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5 quick things

I‘m still on an online break (meaning, I’m working mostly behind the scenes right now, quieting my public stuff for about a month). As always, it’s been wonderful.

But—there’s a few things to tell you quickly:

1. If you haven’t yet joined us in our private Facebook group, Simple Collective, pop on over and request an invite. It’s much more personal than our page, you’re much more likely to stay in the loop with AoS + Simple Show updates, and—it’s fun. I’m loving everyone’s feedback from my question about pixie cuts.

2. A few days ago I sent out my monthly personal email, and the feedback from many of you has been phenomenally encouraging. Thank you so much—I love sharing short, more intimate thoughts like this. Here’s a peek at this month’s, if you didn’t see it, and sign up here to get it in your mailbox, if you don’t yet.

3. Wanna hang in Portland this summer? I’d super love to see you at The Popcast Live. Come for a fantastic evening!

4. Speaking of podcasts, I’m asked all the time for my favorites. I’ll share an updated list in the near future, but for now, here’s a screenshot of my priority summer listening list from my podcast player of choice (Overcast):


5. Speaking of email… I’m changing the format on my quick, weekly emails. They’ll now be formatted as 5 Quick Things—a short, summarized bullet list for you of five things I either recently created, am applauding, or are currently consuming. (You’ll still be able to read it in under a minute.)

I truly can’t wait to show you what I’m working on right now… It’s work been filling me up like little else since I wrote At Home. Now to just power through my Gap.

Back into my cave… I’ll see you soon. XO

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  1. Emily at The We Files

    Thank you for coming out to share these things! 😉 Your favorite podcasts are timely. I’ve been in need!

  2. Denita Bremer

    I just wanted to give my two cents about the Simple Collective Facebook group. I rarely ever see your posts. I didn’t see your post about pixie cuts! I am much more likely to see posts by Art of Simple. I enjoy the group, but a little frustrated when I realize I am missing stuff. I recognize there is probably nothing you can do to make the Facebook gods happy, but wanted to let you know.

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