Weekend giveaway: Plan to Eat

This giveaway has now ended.

Looking for the spot to share your before and after photos for Project Simplify? Head to yesterday’s post to find out. You’ve got until tonight—can’t wait to see them!

Today’s giveaway comes from loyal monthly sponsor Plan to Eat, a genius little online program that pretty much does everything for you but actually cook your meals.

This is a simple tool that allows you to store your favorite recipes (and import them from around the Internet!), create menu plans using those recipes, and even provide grocery lists based on those same recipes.

My favorite feature? How simple it is. Its clean interface allows for intuitive interaction — it took me mere seconds to get my account up and running, and I had my weekly menu plan created in minutes.

This is a great tool for busy families with hungry kids.

You can share recipes with others on Plan to Eat, you can organize your grocery lists by store, and you can tag your recipes in infinite ways. You can even track nutritional information and cost breakdown of all of your recipes and menus! And for those of you that love going paperless, you can use Plan to Eat’s mobile app to carry all your menu planning with you. No more accidentally leaving the house without your grocery list.

Take a tour of Plan to Eat to learn about more of its features.


Plan to Eat is offering an yearly subscription for five Simple Mom readers!

To win, simply leave any comment on this post. (And if you’re reading this in an email, you must click over to the post and comment here.)

This giveaway will end tonight, Saturday, March 10. I’ll announce the winner soon after. I hope you win!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. That sounds awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  2. Sounds like a great thing, i would love to try it!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I really need this, I’ve been struggling to do meal planning for a while now!

  4. I’d love to try this out.

  5. Véronique says:

    Oh I so need this! With the third baby about to be born (any moment now), and no man around to help out it would be a wonderful wonderful thing ;-).

  6. Jolissa L says:

    I would really benefit from a program like this!!!

  7. This would be great! I love to cook and I feel great when I get a menu going, but when I don’t I hate it! Late dinners are never fun.

  8. I would be so excited to win this!

  9. I’m getting married soon and would love to make sure we have great food for our first year as newlyweds. This would be great to win!

  10. Maybe I would actually stick to my sloppy meal plans if I had something like this! heh. 🙂
    Pick me, pick me! 🙂

  11. I am only an occasional meal planner. I wish I could do it more, and I bet I would if I won this! 🙂

  12. My family and I would definitely love to have a subscription for plan to eat. Meal planning is one of our major challenges.

  13. This would be awesome to try and hopefully help me save time with my meal planning!

  14. Everytime you mention this service, it sounds useful! Thanks for the kind opportunity.

  15. I so need this! My grocery lists and meal plans are everywhere. I’d be so nice to have it all on one place!

  16. Perfect!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Am just sitting down to plan meals the old fashioned way – pen and paper. This would make life so much easier!

  18. Would love to try this for a while!

  19. I was just checking this out last week, it looks awesome! We would put it to great use around here. Thanks for the chance!

  20. oh wow!

  21. Wow, this looks interesting. I hate meal planning, so it sounds like something I might enjoy.

  22. I would love to try this program. I’m a emeals user and one of the things I miss is some of my recipes. I’d love to see the nutritional breakdown as well.

  23. Melissa B. says:

    I need this! My husband texts me all day long asking whats for dinner cause he knows I don’t have a clue till 15 minutes before he gets home!

  24. would love to win!

  25. Amazing! This service looks really well thought-through. I would love to try it.

  26. Jessica O. says:

    I would like to try this!

  27. Ah yes. Meal planning. My bugaboo.

  28. This looks like a great tool. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  29. I’m always stressing over what to fix…would great to win!

  30. this would help so much… when i dont have a plan, dinner isn’t very good. or healthy.

  31. Great prize! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. I love Plan to Eat!

  33. Thanks for the giveaway! I already use Plan to Eat and would love a free renewal!

  34. How handy! Sounds great!

  35. Sounds like a great resource!

  36. Would love to win as consistent meal planning is a major goal for this year. Thanks for the opportunity, Tsh!

  37. Sarra Bess says:

    I love Plan To Eat! The planner + shopping list function makes grocery shopping so easy.

  38. With a new baby due in a couple weeks, I could use some help with menu planning!

  39. sounds like something I could really benefit from!

  40. Emily Oswalt says:

    This is awesome. I would love to try it!

  41. Would love some culinary assistance!

  42. domestic diva says:

    Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

  43. Just doing the trial right now and LoVe this site!!!

  44. this sounds like it would be super helpful! Love the meal planning site idea

  45. Definitely going to pop over to Plan to Eat to see what it’s all about. Since our baby was born my fiance and I are on different shifts and are having a hard time planning our weekly meals and groceries. This could be the solution!

  46. I would love to win this! I plan our meals every 2 weeks and this would be so helpful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. We could so use this!!

  48. OOOhhh, I would love this. I have tried to come up with a super simple meal planning format and have not yet figured it out. This would be great!

  49. i would love to try this!

  50. Meal planning, shopping and cooking are my biggest weakness. I’d love the extra help. I know my hubby would appreciate the help.

  51. I would love this! Thank you!!!

  52. me me me me me me quick before my free trial runs out. 🙂

  53. Sounds great. I’d love to give it a try.

  54. RaShell S says:

    That looks really neat! Thank you for the entry.

  55. I really like the idea of this Giveaway! I need somebody/something to help me take the hassle out of planning our weekly meals. Sounds right up my street!

  56. Sounds like a great resource. Would love to win this!

  57. I’m a scrap-paper-recipe-on-the-fridge girl too! Here’s hoping for a little tool to help me clean up my act. : )

  58. I try very hard to plan my meals but I always fall behind! Having a tool like Plan To Eat would be amazing!

  59. I need this so badly. I enjoy cooking and we don’t mind eating at home, but getting a plan and a list together every week is a huge hurdle. I can’t count the number of Saturday afternoons I sit staring at my computer, trying to make a list, asking myself, “What do we eat?” I have a nice binder, a recipe file on my hard drive and tons of bookmarks, and still the process eludes me. Anything would be better than what I’m doing now!

  60. This sounds great.

  61. Katrina klauer says:

    Would love to try,,,,,,

  62. Mary Beth says:

    This is an area where I really need help!!

  63. This is great!

  64. Exactly what I need!

  65. Mary Beth says:

    Hooray for Plan to Eat!! I recently decided to do the one-month free trial and oh. my. word. I am IN LOVE!! I can’t afford the one-year subscription right now, so I signed up for the monthly. Worth every penny. It has changed my life. I love everything about it. For me, the best feature is that it makes the grocery list for you. I have to tweak it afterwards since my grocery list is in an Excel spreadsheet with prices and store aisles, etc. but it saves me soooo much time and stress. I planned a whole month’s worth of meals at once, and I used to be overwhelmed with trying to do a couple of weeks’ worth. And even then I couldn’t seem to get my shopping list just right, but with this, I could be confident that nothing was missing and I had just what I needed for all these meals. My pantry and fridge are full of everything I need for March except the perishable things like fresh produce and dairy that I’ll have to fill in later. The initial set-up is a time investment, and I’m still working on it a little at a time, but even after inputting about 15 recipes I was off to the races. Anyway, I’d love to win a whole year’s subscription. Thanks for the giveaway and for promoting this wonderful program!

  66. I would love this! It sounds awesome!

  67. Oh my, do I need meal help! I’d LOVE to try this for a year…maybe it will get me out of my 7 meal rut!

  68. Tracy Stone says:

    This would be really helpful to me!

  69. Katherine says:

    I would really really like to win a yearly subscription. I’m using it right now as a free trial but not sure if we can afford to add it to our budget (hubby is unemployed right now). It has some great features that streamline meal planning and I would really like to continue using it. I hope we win the free giveaway.

  70. Would love to try this out! Definitely an area we need some help with 🙂

  71. This would fit our family perfectly!!!! LOVE to win this!

  72. Michelle Killpack says:

    Thanks for offering this Tsh!! I have been trying out other meal planning sites and so far have not found something that works the way I need it to! Looks like Plan to Eat might!! Would love to try it!!

  73. I would love to win this! Organizing isn’t my forte. Thanks for the chance!

  74. I have wanted to try this program for a long time!

  75. Sounds awesome. Would love to try!

  76. Love it! There are so many online plan it for you menu planners out there that are great…but to be able to add OUR favorite recipes sounds wonderful!

  77. This looks great. I have found your books and blog so helpful, too. Thanks!

  78. Jeanette C. says:

    this sounds just like what my family needs-thank you!

  79. I could really use this! With three young busy boys and a baby on the way at 46 I need all the planning and nutrition I can get!!!

  80. Would love to try this out. I could use some recipe management lol I have them every where!! Thanks for the chance!

  81. Karen Basham says:

    I always love new ways to organize! This sounds like an excellent program.

  82. FrancesRobson says:

    This looks like it would help me to finally get on track with meal planning! I’d love to give it a try!

  83. This sounds awesome!

  84. I need this!

  85. i’ve made a resolution to cook more at home. this would definitely make it more fun and help me be prepared to cook.

  86. I’ve been getting (an enjoying) the Plan to Eat blog in my RSS. Would love to try out their product!

  87. My menu planning could use some doctoring. I’m tired of not knowing what to eat until it’s time to eat, or having to be rescued!

  88. Sounds like a neat program!

  89. I would give it a go.

  90. Darnetta says:

    This would be great

  91. My recipe binder is out of control!! This would put an end to yet another source of paper clutter.

  92. I would also love to try this. I still haven’t come up with a good system of organizing my meals and recipes.

  93. I’ve had my eye on Plan to Eat for awhile now. I love how organized it is and the idea of ditching my weekly scribbled out grocery list!

  94. Samantha says:

    Wish i could be the fortunate one to win this. 🙂 It would really help me with my menu planning.

  95. Melody Ann says:

    Sounds like a win-win situation! Food needs of a family are always in flux…even more so with teenagers in the house now! Thanks!

  96. what an amazing program. would love to win – need some help staying organized and focused with meal planning.

  97. Jen Jandreau says:

    With three growing boys- this would be great!

  98. This is one area of my life I need to conquer! Would love a chance to try this out. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  99. Marita H. says:

    This seems like just what my family needs!

  100. Sarah Weyers says:

    This definitely sounds awesome!!