E-book bundles: Why buy them?

Bundles are a large group of e-books, e-courses, and usually bonus offers for a really low price—for a very short amount of time. Here’s a current bundle:

Now, I’m not big on pushing you to buy things you don’t need, nor am I big on more equaling better—so in some ways, you might think all these items are WAY too much for you to handle. I understand.

But, there are a few reasons I think these sorts of sales might be good for some of you…

1. If some of the included e-books & e-courses are already on your wish list.

Let’s say you were already wanting my course, Upstream Field Guide. Or, two or three others. Outside a bundle, this might cost around $60-80. For half that price, you’d get my course, all those e-books, plus tons more. So, a bundle sale is a great time to buy these things collectively, even if you’re only interested in a few.

2. If you’re also on the fence about some of the other things.

If you think you might want to buy some of the e-books or courses included in the bundle, but aren’t really sure about paying full-price, well, now here’s your chance to buy them way cheaper.

And if you decide you don’t like them, no huge financial harm done.

3. If you know of some people who’d love these things as gifts.

With most bundles, you’re buying around 100 items for about thirty bucks. Divvy that up, and it makes for some really affordable gift giving. Yep—you can give what you don’t use (one per person, of course—you’re buying one of each item in a bundle).

I personally think the bonuses make the best gifts—I’ve used many of them in the past for great stuff like online classes, art, and more.

4. If you like supporting online entrepreneurs you read for free.

Most online creators love what they do, and they often work very, very hard. As a reader, I’m grateful for people who offer their words to me, free (I’ve never paid a dime to read a blog).

I love saying “thank you” from time to time by buying some of my fellow blogger’s offerings. This is a fun chance to thank lots of bloggers at once.

Bundles aren’t for everyone, but they might be useful for some of you. I can’t imagine someone loving every single item in every bundle (and I can’t vouch for all the content in which I’m invited to participate), but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater—I think there’s often something for almost everyone in these collections.

Head here to buy the current e-book bundle (and when you buy through this link, you’ll help support The Art of Simple—so thank you).

Now what?

If you buy this bundle, don’t feel overwhelmed at all the files. I like to organize the e-books in Dropbox, upload others to my Kindle, and occasionally print and bind a few others. In Dropbox, I’ve made a folder called “E-Books,” and as soon as I download each e-book, I immediately put them in their sub-folder category:

ebooks in dropbox

Then I tap into each folder when I have time and the topic is on my mind. They’re not going anywhere, so there’s no rush to consume All The Information. I enjoy e-book bundles much better this way.