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Howdy, all! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Cold weather brings with it the instinct to slow down. When you want to slow down on a chilly grey day, you might light a fire and jump on the couch with a book. My winter playlist is not that. You may want to refer to my Reading & Writing playlist, which I am continually adding to as we go along – its purpose is your couch.

The Winter list, rather, couldn’t just be a bunch of somber nap scores. It probably has a slower pace overall, but this season still brings me too much other pep to ignore.

Here’s the link to my Winter 2012/2013 playlist on Spotify (for why I use Spotify and instructions on how to follow along with my lists,read this post). This season’s list will also be added to until Spring, but for now, here are some of my faves, both new and not, in no particular order:

Lord Huron – The album Lonesome Dreams quickly sneaked into my favorites of the year. Makes me want to grab my horse and find my girl.

Haley Bonar – She’s been around a while, but I’m just now giving it a full listen. Digging it so far. Kind of reminds me of Neko Case. See what I mean.

Milo Greene – This was actually at the recommendation of Lynnea from the Summer post. I like it more each time. What’s The Matter – the best videos are the weird ones.

Birdy – Not wild about all of this, but there are some covers on the 16 year-old’s self-titled debut worth hearing. Here’s her doing Skinny Love.

Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps – Mostly happy stuff with an unmistakable voice of a person named Caroline Smith. Here’s a cute one about a boy I guess she likes.

Jim James – The frontman of My Morning Jacket is coming out with a solo album soon, which I’m good with. This is his first release from it. There’s really nothing to watch in the video, so feel free to dance.

Also, I put the music from each 2012 season in one compilation playlist called 2012. I didn’t go through and take out any duplicates, so…

One last note: I’ve been enjoying the app, Songza. You likely know of it and use it often, but for those who want to know more, here is a good review of one of the best apps of 2012. My favorite feature: I can set an alarm clock to wake up to music based on my mood. Yep.

Happy listening all. I wish you a spectacular 2013.

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  1. Thank you for this, Josh! I’m listening right now. GOOD. STUFF.

  2. Thank you for hooking us up with another stellar playlist, Josh! You never disappoint.

  3. Thanks, gang. Glad it’s enjoyed.

  4. Yahoo! Thanks for new music ideas, as always.

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