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Tsh compiled today's list of links. Today's poem is by our poet-in-residence, Sarah Dunning Park, whose book, What It Is Is Beautiful, contains poems about the complexities of being a mom. Writing this poetry sometimes helps her be a better mother, and sometimes leads her to yell at everyone to let her think in peace. Sarah and her husband, Charlie Park, run PearBudget.com, and attempt to be good parents for their three daughters.

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by Sarah Dunning Park
We married young,
aware that we’d taken
a step out of turn—
we had cut in line
and not been caught.

But we could play house—
I threw on an apron,
you did up the dishes.
No one would know
the difference.

After a decade, our feet ached—
we were still clomping
around the house
in those big shoes
we’d found.

This summer we kicked them off;
now you put on the apron,
while I pour us a drink.
You melt butter in the pot,
and later—I’ll wash up.

© Sarah Dunning Park, 2012. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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  1. I have to say, I look forward to the “weekend links” post every Sunday. You have pointed me to some of the best, most thought provoking, and funniest stuff I’ve ever seen. Thank you!
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  2. Very interesting. Thanks!
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  3. Sarah, I love that you have Charlie on the butter plan, and that you two have found the roles that fit for your marriage. You’re an amazing couple!
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  4. Sarah, thank you so much for this poem. It’s absolutely beautiful. I just read it to my husband and we were both touched and swept back in time. We got married young (21 and 22) and have never looked back. I love that we’ve already had so many years together. But we do feel like we have been pretending to be grown ups all this time and somehow fooled the world!

  5. Interesting reading as always Tsh. Have a great week. :)
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  6. This is a really great poem! I just got engaged this summer and can relate to this very much. I am looking forward to “playing house” with my wife in a year. :D

  7. Hey This is some great thing never thought that it could work like that, good job!

  8. avatar
    Tara pohlkotte says:

    Oh, I just *love* this poem…as my husband and I were married at 20, I can so relate :)
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  9. I sometimes say, slunning. Because it’s most definitely a slow run.
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