Weekend giveaway: MOO.com

Today’s weekend giveaway comes from MOO.com, creators of the fun and unique MiniCard. If you are not familiar with MOO, they just love to print business cards; not only that, they also print MiniCards, postcards, greeting cards, sticker books and much more.

MOO’s own unique “printfinity” technology allows you to place a different image or design on each card in a set, to make each of your business cards really stand out.

More About MOO

MOO was born out of a love of beautiful, high-quality print and design. They make creating beautiful and unique business cards, postcards and MiniCards easy!

You can choose from a range of business card templates and designs for your cards and personalize them with your own details, or upload your own images or artwork to create truly unique cards.

The Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. We are excited to have the guys at MOO provide a set of 100 MOO MiniCards for five of our readers in an exclusive giveaway.

How to Enter

For a chance at winning one of the five sets of 100 MiniCards, all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us one way you would make your cards stand out from the rest of the crowd.

This giveaway ends tonight, Saturday, June 16, and I’ll announce the winners soon after. I hope you win!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. I’m so impressed with these mini-cards. Fabulous! I’ve been wanting some “calling cards” lately. Be so fun to have pictures of the different aspects of my life on them.

  2. I would fill it with photos and make it bilingual… been wishing for these for a long time

  3. Love these cards. I’ve just started a new home business & these would be an amazing asset! A dear friend created a logo for me & it definitely would stand out on these. 🙂

  4. WOW these cards are soooo funky! If I won I would give the prize to my husband to use for his workplace and co-workers (a non-profit Christian radio and tv station) and then HE would get to choose the look – using their logos etc. And my dearest would love the opportunity to play with graphics and photos etc. 🙂

  5. Stephanie says:

    I’m an almost graduated marriage and family therapist…I would love to put photos on the cards representing my stance and approach to therapy!

  6. Sarah-Kate says:

    I would somehow use them for Christmas…… 🙂

  7. Amanda Gray says:

    Oh man, how can you even decide?!? I might just use my funky, random, pics I take everyday!

  8. We are revamping our photography business right now and this would be the perfect opportunity for us to get some sweet cards! To make our cards stand out we would use a vibrant image from a beautiful wedding we recently shot 🙂 I hope we win!

  9. Well, I was abut to have to order some business cards and they were going to have my face on them. I doubt anyone else will have business cards with my face on them! That should make them stand out, right?

  10. I may make some senior rep cards or maybe some thank you mini cards for my photography business. My love of bright colors sets my images apart from the rest!

  11. claudia says:

    ooo, I like what Charis said – senior rep cards! I would probably do photos of any portraits I take, weddings too and some of my favorite still life shots.

  12. Melissa C. says:

    I would love to win these for my youth pastor hubby. As far as making them stand out from the rest, I think bright, vibrant colors are a must!

  13. Bekah M. says:

    Oh how great are these? Just the right size for easy handouts. 🙂 not sure how I’d make them standout, but that would be the fun of actually winning . Figuring out a unique design!

  14. I’ve ordered MOO mini-cards before, and loved them! I’m a hobby photographer, so I placed my nature pics on the back of them, and my info on the front. I always got comments on them!
    I could use a free set, as we’re preparing to move (again) so the timing would be great! I think I’d put a fun pic of my hubby and I on the pic side, and our new info on the other – to give to people we are leaving behind! Then they could remember us, and have our new contact info!!

  15. These cards are awesome. I’d love to use different images to reflect the various sessions I provide to give out to various clients. For example newborn feet for potential maternity clients, bouquets or rings for potential wedding clients!

  16. I love the high quality design on mini-cards to leave with others… Would either use them as business cards or for encouragement with inspirational quotes and verses.

  17. What a great idea! I think I would like to put a different Bible verse or message on them. I might even want to keep a few to put on my bulletin board as positive reminders for myself!!

  18. Because the cards are so small, I think the best way to make them stand out is to choose a photo that highlights unique details!

  19. Oh! They look fantastic! I would most probably make them stand out by using pictures that are related to my work with different types of photo effects on each one of them ! 🙂 Or I can also use words, but put it on a creative stance, or put lots of pictures in it and make a shape, then put a quote in front of the shape! And more 😉

  20. Moo it such a fun company — there are so many uses for these lil gems — gift tags, business/calling cards, showcase for personal artwork/photography, you can even make a matching game for the kids and many more uses. That is what ia great, you can customise and use them however you want to as an individual.

  21. I’ve had my eye on these for a while. I would incorporate them into my wedding reception. Couple Trivia, perhaps?

  22. I’d use some as surprise gift tags, with fun pictures of my angelic son (in his brightly coloured angel wings of course) being anything but angelic, and attach them to christmas presents. And because you can design multiple images I’d do some also of him in his easter bunny ears for easter presents, and probably a few generics of him in his farm boots and a brightly coloured cloth nappy on the farm. The final quarter or so I’d make brightly coloured simple address cards for our family, because sometimes you just need something you can hand over.

    I love that you can design a whole bunch of different designs and that MOO will do each one. And I really love their small size and laminated finish – really high quality.

  23. I would gift these to my friend who owns a business that I sew for. We would feature the children’s clothing and embroidery she does on the card with a beautiful photo.
    Thanks for the chance!

  24. I have been looking for a way to have specific business cards for the different genres of photography I do – being able to give a potential bride a wedding themed card, and new moms a newborn themed card will definitely help in focusing my marketing efforts!

  25. Camille says:

    Oh my goodness, this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I’ve been wanting to order cards for my photography buisness, but I don’t want them all the same. I would like to be able to highlight all the different types of photo shoots I do, from weddings, to senior portraits, to sports! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a great product!

  26. no idea how I’d make them stand out. I love my MOO cards would love to replenish the stock (smile).

  27. my husband’s business has a new logo that would look cool on these. thanks for the opportunity!

  28. Im drooling over these cards. Would pass them to my teen son who is launching his photography business. Super cool cards, btw!

  29. I would somehow incorporate them into my project life album.

  30. I think a photo of the kids artwork.

  31. i could use them to make very awesome “business cards” to send to my families @ preschool! we could include fabulous pictures of our wonderful creations and activities at school! they would be perfect!

  32. Robin from Frugal Family Times says:

    I’ve used moo before. They make beautiful stuff. The last thing we did was make our favorite family photos into stickers. The kids had a blast with them! I’d have so much fun creating these cards for our blog.

  33. WHat a neat idea! I would just put a cute picture of our girls. 🙂

  34. I couldn’t help but give these to hubby – he already has a cool idea for how he wants to do his new business cards. We live in a very rural spot and he’s trying to reach out to people in unique ways – these would help!

  35. Ohhh, how neat! Oh my, there are so many things I could do. Maybe take pictures of my new garden plants and create calling cards of sorts. They could be stuck into meals given or gifts or anything!

  36. Francine mondou says:

    I Will look eaxh and every one for man y says It Will be my very spécial collection of mini cards . Maybe after long long time i will use it in my daily journal.

  37. Margaret says:

    Maybe having a family photo on them.

  38. Since my work is all about teaching people to clean and organize their homes, my Mini Card would have a before and after picture of a kitchen on it showing just what an impact a little bit of effort can make!

  39. I’d love some calling cards! I have a range of eclectic skills I like to share, so having them all listed in one place would be convenient.

  40. I would either make them into gift tag type cards with my kids’ artwork on them, or I would make them into tutoring business cards for myself.

  41. I would give this to my husband for the album he’s working on. He’s a park ranger and a songwriter, and these would be perfect for the upcoming junior ranger album. Thanks!

  42. Love Moo mini cards in birth announcements!

  43. I would use them for my design business!

  44. I need some little cards to give away at events where I’m taking pictures… I’d include some of my own photography on them!!

  45. These would be great for the blog I am getting ready to launch.

  46. These would be great to promote my new blog with people that I run into instead of always scrambling for a pen & piece of scrap paper 🙂 Not sure how I’d personalize each one but I’m sure I”ll think of something!

  47. I would use a black and white photo with bright pops of color text!

  48. Serendipity.. a friend just told me about this company and I really need business cards.

  49. I would use them to make little encouragement cards for my triathlon team when we race!

  50. ANNETTE CONRAD says:

    These mini moo cards are wonderful and unique! I do ministry with International
    Students near a local university here in Charlotte. I would use these as a contact with a brief message on the back of how to contact me for more information about Bible Studies. The front would have different interesting pictures of nature, etc.
    of my own photography that would attract their interest of the area here.

  51. Great cards! We would put a picture of the family paddle boarding and use them for out new rental business!! thanks for a chance to win!!

  52. Cornelia Cone says:

    We are moving to upstate New York soon and plan on doing a lot of camping and hiking with the kids there. I have been dying to make some costumized nature scavenger hunt cards for our kids similar to these http://www.saltwater-kids.com/2010/02/scavenger-hunt-cards_5151.html. I think it will be a nice way to get them excited about hiking.
    Also, I am originally from South Africa and just got back from a three month trip there with our kids. I would love to relive some of the memories of our trip by printing some of the pictures of people and places on these cards for the kids to flip through.

  53. I’m a consultant, a writer and a mom. To be able to create a set of calling cards with images which capture all aspects of this crazy and blessed life is AMAZING!

  54. I would put on a pic of my kids, all 6 of them, that would make them stand out!

  55. I would love to win something from MOO! What a fun and creative way to express yourself DIFFERENTLY from others. I love their mosaic frame that they do, I may get for my boss for Christmas! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  56. How cute! I would put a family photo on one side and all our contact info on the other. We live overseas right now and it’s so hard for people to remember all our contact info!

  57. Beautiful cards. I would give the opportunity to one of my sons who is looking for employment in computer programming. He is between jobs. He could design it with programming language bits on one side with his info on the other.

  58. My son’s 2nd birthday is in August- I think these would make adorable invites!

  59. Wow, what a unique idea! I am a realtor so the options are endless, pictures of my buyers new home, pictures of the buyers themselves and their families, pictures of all the bonuses I offer (our free moving truck, discounts at major brand stores etc).
    I am always looking for ways to stand out in a very competitive field in a very challenging market…FOUND IT!!!

  60. Love these ttm!

    I’d use these as family name cards so the best pics would be my hub’s, my toddler’s or my own portraits from birth, through childhood, teenage-hood and up to where we are today 🙂

  61. Oh yay! I would put my eBook cover on them! Thanks for the chance to win!

  62. Rachel H says:

    I would love to put Bible verses on them!

  63. Hi there, I would love to put some really unusual photos on them, say a closeup of a tiger’s eye, or something like that that you aren’t quite sure what it is at first.

  64. These would be great for my husband, as he is the Jack of All Trades when it comes to Home Improvement!

  65. This are outstanding and have so many different uses. We just moved to Florida and adopted a son, so I would love to turn this into our new address cards for family and friends with our new family pictures!!

  66. I would gift these to my husband who just started his own children’s music program: http://www.oneheartmusic.org. He is following a one for one giving model: every paid music class a child in needs gets a free class. We could use the mini cards as a redemption card for the free class if he meets someone who he knows their children could benefit for a music class. We believe in music for ALL children. As far a standing out making it fun, bright and colorful. Thanks!

  67. I would put a diff pic of my husband and my daughter on each one and put a reason I love them on the back!!! Or I would give them to my hubby to use for our youth group 🙂

  68. Lee Wilkins says:

    I volunteer for an organization called Love Without Boundaries, which provides medical care/surgeries, nutrition support, foster care, education and more for orphaned and impoverished children in China. I would order these to raise awareness for LWB, and include photos of the ADORABLE children served by the organization. http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com

  69. Oooh, I am starting my own partime business soon, so these would be great! I would. I guess I could do a cool picture, or maybe all the attributes that I am building my business on in some cool fonts.

  70. Awesome! I would use these for my Usborne Books & More children’s book business!

  71. This contest is great, because it got me thinking about something to make folks remember my photography business. I’d like to make mini moo cards that correspond with the season! It’ll be fun to create images with that idea in mind.

  72. We have a new puppy rescue and of course we are working to get our information out to the community. We had a local professional photographer donate a phto session and he got some beautiful shots of some of the puppies that need homes. We could put one of our favorites on the cards with some heartwarming message and of couse our information! A rescue is really a lot of work but when you look in those puppies eyes…well, nuff said!

  73. Pick Me! Pick Me! I’ve been planning some promos with these mini-cards to use when I open my etsy site soon… LOVE the texture and weight of their cards! AND the fact that you can print different designs with their “printfinity.” I’ll be putting a pic of each of my custom French wire art designs and encaustic (wax) paintings on to cross-promote with each purchase. Thanks for the opportunity… I’ll send you one of my complete cards when I win 😉 Thanks also, Tsh, for all the inspirational articles you write and post from other like-minded encouragers! It’s part of my daily manna… Ginger

  74. I’ve been wanting to get some cards printed for my Etsy shop. I think it would be fun to put a photo of different products on each card!

  75. I would love these for my husbands business – college groups would be drawn in so much more by a collection of photos of students in place of the standard logo.

  76. I love moo! Their cards are really cute. I would put inspirational words like move, breathe, smile, on the backs, little reminders to make it a great day. 🙂

  77. With so many roles of being mom, wife, school and community volunteer, active Church volunteer, and business owner of multiple businesses (Chinese Translation Services, Jamberry Nails, Mary Kay, and Demarle At Home), I would love these sweet cards to simplify and condense WHO WE ARE into one VERY UNIQUE calling card. I’ve been trying to come up with something like this on my own, but it looks like MOO will be the solution!

  78. Rainya Mosher says:

    I would put some of my favorite quotes on the back of them, including some of my own writing!

  79. I’m an author and speaker so I’d probably put vibrant and interesting photos on them that pertain to my different books & speaking messages. Love this little Moos!

  80. These are SO great! I would LOVE to feature a high quality photo on my photography business cards!

  81. I would use them to promote my website and have a beautiful picture of nature with a different living natural tip on each card.

  82. Sally S. says:

    I am just starting my own photography business, so these would be perfect to showcase my new logo!

  83. To make my card stand out, I would probably round the corners.

  84. Kathleen says:

    These are cute. I would use them for my son’s calling cards-such as for return address or birthday cards. I think he would also have fun playing with them.

  85. Would I make “mommy” cards… or business cards for my piano studio… or “thank yous” for my daughter’s birthday?!?!?! ACK – too many choices 🙂

  86. I am about to launch my business in the next few weeks focusing on meal planning and home kitchen management. This would be superb!

  87. Michelle M says:

    I would put a picture of my family on the card to create our family calling card to give out to friends and classmates and teachers so everyone would know how to get in touch with us.

  88. Those are very cute, and so fun!

  89. Liz Scott says:

    Rounded corners are always good!

  90. 100 days in the life of the Halbrook clan! We have 4 kids , 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds and a partridge in a pear tree 🙂 I love taking random pics everyday! This would be a perfect way to display them 🙂 here’s hoping I win 🙂

  91. I would have a photo of a combine for our farm.

  92. Oh my daughter did some of these cards, when she was in the Peace Corps. They were really nice. So of course, I’d love to win this to advertise about the seated adaptive chair yoga class that I teach for the National MS Society! Crossing fingers!

    gaileee at yahoo dottith com!!

  93. Melinda T says:

    I think these cards are so cute! I haven’t tried them, so would be very excited to win! Moo cards would be a great way for me to promote my photography business. I’d love to put an image or two and use eye-catching design and font to make the cards stand out. I’m wanting to go bold in my business and this would be a great step in that direction! Thanks!

  94. Ashley C. says:

    I would fill them with my kid’s beautiful faces and character strengthening quotes and place them all over the house.

  95. These look so neat! I have been reading Victorian Mysteries lately and the idea of a calling card is just neat.

    To make mine different, I would put at least one picture of our family with names, that way if we meet someone, they have a way to remember us.

  96. I could use these for marketing me for social media work, not just my blog. Future plans…

  97. Pictures of the kids always seems to work!

  98. Wow, I would LOVE to win these! They’d make great “mommy cards.” I love all the different colors and the way you can invert the designs…VERY cool. 🙂

  99. Bonnie P says:

    I’m new to MOO, this is exciting.

  100. Barrie petersen says:

    Loved to have new cards for my new business
    My new logo will make them memorable