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Weekend giveaway: Plan to Eat

Today’s giveaway comes from loyal monthly sponsor Plan to Eat, a genius little online program that pretty much does everything for you but actually cook your meals.

This is a simple tool that allows you to store your favorite recipes (and import them from around the Internet!), create menu plans using those recipes, and even provide grocery lists based on those same recipes.

My favorite feature? How simple it is. Its clean interface allows for intuitive interaction — it took me mere seconds to get my account up and running, and I had my weekly menu plan created in minutes.

This is a great tool for busy families with hungry kids.

You can share recipes with others on Plan to Eat, you can organize your grocery lists by store, and you can tag your recipes in infinite ways. You can even track nutritional information and cost breakdown of all of your recipes and menus! And for those of you that love going paperless, you can use Plan to Eat’s mobile app to carry all your menu planning with you. No more accidentally leaving the house without your grocery list.

Take a tour of Plan to Eat to learn about more of its features.


This giveaway is now closed. Plan to Eat is offering an yearly subscription for five Simple Mom readers!

To win, simply leave any comment on this post. (And if you’re reading this in an email, you must click over to the post and comment here.)

This giveaway will end tonight, Saturday, November 3, and I’ll announce the winner soon after. I hope you win!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. This sounds perfect! Just what I need to be more organised. Being a working mum of 3 little ones and then coming home and having to make something yummy is a challenge! Knowing that all
    Is organised and there isn’t much thinking
    To be done on the day makes all the difference! Thanks for this chance!

  2. Great giveaway!

  3. Would LOVE to try this!!!

  4. The nutritional analysis on this sounds really interesting — and goodness knows I need help figuring out what is for dinner each day. Right now it is only me and my husband. No one told me that being married so often means that every night it is my job to figure out dinner! 🙂 Thinking about having to make dinner every night for kids too, wow, I don’t know how people do it! Maybe this would help? I hope I win!

  5. I hope you pick me. Today is my birthday!

  6. This could really help me out right now, I’m in a meal-planning rut!

  7. Amy Carlisle says:

    Would love to win this!!!

  8. Oh man I’d love to try this! Dinnertime has gotten a lot trickier lately with a new gluten allergy to deal with. It would be so nice for some aspect of it to be easier!

  9. Forget trying new recipes–this would be a good way to mix things up in the meal-planning department!

  10. I have been longing to try Plan to Eat! Please pick me!

  11. Would love to try this to see if overall I could save some time, money and groceries for our family

  12. have seen this so many times, would love to give it a try. i am so rollercoaster on my menu planning. so good at times, so bad at others!

  13. Dawn Stribling says:

    This giveaway would really help me to organize my recipes and streamline menu planning!

  14. Kyla Johnson says:

    I’d love to win this! I need all the meal planning help I can get!

  15. I can always use help in the menu planning department!

  16. I think this could really help my family…

  17. We have multiple food allergies at our house and this would be a huge blessing to me. It’s been difficult to get motivated to cook when it has to be beef, dairy, egg, and nut free. I’ve had a chance to trial Plan to Eat and it’s a phenomenal site! Thank you for giving away for those of us who can’t afford it!

  18. Would love to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Ashley McRea says:

    I need it! 4 hungry kids plus extra ones always dropping in. What a blessing to provide ymmy, wholesome food! Could use some inspiration.

  20. after having a husband recently change to 2nd shift,this would be SO helpful!

  21. Luck has to change at some point, I never win stuff!. Single foster mother, three kids 5 & under, one asd, one fas, one just a bub. We have lots of love, lots of hope, lots of fun but not much cash & I sure could use some help with all the meals!

  22. I’ve heard so many good things about Plan to Eat – I’d love to give it a try!

  23. Kim Rigley says:

    Would love this. I have the hardest time with meal planning. (Should be hard since we eat the same 10 things over and over, but I still hate it. :P) Anyway, love your blog. Just started reading it a few weeks ago, and I’m totally hooked. Thanks for sharing your tips for a simpler life!

  24. This sounds so useful…I’d love to give it a try.

  25. Really need some inspiration to do a better job of cooking for my family and this looks like a great tool and source of inspiration – would love to win a subscription!

  26. This sounds fabulous!

  27. It amazes me how much money we spend eating out. I really need to plan meals better – we will eat healthier and have more money in our bank account! A tool like this would be very helpful.

  28. draylinn smith says:

    This would be oh so helpful

  29. kali desautels says:

    This looks like a really awesome way to meal plan! 🙂

  30. One of my resolutions is to do meal planning.

  31. Oooh! Hope I win! I think my husband would be happy 🙂

  32. Christina says:

    I could definitely use the help with meal planning. I am usually planning dinner for the night around 4:30pm. I would absolutely love to try this!

  33. Currently planning with pencil and paper. Need the nudge to move to electronic friendly format.

  34. Oh my goodness – what an amazing way to try this! I’m soon to be a mom of two so this would be an awesome way to get organization around meal planning and grocery shopping! Thanks for the opportunity.

  35. This is one area of my life I haven’t attempted to organize. Maybe nows the time.

  36. This sounds great! I already meal plan fairly efficiently but have been wanting to organize recipes, etc in a more streamlined and paperless way. This sounds promising!

  37. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

    This is so needed in my house! My husband gives me that “again?” look at nearly every meal!

  38. I need this in my life! My family will thank you 🙂

  39. I would count it a special blessing to receive this gift…and so would my family!

  40. I always give up on meal planning after a few weeks because it’s so much work, this sounds like the perfect solution!

  41. Would so love some help with meal planning! Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. Sounds like a fun planner to try out! I up for trying anything to make life a little easier.

  43. This looks awesome! I would love to win

  44. Jeniferr Cantrell says:

    I have known for a while now I really need to get serious about menu planning. Well this seems to be the perfect gateway to that goal! How cool is technology

  45. Tania Ford says:

    I would love this! I took a look at the website and am inspired!

  46. I would love to try this. Other things I’ve tried haven’t quite fit my style, but this looks like it would!!

  47. I was just looking at this site this week and thinking it might be a helpful tool for me. I do meal plan but I need to be more organized about it. Would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  48. stylefriendly says:

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  49. I’ve gotten into a real meal planning rut! This would be great.

  50. What a great giveaway! Food and organization are good friends.

  51. This looks like a great tool. I could use the help with planning meals.

  52. I’d love to give this a try…we cook the same things over and over!

  53. Johanna S. says:

    I’d love to win this! My free trial ended and I really miss it.

  54. This looks fantastic, I would love to give it a try!

  55. I would love to win!

  56. Every time I read about this system, I’d like to try it.

  57. Amanda Redman says:

    I could use all the help there is to offer when is comes to anything in the kitchen! Would love to win!!!

  58. This sounds amazing! I would love to try it!

  59. We are about to move in with my in-laws, and will go from being 3 minutes away from the nearest grocery store to 25 minutes. This would be so helpful for our family!

  60. Robin Miller says:

    If this is the answer to all my meal planning woes than bring it on!

  61. What a great tool this would be to help me stay organized and save money!

  62. I would love to be able to transfer my menu plans onto this so I can interchange recipes and serving sizes. Great idea!

  63. It sounds so simple. I would love to try it!

  64. I would like to use this. My family would thank you.

  65. I’ve always wanted to try Plan to Eat but can’t during my debt snowball. Hope I win it!

  66. Would love to try this out!

  67. Oh this sounds great!

  68. Valerie Roden says:

    Excited for this giveaway! Sounds like it is right up our alley!

  69. Dedra Clark says:

    This sounds like what I’ve been looking for. I’ve had such a hard time meal planning. Love your site:)

  70. Shauna Berg says:

    I’m so tired of stopping by the grocery store to get something to make on the way home from work with kids in tow. This might do the trick! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  71. This is an area I need help with. I would love this.

  72. This sounds great! I could really use extra help with my meal planning.

  73. I hope with the time change I’m still eligible to enter 😉 This would be such a help to me with meal planning for my family!

  74. This would be a fantastic toll for our family. . .

  75. Wow. I have only just found out about Plan to Eat. It looks amazing. I would love to get my hands on this!!

  76. I’d love to try this out! I have a difficult time menu planning.