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Tsh is the founder of this blog and lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

I’m probably on a plane somewhere over the Pacific as you read this. Starting Monday, I’ll be writing from Asia — I’m joining four other amazing women as we trek through the Philippines with Compassion International. We’ll play with lots of children, hear from the workers there about what they do, and then we’ll write about it. You’ll feast your ideas on precious faces and hear stories about their daily lives.

The writing style will most likely be a bit…. different than the norm here on Simple Mom. That’s a good thing. Change is nice every now and then, isn’t it? So be prepared. I hope you’ll like it.

“I continually find it necessary to guard against that natural love of wealth and grandeur which prompts us always, when we come to apply our general doctrine to our own case, to claim an exception.”
-William Wilberforce

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    melanie says:

    tsh, can’t wait to hear your musings from the philippines. love that wilburforce quote — the truth hurts! (and heals, thankfully.)

  2. Have a good trip! I’m looking forward to these upcoming posts from Asia!


  3. cool change and adventure are both grate! have the best trip to the philippines! the kids must be cute !!!! waiting
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  4. Thanks for including the link to Not Just Cute. Enjoy your adventure!
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  5. So interesting Journey.Thank for sharing
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  6. changes for the good! i’m prepared already ;)
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  7. In this place of mine have many children in the street counting years for them to survive. No homes and families. They are convicted by their own life for having no future in their own. The government can’t help us them all for they need to be set everything to be proper. But there are some private sectors who are helping those children to be secure and give them new life and bright future.
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