flowing, tell me in the comments whether you’re: A. more of a homebody, B. more of a wanderlust-filled explorer, or C. an even amount of both. (I’m totally C.)

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  1. Tania Landin

    So fun! I’d love to do this! Your book (which I’ve literally been excited about since you started your ATW trip!!) has got me thinking a lot about what home means to me. I think I’m more B but actually want to be more A. Maybe when I find that perfect home/community, I can hopefully happily settle somewhere.

  2. Icy at Creative Living Abroad

    Hi Tsh! Congratulations on your book launch! 🙂 I’m totally a C — I love travelling and novelty but also get overwhelmed with being constantly on the move. I love to have my little cozy home and build a routine in one place. 🙂

  3. Paula King

    That prompt has set off a whole lot of warm fuzzies for me! Looking forward to tomorrow and the new release! Thanks Tsh!

  4. Maurie Roselaine

    I am totally a C! Still searching for home though…we’re boarding with some friends for the year, and while it is fun to hang out a lot and share cooking and cleaning responsibilities, I’m starting to miss having my own place.

    I love the writing prompt! I will be sending something your way asap.

    And I am so excited to read your book!

  5. Michele Cherie

    Congrats on the book release! At Home in the World is the first book I’ve ever pre-ordered. ? I appreciate how you’ve shared your story and I look forward to further sharing my own love for France (especially Lyon, Paris, Provence, & Bretagne) on my blog. I’m a “B” or “C”–I have wings and wanderlust, but our family has put down roots in Oregon and I’ll adopt daily and weekly routines whenever I can. Hope you enjoy your author travels and book tour!

  6. Holly

    Congrats on the book! I can’t wait to read it. I’d love to travel the world with my family too. My husband and I have traveled throughout our home state of Florida (N years ago, I wrote the book “30 Eco-Trips in Florida”), and now we are planning a cross-country driving trip with our two sons. We are even going to Houston, San Antonio, and Waco!

  7. Angela @ Setting My Intention

    I’m much more of a homebody but I want to be a traveler! You’re intro really resonated with me. Congratulations on your book baby!

  8. Laurel

    Looking forward to your release tomorrow!! 🙂
    I’m definitely a ‘C’ — always itching to get out and explore, but I like having a place to land where I can call home.

  9. Kaylee Vida

    I am definitely C, which makes our family excursions in our motorhome great. I get to travel, yet feel like I’m at home. I am loving your book, and look forward to sharing it with friends!

  10. Ashley

    I’m an A, but I love taking adventures through reading!

  11. Judy

    I’ve always been “A,” more of a homebody, but we’ve raised a “B” which is making me “C.” We visited our son in Guinea, West Africa, in 2013-14, where he was serving in the Peace Corps – my husband’s first-ever trip outside of the country. And we visited him in Paris last May, where he is working and getting his masters degree. Our son’s also been to Reunion Island, Morocco, England, Amsterdam, Canada, Bahamas, and biked half-way across the US alone when he was in college. It’s anyone’s guess where he – and we – will go next!

  12. Heather Ledeboer

    Your three questions are totally intriguing to me. I’ve been pondering how to answer for our family of 6 as we are currently living full-time in an RV while traveling the US. I am working on a blog post but in the meantime I’d say I am also a ‘C’. I believe this is why traveling full-time in an RV has been such a beautiful fit for us. We get to be “home” while also traveling. I look out at a changing landscape from the comfortable sameness of our RV. Its a lovely blend of both.

  13. Kristin

    I’m for sure C! Love exploring and seeing new things, but love coming home. It’s a season for me, winter is for home and summer is for exploring! Will start to think about what I can write! I think the third option is appealing to me, being an aussie who has lived in Switzerland for the past 16 years

  14. Annie Rim

    I’m so excited for your book! My identity was rooted in B for the longest time, but now we’re in C-mode and trying to figure out the best way to instill a love of travel in our young kids.

  15. Vanessa

    What a simple way to get readers involved. I love this! I just received your book and can’t wait to put my feet up with a cup of coffee and your book. And I am completely, totally C.

  16. Andrea Wolloff

    C! I’m a wanderlust for the city I love – Tampa! I love discovering new things and meeting new people in my city 🙂
    Congrats on the book release! The cover art is adorable!

  17. Erin Ramsay

    I just came across your blog and I am so excited to participate in your conversation. I just moved to Europe with my company and I am going through a lot of transitions – connecting with others and hearing their story has been really inspiring as I process this change.

  18. Stephanie Suire

    Hi Tsh! I am totally a C. I love to travel but also love coming home and snuggling on the couch with the dogs. I got my book yesterday and I am excited to pack it with me for a girls trip this weekend. Would love to have you in Dallas for a book signing, it’s not that far from Austin! My “Home” post is live on my blog today, which I submitted above.

  19. Jane

    Congratulations on the book! I am totally C though it took going away from home to appreciate what it was.

  20. Mary

    Thank you for opening up this question to your readers! The prompt immediately struck a chord with me. I am without question a C. I listened to the sneak peek of your book on your podcast yesterday and I had to push the tears away. You are speaking my heart in this book. Thank you! -M

  21. Kaytee

    I’m definitely a B, but my life right now looks like A, so that puts me at C. 😉

  22. Erin B.

    I’m a C, no question. I love jumping on a plane or in a car and showing our son a new corner of the world. I’m constantly dreaming about our next trip and how we can save money to make it happen. However, I’m also a total introvert who loves to sit on her couch with her puppy, a glass of wine, and a book.

  23. Kristin Vanderlip

    I’m an A turning into a B so I guess that makes me a C! I shared my response and submitted but in case the link doesn’t work I shared my “home” on my IG today. Love this so much Tsh! Also I am a fellow Hope*Writer!! (I think you said to mention that!) 🙂

    Blessings, Kristin Vanderlip

  24. Tiffany

    I am such a C! I love being home in my stretchy pants, and I need “my people” to be close by. However, I also need some adventures, and am not afraid to take them. I’m due for one now!

  25. Amy P.

    Hey Tsh,
    I would like to offer another option (if I may). I love to travel (#1), but stay at home most of the time (#3), though what I find is that I tend to make “home” wherever I am. I guess I am a nester at heart. What I mean by that is my impulse to transform wherever we are into a home, even if it is only temporary.

    If we go camping for a long weekend, I will go about arranging the campsite and settling in my camp kitchen in a certain spot because it just seems right. I have the guys move the picnic table so it is juxtaposed to where it is in logical relation to the tent, fire ring, and camp kitchen. I don’t take anything as being fixed to the place it is in.

    If we are in a rental home or even a resort or hotel — I make it mine, disregarding where things are placed; moving them to where I would like them to be. I always unpack my bags, put my clothes in dressers and closets — move in — even if only for a few days. I always return them to their original places before I leave.

    I like to establish routines even when we are out of our normal routine — getting coffee and French pastries every morning in Shanghai, fresh squeezed orange juice in Yangshuo, and planning the days in Hong Kong, based around the MTR and ferry schedule. We usually plan what we want to do ahead of time, clustering things that are in the same proximity, but then laying out the days once we actually get there.

    I guess to me, home is wherever I am and wherever I make it, and sometimes I am actually a little saddened to go back to the place that I came from.

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