Dress for the day: winter attire

I‘m headed to chilly Salt Lake City today to attend Alt Summit for the first time. I’ve never been to a conference in snowy weather before, so packing for this trip was a tricky experience for sure! Alt is a conference for Lifestyle and Design bloggers, it looks AMAZING, and I admit I’m nervous and excited to meet new people and get a big dose of much needed inspiration.

Attempting to be stylish but also warm is a fun (and sometimes frustrating) challenge, here’s what I chose for one of my outfits:

  • I found a vintage poncho similar to the one above to fit my curves without adding too much bulk.
  • I belted it to create shape and give me a waist, try it before you think it would make you look bigger – it’s actually slimming!
  • Paired with simple jewelry to compliment (and not compete) with the pattern on the poncho
  • A comfy bootie (must be comfy for LOTS of walking!) to complete the look.
  • A pretty computer/camera bag is what I’ll have on hand, too, no reason to carry around a big ugly bag when there are so many cute options out there!

As you can see, I have no plans to brave the snow, and being from Phoenix means I don’t even own anything snow-worthy anyway. I’m much happier by a fire with hot cocoa in hand, watching snow from INDOORS.

Question for you: Do you like wearing ponchos? Would you wear them with a belt? 

I’m linking up with Dress for the Day today – are you dressing for the day you want to have, or the day that’s trying to have you?

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @ariannesegerman and on Facebook to see lots of fun pictures from Alt. I can’t wait to share all the fun and creative info I bring home with me, but while I’m there don’t miss all the action (mostly on Instagram)!

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Arianne creates style ideas, writes thoughts on parenting 4 children, plants knowledge in young minds, curates lovely things, and does it all with an eye for the story being woven through her each and every day. As the owner of Mabel + Riv, she strives to bring you inspiration, handmade creations and beauty from voices across the creative-sphere. Find her on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as @ariannesegerman.

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  1. I’m usually not a fan of ponchos…but if I had one, I’d totally rock it with a belt. I love a cinched waist! 🙂

  2. Love it!!! I’ll be on the look out for the stylish lady in the sweet poncho

  3. Super cute. I’ve never worn a poncho but I’m not afraid to try.

  4. I have a red knit poncho that I absolutely LOVE wearing, especially on days when I want to throw something on, feel cozy, and look put together at the same time. Though my poncho and I keep encountering a problem when we go outside – how in the world do you wear a coat with a poncho? I guess in the end you can’t really, which lives me toasty when I’m inside while freezing when I run from my car into wherever my day takes me! If you ever find a good solution, please let me know 🙂 I’d love to wear my poncho every day if I could!

  5. Cute look. Especially loving the computer bag- where is it from?

  6. I was given a knit poncho this fall and have loved it! Previously I wasn’t so sure about them but I love that I can slip it on over some skinnies, pair it with some booties and feel totally fabulous.
    I love the plaid poncho! Enjoy the conference. =)

  7. I rocked a poncho for my second pregnancy – when I was the biggest during the coldest months and stubbornly refused to buy a bigger coat. I wish I had belted it, though. I felt like a house!

  8. I’ve always avoided ponchos, seeing them as a cousin of the Muumuu. (Always make me picture Homer Simpson in his blue flowered muumuu *shudder*) That said, you’ve sold me with the cinched belt idea. Do you think a narrow belt would be best? or could I get away with a thicker brown belt? Do you think the type of belt changes the “slim or rounded” effect? Thanks Ari! Excited to going poncho hunting!

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  10. I have a poncho that I wear with a thin brown belt just for a bit of accessory 😉 I agree with you about the boots! Comfortable shoes are a must if you’re gonna be walking. I have the most comfortable pair I got from comfortview that I wear with almost everything! Cool blog btw, will be coming by more! 😀

  11. Hey, I love the poncho tip off. I’ve started to take a fancy to western boots too lately which go well with a cute poncho.

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