Weekend giveaway: Train Trip

This giveaway is now closed. Check back soon for the winner!
Today’s weekend giveaway comes from sponsor Deanna Caswell, author of the children’s books Train Trip, First Ballet, and co-author of the upcoming grownup book, Little House in the Suburbs: Backyard Farming and Home Skills for Self-Sufficient Living.

Deanna is one of the voices behind the blog Little House in the Suburbs, which focuses on self-sufficient living in the ‘burbs. And today, she’s giving ten Simple Mom readers a signed copy of her book, Train Trip!

Sweet for both little boys and girls, Train Trip documents a little boy’s journey to Grandma’s house via train. There are bridges to cross, instruments to study, and aisles to tromp.

I’m excited to give this book to Finn for Christmas—it’s a great early childhood read, and if you love giving books as gifts, this is a great choice. Deanna also sent me a copy of First Ballet, and I’m looking forward to giving it to Tate for a simple afternoon read.

Deanna will give ten of you a signed copy of Train Trip, just in time for Christmas!

To enter this giveaway, simply leave any comment on this post! (If you’re reading this via email, you must click over to the post to comment.) This giveaway ends tonight, so enter now!

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Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. My son loves trains so would love to win!! Thank you.

  2. We love to read in this house, my oldest is four and since he was born I’ve accumulated enough new and used books to need our own little library room! Thats not possible though, so instead you can find shelves and piles of books in every single room. I have to say we don’t have many books about trains yet!

  3. My kids love trains & love books – this would be perfect!

  4. The book looks adorable. My son would LOVE it.

  5. Well, considering my two-year-old doesn’t have tantrums about anything other than having to leave the presence of a train, this sounds amazing.

  6. I would love to win this. My little boy absolutely loves trains as did his older brothers and even his little sister! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. My boys love trains!

  8. My daughter is OBSESSED with trains and she was so excited when she took her first train ride last month! SHe would love this book!

  9. Sounds like a great book for our train-loving boys!

  10. My kiddos would love it!

  11. My boys want a train for Christmas and I love reading to them.

  12. my son is obsessed with trains. this would be so perfect for him! AND he loves to read books!!!

  13. Our boys get excited about anything with trains and we love to read with them!

  14. These books look great! My two year old is bonkers over trains, and my four year old young reader is fascinated by ballet. Thanks for posting about them.

  15. Brenda Torres says:

    My son would LOVE this!!

  16. Loved “First Ballet” and can’t wait to read this one! It will make a great gift!!

  17. We love ALL books- great train book!!!

  18. Melissa Boland says:

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  19. My four year old just started to read 2 weeks ago, I think this would be the perfect book for him to practice his new found skill! Can’t wait to read First Ballet…

  20. We love books!

  21. I have been looking for new books. We read 3-4 every night.

  22. My son loves trains!

  23. Great giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  24. Maggie Kellum says:

    We are actually headed to the Colorado Railroad Museum today! I have an 18mon old who is obsessed with ‘rains, rains’. We would certainly appreciate a copy of this book!

  25. I love books! Especially children’s books!

  26. This would make an excellent addition to my baby’s reading library!!

  27. Books are the perfect gift. 🙂

  28. Sounds sweet!

  29. Looks like a book my boys would love!

  30. Jeannette Chen says:

    My boys love to be read to!

    i am Jacob!

  31. Carissa Feathers says:

    A lovely giveaway! If I don’t win I’ll have to check it out at the library. :o)

  32. looks very cute. Perfect for grandma to read to my girls

  33. My girls love trains!

  34. house full of boys who love trains, this would be fun to add to our collection 🙂

  35. My kids would love this book!

  36. Sounds good! My son would enjoy that.

  37. This goes along great with my 4 gift rule… Something you want, something you need, something to wear…and SOMETHING TO READ!!! This book looks precious! Great giveaway.

  38. Looks precious! My boys love trains (what boy doesn’t?!)!

  39. Thanks for entering me!

  40. Choo Choo! Our son LOVES trains.

  41. I’d love to have this for my godchild’s young sons! We love books!

  42. My sons love trains! I know they would love to add this to their bedtime stories!

  43. My son Adam loves to travel by train when he goes to stay with his Grandma and Grandpa. We must take a plane followed by a train and then a boat in order to reach them in a beautiful part of Scotland. He would LOVE this book to keep him occupied on the long trip!!

  44. My nephew is train crazy! This would be great for him. (and then I’ll get the ballet for my niece – not being sexist – she lives in ny and does ballet)

  45. I know I’d read this to my 3 year old at LEAST three times a day.

  46. I know of 2 little guys that would love to read this!

  47. That book looks like a wonderful stocking filler!

  48. I would love to have this book for my son. He is crazy about trains. Right now at age 5 he has already told us he is going to be the engineer for Amtrak. We know the schedule so we will actually drive down to the tracks to watch it zoom by. Our friends have nicknamed us train chases 😀

  49. How cute!

  50. Looks cute! My 3 year old would love it.

  51. What a cute book! My young train lover would be so excited to get this under the tree!

  52. Little girls love ponies and little boys love trains! At least this is true of my little girls and boys….Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. My son loves trains! This would be perfect!

  54. mary nissley says:

    would love to win this book

  55. Jenny Runyan says:

    What a great addition this would make under our tree for my four year old! Thank you!

  56. My youngest would love this! She’s been train crazy for years, and she’s just learning to read. I know it would thrill her to be able to pick out words she knows, and to learn to read train-related words.

  57. My son loves books and anything that moves! Would love to have this for Christmas morning!

  58. Nicole Gaylord says:

    This looks cute!

  59. I have a little guy who is in the love with trains. He would love this.

  60. Melanie Viola says:

    My kids love trains and would love this book.

  61. Melanie Viola says:

    Both of my kids love trains and would love this book.

  62. As the mother of two train-obsessed boys, I would love to win this! The picture with this post is so charming, too, by the way.

  63. We love books! 🙂

  64. What a sweet book. My boys would love it.

  65. Melissa Walker says:

    How cute!!!

  66. My son is obsessed with trains this year! He would love it.

  67. Looks like a cute book!

  68. Amanda Martin says:

    would love to win! love your blog!

  69. Lane Winters says:

    I love your blog!!

  70. My three yo would love!

  71. Our little guys love trains!!

  72. Looks like a great story for my daughter and son. Love to learn about new children’s authors!

  73. My kids love books and this looks like a great one!!

  74. I think all little boys like train books, Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Hi Tsh, sounds like a fun book to have.

  76. i have been reading deanna’s blog for years. i would love to have this to give to my granson.

  77. Diane Cloutier says:

    I would love this for my grandchild! Super cute!

  78. Books are always a great gift. Have bought several for gifts for Christmas.

  79. My youngest grandchild would love this book! He’s having a train Christmas!

  80. We just returned from a model train show at our county fairgrounds with our 3 year old son – this sounds like a book he would love. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  81. Violet Ecton says:

    My 2 GreatGrandsons would love this book.

  82. My kids would love this!

  83. pravina hegde patil says:

    We all love trains!

  84. Our family loves our evening reading together time!
    What a great book to add to our sons’ books…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  85. My son loves trains!

  86. We are all about trains at our house! Would love to win.

  87. My son Richard would love this book! THey especially love Grandmas house which is 5 hours away so they might even relate to it. Thank you for an opportunity to enter!

  88. We LOVE books around here! Thanks for this kind opportunity.

  89. As a soon to be first time grandma I would love to win a copy of this precious book!

  90. Rachel Hornung says:

    I love kids books! Would love to write my own someday and The Little Engine that Could is one of my very favorites. Also enjoy Thomas the Train, so I guess I like trains. I also know some young boys who would love this book! (maybe girls too!)

  91. Kristina Crews says:

    Thankful for your giving heart. I have a 3 year old little boy who adores trains! Thank you for the chance to win. Thankful for your simple blog!

  92. perfect for my oldest son!

  93. Yup. A train book will go over big with my 21 month old for sure. 🙂

  94. Melissa M. says:

    We would love to win this.

  95. Ursula Mosley says:

    Books are life’s most precious little treasures.

  96. Would love to win the book for my little boy!

  97. My son loves trains, so this would be wonderful to win for him!

  98. We are giving our 3 year old a gently used wooden train set for Christmas and this would be perfect to go along with it!

  99. Paula Romer says:

    My husband worked for the railroad for 15 years, so trains are near and dear to our hearts. I would love to add this train book to our library for our two year old son! Paula Romer

  100. What a fun addition this would be to our collection. My goal is to teach my little ones with books before we venture to computers. Thank you for this opportunity