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6 tricks for making sensational green smoothies

The buzz about green smoothies is everywhere these days.  And it is absolutely true; they are nutritional powerhouses. But if you’re a busy mom, it needs to be quick, easy, and tasty to the whole family to make it really work for you.

This video will showcase my six best tips for making green smoothies — not only smooth and convenient, but great-tasting, too.

I also wanted to share with you a free, three-part class series I’ve released that shares some of my best and most powerful strategies to help busy moms have calmer, more productive, more upbeat days — every day.

Here’s what you learn:

  • The truth behind what is really causing your days to feel scattered, overwhelmed and stressful.
  • The simple, straightforward way to have smooth, productive days, regardless what is on your to-do list or what kind of schedule you need to keep.
  • The five crucial elements that must be present in order to accomplish what is most important, and to do it with balanced, calm, uplifted moods.

You can gain instant access to this video class for free — all you need to do is register here. See you in class!

I hope you enjoyed the video. I’d love to hear what your favorite green smoothie recipe is in the comments!

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    • Lisa

      Thanks, Laura– I’ll check out your post!

      • Melodie

        I agree with Laura. I do that because my family likes thicker smoothies – kind of milkshake consistency. So blending the greens and water first allows me to get it completely mixed up, like you talk about Lisa, but then to add as much frozen fruit as I want to get it nice and thick.

    • Jadah {family sponge}

      We blend the greens and water first too. We make green smoothies everyday. We just recently started freezing our spinach and kale too, so that our bulk packages last longer. I love the vortex tip. Here’s a video of my 4 year old daughter and I making our daily smoothie:

      We use spinach, kale, mixed frozen berries, mixed frozen tropical fruit, hemp protein powder, ground flaxseed, 1 banana. I find the banana makes it nice and sweet (I don’t make a smoothie without it). For a smooth and creamy texture add 1/2 an avocado.

  1. Jen

    Oh, we love green smoothies! We have been drinking them for about four months now and I don’t want anything else for breakfast. I am amazed at the amount of fruit and greens we go through in a week. My kids eat more good stuff in a day than they used to eat in a month! Good stuff.

    • Lisa

      I know! They’re addictive, aren’t they!?!

  2. Emly

    Have you ever added yogurt or almond milk or juice instead of water? or in addition to water?

    • Lisa

      Sure! You can totally try different liquids…I love almond milk and kefir or yogurt is great too 🙂

  3. Lois H.

    We usually fill our empty (but now dirty) blender with hot water, run it for a few seconds, and end up with a clean blender glass. No more washing a sticky post-smoothie blender glass…

  4. Aubrey R

    Loved the post; thank you! So funny that I saw it *while* I was drinking my green smoothie. 🙂

    I make mine with frozen bananas and vanilla almond milk, plus kale. No water in mine, and I love that with the vanilla almond milk and banana, it’s sweet enough that I don’t have to add any sugar or honey.

    A tip for cleaning: if rinsing doesn’t clean it all the way, I put in a drop of dish soap and fill halfway with water and then blend for 10-15 seconds. Gets the blades all clean!

  5. Heidi @ Mt Hope

    We’ve been drinking green smoothies for years. I almost always use banana, organic baby spinach, a little calcium-fortified OJ, and frozen berries. My boys LOVE it when I add canned (no sugar added) pineapple. We ALWAYS drink smoothies with a straw. It is so much easier to get all of the smoothie out of a cup that way!!

  6. sarah

    Great tips. We usually make our smoothies into a complete meal with yogurt and whey powder. Kale is my favorite green since I can pick it from my garden where it grows wild, it’s easier to clean and pick than spinach and it has a milder flavor. It’s been terrific fuel for me to get my day going!

  7. Bethany

    I agree with the previous comments as well… I use soy & cow milk combo and always blend the kale and spinach first. I blend it until the water or milk turns a beautiful green, then I add the other ingredients. I use a combo of at least two frozen/fresh fruits and I add ground flax seed, or walnuts, and some honey. Blend until smooth and then I follow the same steps outlined above. So yummy to start the morning like this!

    I typically only portion out the next day smoothies and cap & refridgerate in the cups we’ll be using so I can keep my greens crisp and fresh.

  8. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    Thanks for this! My kids used to eat any and every vegetable when they were younger, but now it seems the older they get, the pickier they become! (Don’t worry, I’m not giving up–but it does make dinner time harder.)

    Since I have a hard time getting them to eat their green veggies off their plate, I’ve been wanting to experiment with these. I’m afraid if I serve one bad green smoothie they’ll never look at one again, so I’m so grateful for the video!

    • Lisa

      Go for it!! 🙂 My advice would be to start with just 1-2 stalks of greens…and then build up from there- I think you’ll be super surprised at how the berries mask the green flavor (and I think your boys will love it!).

  9. dmd

    I feel completely out of the loop! I’d never heard of a green smoothie before this! I’ll have to look into this. Although my son is not a big green veggie eater and does not like smoothies, so I don’t hold much hope there.

    • Lisa

      If you are really interested in getting some of this goodness in, you can always freeze the smoothies as ice pops- my kids love them.

  10. Rebecca

    Loved the video! Great idea. We just tossed our 2nd blender out of complete frustration! Can anyone recommend a blender that works great for this use? Sometimes I use ice in our smoothies, and I want something that chops ice or frozen anything into smoothie heaven!

    • Lisa

      When we need another blender I’ll most definitely go with either vitamix or blentex. But for now, my cuisinart blender works fine!

    • Amy

      I have a KitchenAid mixer that was around $100. It is worth every penny, as it crushes ice and frozen fruits without trouble.

      • Stacy

        As a really frugal option for you right now, our 1970’s blenders (picked up at garage sales for a few dollars each) really make mean green smoothies. I usually always add ice because I forget to freeze my fruit, and the ice is incorporated really well. No ice chunks left in the drink. It is worth a try!

    • Emily

      I bought a certified reconditioned Vitamix a month ago and love it! Great smoothies, milkshakes, pesto and hummus.

  11. Iva @ This Side of Perfect

    I have never had a green smoothie. Without sounding like a complete wuss, does it taste more like the greens or more like the berries? I’m sure my husband wouldn’t drink it and my kids might have a hard time getting past the color, BUT, taste trumps color, so if it tastes good, they’d go for it.

    • Lisa

      Iva- You may be surprised! My kids and husband LOVE them…they really do taste way more like fruit than greens. Start with just a couple stalks of greens and you can even experiment with fruit- maybe add some pineapple or banana at first. The taste is really delicious!

  12. Fat Chick Fed Up

    We love green smoothies over here too. One trick if you are first starting out and have picky kids, go heavy on the fruit-especially colorful fruit like strawberries and blueberries. They do a great job at changing the color to make it more appealing and the flavor of the fruit overpowers the taste of the greens. The ideal is to increase the amount of greens and decrease the amount of fruits over time but either way, you are getting good, yummy, whole, raw foods into your family’s body. I also add kefir that I make homemade (it’s a natural probiotic) to mine, as well as milled flax seed. Sometimes I also do almond milk, hemp milk, yogurt. I like to mix-it up with whatever I have on hand. I’ve used carrots, tomatoes, avocados, mangoes, oranges, fresh pineapple, apples, bananas etc… The sky is the limit! My kids know what goes into them and like seeing what color our various combinations turn into. Have fun with it! You can also freeze them with popsicle sticks for a fun frozen treat!

    • Lisa

      Excellent advice!!

    • Iva @ This Side of Perfect

      The Popsicles sound like a great idea; particularly in this hot GA summer heat!

  13. Morgan

    Our family LOVES green smoothies and have them almost daily! I usually blend kefir or plain yogurt with the greens first, then add the frozen fruit and any other supplements including coconut oil, nutritional yeast, flax, etc. I have four kids ages 11 months to 5, and they get straight up EXCITED when they hear the blender!

    Rebecca, we have gone through a KitchenAid and an Oster, so we finally splurged and got a Blendtec. It was so worth it! I can even grind grains with it. Cannot recommend it enough.

    Iva, you really only taste the fruit, especially when using milder greens!

  14. myrrh

    I’ve been doing a super simple green smoothie lately:

    frozen apple (frozen last fall)

    simple, slightly sweet, and definitely hydrating. For extra oomph I add a scoop of probiotic powder and a teaspoon or so of chia seeds. For protein I sometimes add a couple of raw (local organic fresh) eggs.

  15. Michele

    I appreciate your tip on the vortex – did not know that and will be a huge help with my youngest, Mr. Picky. We love adding greek yogurt and honey as well. xoxo michele

    • Lisa

      You’re welcome!! 🙂

  16. Victoria

    Thought I’d mention that I recently learned that in order to absorb the nutrients in the greens, there has to be fat added to the smoothie. So, I would add some coconut oil, or use a full fat kefir or yogurt or any other good, healthy fat… just make sure there is fat in the smoothie. 🙂

  17. Carrie

    Love your tips! I am going to post this on my Sunday Surf next Sunday!

    My trouble with green smoothies is that I want one every day, but I don’t have time to make one every day- and that includes prepping all the veggies. I’d love to be able to make one big batch on a weekend and have that all week but I don’t think it’d stay fresh….

  18. Beth Stone

    I love green smoothies and make them almost daily…. A quick cleaning tip: after you rinse, fill blender about 1/3 full of warm water and add some dish soap. Put on the lid, and then run the blender for about 30 seconds – it almost cleans itself – especially in those hard to reach areas around the blade. Then just give it a few swipes with the dish sponge, rinse, and you’re done.

  19. Emily

    We’ve been doing green smoothies for a couple years now (using a Vitamix blender). My family’s all-time favorite is the tropical: water, a ton of spinach, some O.J. or an orange, mango, pineapple, banana, with or without coconut oil and or ground flax. It’s a beautiful green on color but tastes like the fruit. Yum!

  20. Shayla

    a TBSP of cacao powder not only changes the color to brown, so it hides the green color, but it also makes it taste like chocolate ice cream (if you like yours milkshake consistency like we do).

  21. Cucee Sprouts

    We make green smoothies all the time! We blend the greens with orange juice, honey and garlic and ice. Kids love these smoothies!

  22. Philippe

    “The truth behind what is really causing your days to feel scattered, overwhelmed and stressful.”


    Since there can be many reasons for the symptoms above, this statement seems a bit over the top…

  23. Kristen

    Wow! Fantastic tips and recipes here! I am keen to try green!!

  24. Keisha@Marshal Firth

    We make a smoothie all the time. My kids love it, especially fruit smoothie but green smoothie is not really a block buster hit. And these are great tips on how to make green smoothie more likable for kids. I really need to try these tips. Thank you!

  25. Prerna

    Thanks for the video, Lisa and yep, love green smoothies. 🙂 Also, I think your free class series sounds awesome and I’ve signed up. A mom always needs more ways to be calmer and more productive, right?! I’ll also talk about it on my blog and hopefully, more mothers will be able to take advantage of the goodness you offer!

  26. Jennifer

    I have been making green smoothies for a few years now, and my whole family loves them. I have done it many ways over the years, but my current favorite right now is: coconut milk, the kind you buy in the refrigerated section, ground flax seed, baby spinach, and the frozen fruit of your choice. If I’m in need of protein, I will use a whey protein powder. Otherwise just the other above ingredients…..It’s very tasty, nutritious, and EASY. I have to say it’s also quite cost effective…..I’m also an organic nut. I love that I can get a big container of organic frozen spinach at Costco for 3.99, my frozen organic berries/fruit there and I get the flax seed already ground, but store in the freezer (I add a heaping tablespoon to my smoothies) and then the coconut milk each week. I may not end every day with the most nutritious meal, but at least I start out that way! lol

  27. Emily

    I know this sounds crazy, but I find a small handful of dandelion greens blended with a couple bananas results in a taste very similar to dark chocolate.

    DH doesn’t like it, though. Then again, he likes his chocolate with sugar… 😉

  28. Shannon

    Hehe, I know exactly what you mean about “the vortex.”

    Been making smoothies for my husband and I for years now and I’ve learned you always have to wait for that to be sure that the berries are fully pulverized and there are not hidden bits or chunks in there. Although we tend to like ours a lot thicker, so instead of adding extra liquid (we use almond and/or coconut milk) I just stir it a bit with a wooden spoon, blend for 10 seconds, give it a stir, blend, etc until it’s ready.

  29. renee @ FIMBY

    Lisa, I am just loving everything you are offering these days. I’m getting quite used to hearing your voice in my headphones now…

  30. Kristen

    I am a breast cancer survivor and smoothies have become an important part of my post-treatment prevention plan. I recommend a vita-mix because it blends anything so easily. You can get them at costco. I also like to sweeten my smoothies with a banana. My husband and I like greens, frozen berries, and banana in ours and I find that my 2 year old son will drink them if I leave a little bit in the blender and mix some yogurt into his.

  31. TheActorsWife

    We’ve become juicing fanatics, and I’ve always been a fan of a good smoothie. Perhaps another option to create a “green smoothie” is to first juice your greens (kale, spinach etc.) Then use that juice in place of soy, cow, or almond milk in the actual smoothie. In other words, add in the fruit (I like mine frozen to make the smoothie cold and creamy), yogurt etc and blend it all up. Voila you have a green smoothie!

  32. Brianne

    We love green smoothies!! Spinach, kale, collard greens, chard all mix well with fruit! I add flax oil or chia seeds and sometimes use coconut water as the liquid! The vita mix with smooth out anything. Best investment!!

  33. Christine

    Awesome video! I am a huge green smoothie fan- my four children and I drink them for breakfast nearly every day! I also usually pack a mason jar full for my hubby each day for his lunch! I highly recommend a high-speed blender such as Vita Mix. With a Vita Mix, I just put everything in, and it blends beautifully! The Vita Mix ruptures the thick cell walls of plants, and unlocks the nutrition inside. Green smoothies are a wonderful way to get more greens in one’s diet.

  34. Virginia

    Great video Lisa. I will have to give your method a go.

    I agree that straws do encourage the kids to give anything a go. For a truly GREEN smoothie, reusable stainless steel straws could be the go!

  35. Julskaye

    I add an avocoado. It incorporates good fat and makes it creamy. Also for a treat, 4 t. Of cocoa to a 5 cup blender.

  36. Martina

    Thank you very much! For the first time in my life, I tasted a smoothie last summer in the USA… And now that I live in my country I want to prepare it! Happy new year from Italy!

  37. Ruthie

    I am amazed my kids even tried my green smoothie! I never told them what was in it and they were fine. If I had told them spinach was included I highly doubt my chances! I add whole almonds as we can’t buy almond milk and I think that really adds to the taste and texture.

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