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And this month’s poem, by Sarah Dunning Park:

Roast chicken and potatoes

make an easy meal—
oil and season.
Let the oven offer meat
and fingerlings singing
with trapped heat and steam.

Such a simple beginning
belies the after-dinner showdown—
that battle with the carcass
to coerce tomorrow’s supper
from its bones.

Oh, it’s nothing new—
another belated discovery
of unforeseen complexity.
An expectant mother awaits a baby,
not the wreckage of birthing.

For that matter,
who really anticipates
a willful child evolving from her newborn?
But remember, this is about a chicken—
and the duty that’s before you.

The best thing to do
is throw yourself into it—
give thanks for the provision,
then sink bare hands in the grease.
Pick it clean.

© Sarah Dunning Park, 2012. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Tsh and Sarah

Tsh compiled today's list of links. Today's poem is by our poet-in-residence, Sarah Dunning Park, whose book, What It Is Is Beautiful, contains poems about the complexities of being a mom. Writing this poetry sometimes helps her be a better mother, and sometimes leads her to yell at everyone to let her think in peace. Sarah and her husband, Charlie Park, run PearBudget.com, and attempt to be good parents for their three daughters.

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  1. Congratulations on throwing yourself into it — all of it: poetry, motherhood, cooking, and more! Personally, I’ve never had a showdown with a chicken. I hope your showdowns get easier.

  2. oh sarah, this is gorgeous and true. i know this story well. love your words here always.

  3. Love it, Sarah! LOVE. IT.

  4. up is a fine example of it.

  5. Hello there buddy, quite enlightening publish. Make sure you maintain them coming.

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