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Like everyone, my heart has been torn in two the past few days. My mama mind and heart has been restless, feeling weak (and yet hopeful) that the most I can do right now is pray for everyone affected. These few links reflect that, and Sarah’s poem today makes me all the more grateful for my children.

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This month’s poem by Sarah Dunning Park is from her book, What It Is Is Beautiful. Enjoy!

Their Eyes All Aglow

What, I wonder,
will they remember
from their childhoods?
If everything experienced
is somehow stored—
stitched into the brain’s cortical folds
like a heap of colorful rags
carefully braided and coiled
to make the rug underfoot—
which bits and pieces of memory
will present face-up,
to be felt and seen
and trod upon daily?

I would happily tinker with their minds—
to gently tuck out of reach the memories
of times I snapped at them in anger,
or to bring forward and shore up
their recollection of the days
when all was peaceful,
and love imbued every word.

But I can’t control their minds
—nor mine, tonight,
as I snuff out a stub of candle
on our table, and its smoking wick
and heady scent bring on a wave
of remembering I didn’t expect:
the feel of a Christmas Eve
when it’s late and I am little,
full to bursting with rich food
and my wild impatience
for the morning.

© Sarah Dunning Park, 2011. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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Tsh and Sarah

Tsh compiled today's list of links. Today's poem is by our poet-in-residence, Sarah Dunning Park, whose book, What It Is Is Beautiful, contains poems about the complexities of being a mom. Writing this poetry sometimes helps her be a better mother, and sometimes leads her to yell at everyone to let her think in peace. Sarah and her husband, Charlie Park, run PearBudget.com, and attempt to be good parents for their three daughters.

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  1. Beautiful. And that Buzz Feed article- so many of those touched me so.


  2. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the restoring faith in humanity article! You’re awesome Tsh.

  4. Thanks for this wonderful article. I just found this website and I’m hooked already! 🙂

  5. These few links reflect that, and Sarah’s poem today makes me all the more grateful for my children.

  6. Thank you for posting the “restoring faith in humanity” article. It is so helpful to see God’s goodness while coping with the tragedy in Connecticut.

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