Start your day by eating a frog

My husband is currently reading a classic business tome called “Eat That Frog.”  The basic idea is that if you do the worst thing on your plate first thing in the morning, the rest of the day is a cake walk.

Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day. -Mark Twain

So if your least-favorite chore is the laundry, and it’s one of the items on your to-do list today, then tackle it first.  That way, you can spend the rest of your day knowing you’ve done the most irritating task.  Sure, there might be some more annoyances or tediousness – the dishes, the cooking, the helping with the homework – but in knowing you’ve accomplished the laundry, you’ve got fuel and motivation to do the less painful items.

I’m working on this in my own life right now.  It’s an obvious concept, but it’s rather new to me – so I’m experimenting as I write this.  For me, right now it’s not a chore – it’s simply working out.  I love the after-effects of working out, and I even love the adrenaline rush and the glow of sweat once I get started.  But that one hump – the actual starting it – is something I simply dread.  I’m not sure why.

So, combined with my monthly goals I’m approaching in a kaizen fashion, I’m doing my best to tackle my frog-eating – the worst task of my day – first thing in the morning.  And right now, it’s exercise.

What Not To Do First

It stands to reason that if you should do your least-favorite task first, that means you should avoid doing your most favorite task – or at least your easiest task – first.  We’ve all had those mornings where we start with great intentions of cleaning the house, running errands, balancing our checkbooks, or menu planning – but then we first check our email or see what Al Roker’s up to on the Today Show.  Two hours later, and your enthusiasm is gone, along with valuable time you could have used getting stuff done.  Somehow, this sets a tone for the rest of the day, and we approach our tasks reluctantly, with a poor attitude, or simply with less passion.

Photo by Stacie Brew

What To Do Instead

1. First, create something that outlines your tasks for the day.  You can use the Daily Docket, or you can use the back of an old receipt.  Whatever works for you, just do something.  Fill out a detailed to-do list for your day.

2.  Narrow down your list to ten items. You shouldn’t reasonably expect to do more – though if you find yourself having done ten things, you can simply add more items.  By starting with a ten-item checklist, you’re not as daunted, and you feel more accomplished to get seven whole things crossed off in one day.  Seven out of ten is more impressive than seven out of 34.

3. Out of those ten things, pick your three Most Important Tasks (MITs) – the things you really need to do today; those tasks of which accomplishing them means a successful day.  Write those separately up top.

4. Out of those three things, pick the worst one.  Do that task first.  Make that your frog.

5. Out of your list of ten, pick your favorite or easiest item.  For me, it’s usually checking my email (it’s not my easiest, since I get tons of email, but it’s certainly a task I mostly enjoy).  Whatever you do, make sure you don’t do that task first.  In fact, if you’re daring, don’t do that task until you get all three MITs done.  Make doing that task your reward.

So I’m doing this as I go – and so far, it’s working.  In fact, I’m slowly starting to enjoy working out more.  I’m not sure it’ll ever be my favorite task, but perhaps I’ll eventually go back to starting my day with the dishes.

What’s usually your least-favorite task?  Your favorite?  How have you experienced the frog-eating theory in your own life?

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  1. Dominique Goh

    My least favourite task is also doing the laundry.
    Interesting concept of doing what you dislike the most first so that you will be more motivated to do the other more likable tasks on your list.
    Will try it out from tomorrow.

  2. Shannon

    Hmm…hadn’t thought about it that way before – exercising as being my frog, that is. Thanks for this! It’s pretty much brilliant.

    Shannon´s last blog post…On Great Podcasts for Kids

  3. Kim

    I think the list bit of this suggestion makes it all a bit daunting– almost a whole additional task. That said, I love the concept and intend to incorporate it. Like you, it’s exactly that beginning to exercise problem I have. I love doing it but not getting around to doing it.

    I’ve got my run out the of way today. Tomorrow I’ll make it my frog to eat.

    Thanks for the great idea!

    Kim´s last blog post…EcoMum in the Blogosphere

    • simplemom

      List making can be daunting. But I’ve made it more or less a habit, so now it’s incredibly helpful.

  4. KylieM

    What a fantastic tip! I love this, this is my year to become motivated. Motivated to exercise more, eat better and keep the house tidier. I think this approach will definitely help!

    KylieM´s last blog post…Hot!

    • Stephanie

      I like this idea a lot, but I don’t think it necessarily works for everyone. I think that if I put my most dreaded task at the top of my list, I might just not get out of bed in the morning. The thought of facing the day would be too daunting if the first thing confronting me is to eat a frog. Still, for most people, it’s probably a good trick to getting over the humps in their to-do list.

      Stephanie´s last blog post…building blocks of life

      • simplemom

        Yep – it doesn’t work for everyone, nor does it work for every day. It might work for me most days, but perhaps not when I have a looming deadline, or when we’re packing for a trip, or when my child has an early morning appointment, etc. etc.

  5. Nicki at Domestic Cents

    Ha! Great title. My frogs are emptying the cat box and ironing. I always drag my feet on those. I really like working on my blog. You’re right. If I do the frog chores first in my day I feel so much more relaxed when I sit down to write later. Thanks!

    Nicki at Domestic Cents´s last blog post…TO Knit Or To Purl?

  6. Mary

    Why is it we dread the thing that in the end makes us feel so great (not to mention empowered – I always feel like Wonder Woman when I’m working out!) I need to give a different name though – somehow the thought of “eating” a frog” ….

    Mary´s last blog post…An easy way to remember to rotate your tires every 5,000 miles

  7. Edi

    Exercising is my least favorite and I will almost always do it first thing in the morning. When I put it off until later I’m more likely to skip it and also throughout the day I have it nagging at me – the undone task.

    Edi´s last blog post…Shepherd’s Pie Seasoning Packet – Great Britain

  8. Christi

    I often use this tactic, though not in the same way. When something fun comes in the mail, for instance, I won’t let myself look at it until I’ve done XYZ. My most dreaded task is the supper dishes. I do okay during the day, but I’m done by the time we’re finished with supper.

    Christi´s last blog post…i Heart Faces

  9. Shawn S.

    “Eat that Frog” is an oldie but a goodie. I read that book about 3 years ago (I enjoy a lot of Brian Tracy’s work). I start my day everyday asking that question…What is the MOST important thing? I do love getting thatitem completed right away. Today, it is completing the paperwork on my desk! Not my favorite thing, but it will give me the space to create!

  10. Lucie @ Unconventional Origins

    This makes so much sense, yet I have never thought about doing it this way before. For me, my morning routine is pretty set in stone (shower, breakfast, baby, dressed, bike to school) but mid-day I need to be able to accomplish a lot of things. Usually I come home and check my email and respond to blog comments. I think now I will try doing the most unpleasant thing on my to-do list first thing when I get home from class. Some things like going to the gym have to be at a scheduled time, but other things I hate (dishes, anyone?) could easily be done first.

    Great post! And title!

    Lucie @ Unconventional Origins´s last blog post…Children, the great relationship changers

  11. Amy

    I actually tried doing it this week unaware that it was a technique. My trouble isn’t the laundry- it is the whites and sorting socks 🙂 I always leave it to last and that last load never gets out of the laundry. This time I did that load first and the rest of the laundry was a piece of cake 🙂

    Amy´s last blog post…Wordless Wednesday: Locks of Love

  12. Jenni

    Thanks for sharing this idea! I needed to hear this right now as I’m reading through favorite blogs instead of doing the not-so-fun items on my list. I usually prepare myself the night before to have a good attitude and get right to work in the morning and then be diligent throughout the day, but I usually end up getting sucked in to something more fun or interesting than my chores. Thanks for the heads up!

  13. Leslie

    I love this idea! I really think it could work for me:) I spend so much time dreading what I have to do, that I don’t get anything else done. And it’s usually something pretty quick and simple that I’m trying to avoid. I’ll be trying this!!

    Leslie´s last blog post…not so fast

  14. Ann at mommysecrets

    I’ve been thinking about eating frogs this week, as I’ve been reading Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries. He says that one of the most difficult things for youth pastors to grasp is is the concept of eating their frogs, and he talks about the dominoes that fall if they don’t eat their frogs.

    I like to be very organized, but I can also be intimidated by my frogs. So I’m working on it this week!

    Ann at mommysecrets´s last blog post…Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids, and More

  15. Ivy

    Great post. Although, you caught me doing my favorite task first 🙂
    I need to stop right now and go and do the laundry.
    I love thinking about exercising as “eating my frog”.
    Love that!
    Thanks for another round of inspiration.

  16. joan

    This is awesome. Working out used to be my frog, but now it’s the means by which I procrastinate. I’ll do my exercises & then say, “well, now I have to shower,” and it’s all pretty much to get out of cleaning the kitchen immediately. How come the kitchen is always on the list… I mean multiple times a day sometimes? It’s my frog.

  17. Tabitha (From Single to Married)

    What a great post! I just recently found your blog and I’m glad that I did – I especially needed to read this article this morning as I am struggling with a certain project that I have to do but don’t want to do. Okay… here I go, I’m going to eat the frog first! 🙂

    Tabitha (From Single to Married)´s last blog post…Getting Pregnant: The Time Is Nigh At Hand

  18. thursday

    I heard about doing the most difficult task first and thought I’d give it a try a few months ago. Unfortunately, this often means I get absolutely NOTHING done. And, when you have a baby…I don’t know – it often takes HOURS before I can even start the errands.

    And I was laughing at the list of TEN things! Hahahahahahaha! Are you kidding? I hope for ONE or TWO things done a day. Yesterday I did one (although it involved multiple steps- including shoveling and getting the snow and ice off the car so that I could go out). Perhaps my lists need to be more detailed so it seems like I’m doing more?

    thursday´s last blog post…Nothing too exciting here…

    • simplemom

      Oh, there are definite days when I get one or two things done, and that’s it. In fact, many, many days are like this.

      But there usually is at least ten things to do in my head, and it’s very helpful to do a “brain dump” a la to-do list. I’m surprised how much I really have to do, regardless of whether I think I’ll get it done. For many of us, it helps to visually see our tasks.

  19. Mindful Momma

    Aaaahhh – this is perfect. I’ve been working on a better way to organize my tasks so that I will feel better about accomplishing them. Love the idea of eating the frog. I will certainly try it!

  20. Jennifer

    Least favourite activity? Cleaning the bathrooms. My Favourite: Blogging.

    I do these step already (yay me) although I had never heard it put this way before. Thanks!

    Jennifer´s last blog post…Wordful Wednesday DH Style

  21. Tara B.

    You so wrote this post for me, didn’t you?? wow…..just in line perfect with my goals and what i’m working on in life. i needed this soooo badly! Thank you!!!!! ♥

    Tara B.´s last blog post…Wordless Wednesday…How Cool Is This?!

  22. Shannan

    My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Boggs, always said that you should start your homework by doing the hardest assignment, or your least favorite subject, first. It’s a great concept that has stayed with me for decades and never fails, but thinking of it in terms of frogs is much more fun. Ribbit…

  23. Lisa

    Great post! I resonate with this concept especially in the healthy eating arena. As a health coach I often talk to people who have a hard time swtiching their food choices to more vegetables. A philosophy of mine is the “crowd it out” angle- don’t take away from your existing diet, just keep, slowly but surely, adding more good stuff- and one good way to do this is to start your meal with your veggies — finish those first and then allow yourself to eat the rest of your normal meal until you are satisfied. You don’t feel deprived and over a short time, your body stops wanting to each as much of the foods you are trying to wean out of your diet.
    It has definitely worked for me.

  24. Kelli

    It’s funny to me how the most basic of concepts are usually the hardest for us to grasp. I have been thinking about this very thing for a while now, but reading it the way you have put it makes it so much easier for me to understand and put into perspective! I REALLY struggle with this. I tend to get up and take care of e-mail/blogging first, and fall into exactly what you are describing — a sort of lethargy, along with a poor attitude for the rest of the day.

    Thank you for such a great, encouraging post!

  25. Kika

    I definitely have experienced how “dangerous”it can be for me to start my day with favorite tasks. I think, though, that it can also be worthwhile to ask myself, “what would make the yucky tasks more palatable?” For me, I’ve found I actually like going on the treadmill between 7-9 pm, whereas morning exercise is like pulling teeth!

  26. Kimba @ A Soft Place to Land

    Fantastic article! It’s such a simple idea but so effective. Working out would be my frog, too.

    I’ve recently started a routine of getting up at 5:15 so that I can have quiet time before the rest of the house wakes. My plan has been to incorporate exercise into that time as well, but it hasn’t happened. Mostly because after I finish with my quiet time I start checking my email. I get sucked in and before I know it, the kids are getting up.

    I guess I know what I need to do.


    Kimba @ A Soft Place to Land´s last blog post…Rocking My Baby

  27. amber

    i had the same problem you do with working out: finding the time and motivation to START. what worked for me was to set a time. i’m not remotely a morning person, so i get more out of my workout (because i’m less sluggish) if i do it later. i set 4 pm as my time. i work out for an hour, and then i start dinner. now that i’m planning around it, instead of trying to fit it in somewhere on a day-to-day basis, i haven’t missed it in weeks. since 4 pm is “workout time,” i don’t put it off or make excuses. when i exercise daily, i have so much more energy and so much less tension. i make it a priority, because it makes everything else in my life easier 🙂

    amber´s last blog post…Product Spotlight: Winter Relief Facial

  28. Angie

    my frog is working out as well. sigh.

    i did tackle that though pretty much first thing today, now onto bigger and funner things 😉

  29. Christin

    I just have to say how much I love your site! I just subscribed to it yesterday and already, the first email with this very post in it and it’s truly amazing. Sometimes I kick myself for not thinking of it first! LOL

    My most daunting task is….the laundry. It never used to be….but because it piles up quickly, if I miss a day, I’m battling “Mt. Laundry” instead of the little hill it usually is. AND, it takes days to catch up! Laundry is def. my frog…and the mornings I have gotten it done and out of the way, I definately feel freed up and think to myself “At least I got the laundry done!”
    AND! I have noticed if I check email first, boy that’s a time killer for sure! I like the idea of waiting until my MIT’s are done before treating myself to email. I am definately going to do this. Thank you!

    Christin´s last blog post…Rabbits/Hares Nature Study

  30. Kelley

    What a fantastic idea! I’ll definitely be incorporating this. Definitely.

    My mom always used to say “do what you HAVE to do before you do what you WANT to do,” and maybe it’s time I start taking her advice. LOL. I like the idea of calling it my daily frog, though.

    Kelley´s last blog post…This is really fun!

  31. Tonya

    My least favorite chore is cleaning the living room. You clean it, stand and turn around in a circle, and BOOM! Mess again! *sigh*
    My favorite would have to be laundry. I love the warm, clean smells. I also love watching the baby climb in and out of the basket, putting the clothes on his head, and flinging them at me.
    I love the “Frog” theory…gonna have to put it in practice.

    Thanks Tsh!
    a href=”” target=”_blank”>Tonya

  32. Taylor at Household Management 101

    This is some great advice. Unfortunately, at least for me, it is much easier to agree with it than actually do it.

    I have also found that 10 things are too many on my daily to do list, mainly because many of the things listed are really whole projects, not next actions like recommended by GTD. For me, I really need to limit myself to 7 things, and then also make sure I break it down into smaller parts, to make it less overwhelming.

    Taylor at Household Management 101´s last blog post…Put Away Clothes To Complete The Laundry Cycle

  33. Lindsey Eckert

    You are so right! This is my struggle! If I sit down to read blogs/do anything on the computer, my day is shot!

    Lindsey Eckert´s last blog post…True Beauty and Chicken

  34. Kerrie

    Hmmm. Perhaps this is why I always do the dishes first thing in the morning. Good tips!

    Kerrie´s last blog post…Just Doing It All

  35. joan

    sorry, tsh. i’m totally using you to test my feed. 🙂
    looks like it’s working, so disregard last email… again.

    joan´s last blog post…The Need for Nature: defined.

  36. LaDonna

    hi. my “frog” is homeschooling. not that’s my least fav chore, but the most important thing I must get done each day. if I don’t do it first thing it doesn’t get done. And when we get our ab machine on Friday, I plan to add that to my morning routine, while I listen to my Bible on my mp3 player. That’ll get those to things “out of the way” and I can move on to other chores and computer time.

    LaDonna´s last blog post…A Moment For Me

  37. ejm

    Usually, it’s the laundry. Today it’s tidying up the messes that seem to be in every corner of the house – though I’m somewhat slowed down by my 1 year old who’s pulling out toys as we go 🙂 Great post – love the idea!

    ejm´s last blog post…this week so far

  38. elizabeth laufer

    My only qualm is that when I put all the onerous tasks first, I never get to the creative pursuits that I so enjoy. I get bogged down by the “list” that I don’t leave time or energy for the renewing activities. A balance is best.

  39. Becky

    This goes along with a comment I read in a book a while back (probably a paraphrase of the Mark Twain quote)–“If you have to eat a frog, you’d best not stare at it too long, and if you have to eat two frogs, you ought to eat the ugliest one first.”

  40. Dianne

    My least favorite? Cleaning bathrooms (toilets, especially), folding and putting away the laundry.

    But I’m with LaDonna – My “frog” is homeschool, because it is the top priority of the day and if I get off-track with other stuff, it’s hard to get rolling with school. But if we get going well, I can usually work in bits and pieces of the chores. Which makes them less frog-like. 🙂

    Dianne´s last blog post…Wordless Wednesday: Miit My Family

  41. Jean

    Tsh, I’ve read Brian’s book, as well as multiple posts on productivity blogs about this subject, but you’ve written a succinct article tying all those pieces together. Thank you – it totally makes sense to me now.


    This seems so logical and yet, never thought of it! Huh?
    Thanks for this post!

  43. Vintage Mommy

    I’ve been waiting for Brian Tracy’s book from the library. I think this mostly makes good sense, but I have had the experience of putting things off I enjoy to tackle things I don’t . . . then by the time I get to the enjoyable task I feel rushed or stressed and it’s not enjoyable anymore.

    Vintage Mommy´s last blog post…Lucky Seven?

  44. Laura

    Oh, this is brilliant! I was reading along thinking “Oh, I am totally going to do this!” and getting excited about it until I read the exercise part and realized that is my frog too. Uggg. and Ick. It’s more like a big ole warty toad. And e-mail would be my easiest/favorite task too. Man, I don’t want to exercise firat thing in the morning…but it does make so much sense…

  45. Sandra

    Why is it that we always put off the things that are really good for us — like exercise. It’s so helpful to other parts of our lives. Fitness improves your mood, mental clarity and motivation. But yet, like a lot of others here it is my “frog” too. I think it’s hard because when you have children you feel like you don’t have time for looking after yourself but you really need to be in top order to look after everyone else in the house. I am putting it at the top of my list tomorrow and (again like so many others) email and web-browsing go at the bottom. I like the reward system, it seems to work with me as well as it does with children. I know it will definitely motivate me to get through the list. Thanks for once again articulating something that has been lurking in my brain for some time but I hadn’t dedicated the time to flesh it out. We are so lucky to have you Tsh.

    Sandra´s last blog post…School’s (almost) in

  46. Aimee

    Hmm, I enjoy housework in general. I guess the task that I drag my feet before doing is phone calls: making doctors appointments, returning messages, business inquiries…etc. I usually have to speak French (which still takes effort), there’s usually at least one child meltdown per call making for a big distraction, and then there’s the ‘on hold’ factor, which no one ever likes.

    Aimee´s last blog post…Orange Madeleines and a Holiday Relapse Recap

  47. pam at beyondjustmom

    Have you been watching me? This woman jumps on the computer, as though sinking into a cozy wrap, as soon as the kids head off to the bus. Lo and behold, the day gets away from her.
    Thanks for the tip and the catchy hook to get us there.

    pam at beyondjustmom´s last blog post…mind games

  48. deb

    Well written post, thanks.
    Balance can be key here, and for many moms, that is where we often don’t recognize we’re in perpetual spin cycle. If I don’t get enough me time, computer , exercise, whatever, the loss of these daily prizes can lead to resentment. With 5 kids 20- 10 yrs., they hold me hostage to their lives at all hours. I am learning to sense pre-meltdown ,when I’m in need of putting aside laundry, errands, social and extracurricular commitments etc., in favour of feeding the soul, but it is always a journey .

  49. Sara*MamaGoesGreen*

    I have to tell ya, that I read this post at 7:30, and had to immediately step away from the computer and start my day! It’s not necessarily a single action that is my “frog”, but rather just starting the day! There’s always so much on my plate, that just starting is daunting. But now, it is 10am and I’ve washed and folded 2 loads of laundry, with 2 more in que, fed and homeschooled my 4 children, they are now sitting for a snack, and my house is fairly tidy. Thanks for the encouragement! As for staying on task, I highly reccomend the Life Buttoned Up lists, especially the “NothingElse” pad. Sections include: If I do nothing else today, I must: and If I call noone else today, I must call: etc. Really helps me get the most important things of the day done first. I got mine at Target for $3 or $4.

  50. sb

    This is EXACTLY what I needed to read… as I was checking my email and watching the today show and losing any and all motivation to begin my list of to dos.

    This quote is going up on my corkboard… thank you.


    sb´s last blog post…baby gnome…

  51. lisa

    Thank you for this post! what a helpful thing for me…so simple, yet profound and JUST what I needed!
    thank you…going to share it with my friends!

  52. ishouldbedoinglaundry

    I’ve never heard of this before, but I believe I will be implementing it in my life and will be sharing with my husband as well!

    ishouldbedoinglaundry´s last blog post…

  53. Sarah H.

    This advice is fantastic!! I struggle with prioritizing my day and it is SO easy to tackle the tasks I am most excited about first, thus leaving my other tasks to eventually fall by the wayside or not get done at all. I have had success with this recently as far as exercising is concerned. I learned quickly that if I wait to exercise until later in the day, I never do it. Therefore, I now do it FIRST and I get it done everyday! And did I mention I hate exercising? 😉

    Sarah H.´s last blog post…Six undecorating tips to help you get organized NOW for next Christmas

  54. Lori

    What a great idea!! I too find myself on my days off reading my blogs and twittering first thing. Then I’ve suddenly spent 2 hours and am not motivated to do the things on my list! I’ve printed this out and stuck it above my desk at work as well! Thank you!

  55. Nellie Boyer

    Exercising for me is the funnest part of the day–but I do have those days where I don’t want to push the double stroller up the hills and into the wind…so on those days I pick out something that I feel good exercising in–like a new sports bra, my favorite socks, new shorts or whatever…and that gets me out the door. Face it, once you’re changed into the exercise clothes, it really takes some thing BIG to keep you from hitting the pavement, right? Hope this helps. Love the blog. Thanks.

    Nellie Boyer´s last blog post…Christmas Day

  56. Stephanie

    I read this post a week ago, and it has changed the way that I approach my day. I have procrastinated for so long that my to-do list is monumental, and while it will take some time to get through it all, I am dutifully eating my frog every morning, and some of the tasks that I have dreaded have dropped of the list – which makes me come back to the list more often, and… *gasp* even having 2 frogs for breakfast.

    Thank you for posting this.

    Stephanie´s last blog post…Tiga Hiding in the Pillows [Naughty Pussy Cat]

  57. Julie

    This is a great article and love that quote from Mark Twain. I think I had been doing as you suggested for a while and didn’t know that it was called “eating a frog first thing in the morning”. Now it makes sense. My least favorite thing is ironing. I had started ironing 3 shirts at 7:00 am–before I am even dressed and ready for the day. I just do it. It gets done and because I am rested from a good nights sleep, and because I am not even in my work clothes it doesn’t seem like something on my chore list that needs doing. But to do ironing later in the day is nearly a psychological impossibility. I have given up trying to get over that hurdle and am just doing the ironing in my pj’s in the morning. Thanks so much for this wonderful article. It has encouraged me.

  58. DeclutterLady

    Good idea 🙂 Although sometimes this is easier said than done!

  59. gnima

    With a newborn and toddler this is really hard because you feel like you never get what you need to get done and then you don’t even get a chance to do what you enjoy. BUT I am going to try it anyway….

  60. Rebecca

    This seems so simple, I can’t wait to try it!

  61. Red Lotus Mama

    Wow … the title of your post totally threw me off on what it was really about, but I am so happy I read it!

    Yesterday I knew what my “to do list” was … complete my “day job” weekly timesheet and write 3 posts. I was THISCLOSE to writing first and holding off on my timesheets until before bed, but I switched it around. It felt so good getting the icky task out of the way early in the day. It even made writing that evening so much more enjoyable.

    As for my every day “list” … I also hate working out and really should make that the start of my day just to get it over with.

  62. Tonya

    Wow, this is so funny to me! After reading this I was trying to imagine myself eating a frog, when I remembered watching a guy this morning (yesterday now) eating a frog. RAW! My husband was watching some show on Tv and I turned my face and squealed. But now I can laugh because of the confirmation I just received just from putting those two things together. This article and that TV show.
    (SN: the frog was raw with no skin, and I just saw the half with the legs, so he looked kind of like a chicken with two legs sticking out…)

  63. Lori West :)

    My grandfather used to always say a similar phrase “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse can happen to you the rest of the day.” I would tell people this – and they always looked at me funny/strange . . .not really understanding. 🙂 I never knew it was a Mark Twain quote! Now I don’t feel so strange quoting it! 🙂

    Lori 🙂

  64. Aimee

    Great post! I had never heard that Mark Twain quote before, but I love it. My husband is probably going to wonder when he sees “Eat the frog” post-it now stuck on the fridge, but I need to remind myself of this important piece of advice.. Thanks!

  65. Melissa B.

    I absolutely LOVED this post and it was JUST what I needed today. Thank you for that. I even blogged about it on my on site and left you a lot of link love. 😉

    Keep up the awesomeness over here ladies, I just discovered your site today and am in love.


  66. Michael

    If I may be so obnoxious to ‘add’ to the concept… it seems this should fall under the ‘time management’ or ‘balancing’ category of life in general. Therefore, (I don’t know where I read it), but, in general, we have the capacity to only do three things at a time, WELL. Another way of saying it, we only have time (room) for three things on our plate at a time. For most, TWO of those things are work and family. So, the third must be must be personal (your favorite charity) or a priority (taking care of an elderly parent). The third item can be seen as a short term activity, like volunteering for the kids choral performance at school, or longer term commitment, being a youth adviser at church. But, once completed, it comes off the plate making room for something new. In my case, the challenge was saying ‘No’ to anything that came along, then being so overwhelmed with all I had agreed to do, I was nearly intolerable for my family to live with. Adopting and COMMITTING to this idea, and I mean truly taking it on board, gave me the ability to say no, compassionately. For instance, “Yes, that is a great cause, but it is not MY cause, and I do not have the room on my plate. (Who could be mad at that!?) The result, I was 100% ‘present’ (rather than 20% at five different things) and my level of effectiveness, and more importantly, ENJOYMENT, went up 500%.

  67. Scott Zetlan

    The idea is sound, but this isn’t a Twain quote. He said nothing of the kind. The words appear to have originated in the French writings of Nicolas Chamfort in 1795, have been mistranslated and misquoted ever since, and were spuriously linked to Twain in 1988 by some article in an Ohio newspaper.

  68. maritza

    Awesome post, thanks for the daily docket download great way to organize everything including my water intake goals!

  69. Pat redman

    Excellent article . For what it’s worth if others require a IRS 1040-SS , my kids came across a blank form here

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