Weekend giveaway: Great Homeschool Conventions

This giveaway is now closed. Check back soon for the winner!

We’ve got a rather unique weekend giveaway today from Simple Mom sponsor Great Homeschool Conventions. Roll up your sleeves, homeschooling readers, because you’ll want to enter this giveaway!

Here’s a bit more about Great Homeschool Conventions:

“Slated for the first half of 2012, Great Homeschool Conventions will hold regional conventions in South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, California and Connecticut. Each convention features a huge Homeschool Curriculum exhibit hall.

The featured speakers include Chuck Colson, Andrew Pudewa, Diana Waring, Dr. Jay Wile, Amanda Bennett, David Hazel, Dr. Carol Reynolds, Todd Wilson, Sonya Shafer, John Stonestreet,  Dr. Susan Wise Bauer, Pastor Tedd Tripp, John Rosemond, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, Carl Kerby, Dr. Jobe Martin and dozens more!

There will be a wide variety of workshop topics covering subjects such as math, science, language arts, music and more—from elementary levels through high school. Special attention is given to learning styles, gifted children, special needs, unit studies, Classical homeschooling and Charlotte Mason methods of home education.

Additionally, there are unique, optional “workshop tracks” that cover Christian Worldview, Creation Apologetics, Parenting, as well as a special track for Teens. Check out our website to see how you can be notified about early bird registration discounts.”

Today’s winner will receive one family registration to the conference location of your choice!

How to win

To be entered for a chance to win, simply leave a comment in the comment section below. (If you’re reading this via email, you must click over to the post to enter.)

This giveaway will end tonight, Saturday, September 24 at 11:59 p.m. I hope you win!

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  1. avatar
    Phronsie Howell says:

    This would be super to win, we’re just starting our homeschool years!

  2. avatar
    Lisa Mather says:

    How Exciting! If I were to win, I would be attending the Connecticut one. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  3. Would love to try for this! Thanks for the offer!
    Sarah M

  4. I would love to attend the conference here in Memphis!

  5. avatar
    Monica Duenes says:

    Hi Tsh!

    I have been so excited about this convention from the moment I heard it was coming to CA!!!! The lineup of speakers is AMAZING!!!! Really would LOVE to win this awesome giveaway!!!

  6. Holy crow! This would be amazing to be able to go to! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I am so excited there is a convention only an hour from here! This looks wonderful.

  8. Sounds fun!

  9. So sad I missed the deadline! But lots ‘o luck to the entrants!

  10. Very interesting. We’re seriously considering homeschooling but need to learn more.

  11. Would love to win and send my SIL who home-schools her three girls!!! 🙂

  12. I would love to win!!!

  13. I’m brand new to homeschooling, so winning this would be a huge blessing!

  14. We went to the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville, SC in March of this year. It was incredible! So many sessions to choose from and hundreds of vendors at the curriculum fair. I really enjoyed hearing Jeannie Fulbright. We went to her sessions on notebooking and combining classical curriculum with the Charlotte Mason method. Also Doug Phillips of Vision Forum and Mark Hamby of Lamplighter Publishing were both excellent. Plus we got to see Tim Hawkins in concert. My husband has been slow to embrace homeschooling, but we both loved it. I highly recommend going!

  15. We could really use a boost…it’s been a few years since we attended a convention. Thanks.

  16. This Alaskan Home School Mom would enjoy the opportunity to attend a homeschool convention

  17. I just heard about this convention since it is new to CA… It sounds great!!!

  18. Our family would love this opportunity! We are heading back to the lower 48 after 3 years in Hawaii and have not had access to anything like this while we’ve been here.

  19. avatar
    Kelly Richardson says:

    I have always wanted to go to a homeschool conference, but have never had the chance. This would be incredible!

  20. We would love to go to a homeschool conference. Maybe we could hit Disneyland at the same time. 🙂

  21. Wining this would be lovely. Thank you for this unique giveaway.

  22. What a fun giveaway! I’m not sure which one I’d choose, but what a great excuse to add a vacation!

  23. What a fantastic opportunity! We have a one and three year old so we are just starting the homeschool journey. I would love to learn more and what a fantastic line up of speakers!

  24. WOW!
    What a treat this would be to win!
    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  25. Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. This would be amazing! We have never been to a convention but plan to next year!

  27. This would be great!

  28. We’re also in our first year homeschooling, and I’d love to go!

  29. Let’s go! I am a year or so away but what a perfect opportunity to do some in depth research to help make those final decisions.

  30. avatar
    Shalae Tippetts says:

    What a great giveaway. Just yesterday I was thinking how much I’d like to go to one of these now that we are embarking on this new journey of homeschooling

  31. Sounds very interesting!

  32. avatar
    Kristin Stanifer says:

    Sounds exciting! I’d love to go…

  33. Would love to win!

  34. Wow@ Awesome giveaway. What a blessing to the winner. I hope its me 🙂

  35. avatar
    Jennifer Dana says:

    Raising hand and saying “pick me, pick me!” Would love to go to this!

  36. We’ve been to the Cincy one the past two years. It would be great to win!

  37. I am thinking about starting to homeschool my two girls. Would love to win these tickets!

  38. what an awesome giveaway! i’d love to go – we are on our 2nd year of HSing!

  39. I’m in my 7th year of homeschooling and have NEVER been to a home school convention!!! I would LOVE to win this!!! I think it would be a huge benefit to my family!! Right now I have 4 out of 5 children at home; a sophomore, 6th grader, 4th grader and a 2nd grader!!!

  40. We would love to visit the Cincinnati convention to gear up for our first official year of homeshcooling!

  41. avatar
    Deanne Robertson says:

    I would love to win and attend the CT conference. We rarely have anything this big up here in the Northeast.

  42. So exciting! We are just beginning our homeschool journey, so this would be a great inspiration to my husband and me (and our four children)!

  43. I so need to be rejuvenated in my homeschooling journey! Thanks!!

  44. I hope I win! I’m still deciding on whether or not to homeschool.

  45. I would love to go! I went to a smaller, local one last tear and it was helpful, but I would SO enjoy it!

  46. Thanks for the great website!

  47. Would LOVE to win! Thank you for the opportunity!

    GodsGirl710 AT insightbb DOT com

  48. I REALLY want to go to a homeschool convention next year. We’ve just started homeschooling this year for kindergarten and I think it’d be really beneficial to attend a conference.

  49. This would be such a great opportunity!

  50. This looks like an awesome convention–I’d love to go!

  51. This would be great for my husband and I to attend – we are looking for more info about homeschooling options!

  52. I’m drooling at the thought of winning this!

  53. We have just started researching/thinking about homeschooling, so this would be a great way to see what might work for us.

  54. So great! These conferences are AMAZING! I hope to go with my sister who is homeschooling this year for the first time (after 15 years of being anti-homeschooling)! What a blessing it would be! Thanks!

  55. This is great! I have been wanting to homeschool my son since he was born! I am kind of clueless though because I always attended public school. My son is still young and not in school yet but hearing others talk about it would be a great schooling for myself!

  56. Tsh,

    Thanks for this giveaway! We have homeschooled for many years but would be thrilled to be able to attend a conference to refresh and regroup. Blessings

  57. WOW!
    What an amazing giveaway!
    This would be wonderful for our family for so many reason.

  58. What an exciting opportunity! Such awesome speakers!!

  59. Would love to win this. My family went last year and it was such an encouraging time!

  60. Would love to go to one of these! Todd Wilson is HILARIOUS!

  61. Would love to win this. We will be home this year to go!

  62. Never been to a conference. Would love to, though. Seventh year homeschooling!

  63. I’ve always wanted to go to a homeschooling convention. We don’t have any in VT but CT isn’t that far away. 😉

  64. This would be my first conference if I win. Thanks so much!

  65. Would love to win this. I had registered to attend the one in Philly this year but it was cancelled. Awesome that you are offering this!

  66. Sounds fun! Thanks!

  67. avatar
    jenleahlynn says:

    there is so much to learn about home schooling!

  68. I would love to win a trip to the convention! This would be my first one. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway! 🙂

  69. I would love to win this! Thank you!

  70. yes, please!

  71. The fact that this appeared in my inbox this morning is just one more confirmation to me that the recent decision to homeschool my children is where God is leading me. 🙂 May The Lord determine the winner as He alone knows who could benefit the most from the conference!

  72. Would love to head to a homeschool convention! Never been and just started homeschooling this year with my three young children.

  73. Would love to go to a convention! I am planning on homeschooling my children, and have one who will be starting kindergarden next year. I am eager to learn!

  74. This would be such a fabulous opportunity for my family. I want to homeschool and would love the chance to win this. Connecticut, here we come.

  75. We went last year and loved it. Would love to win this!!!

  76. Would Love to win this! Thanks!

  77. So excited to see they are finally coming to CA!!!! Yay! Now I get to go! :o)

  78. Thanks for offering this great give-away!

  79. Would love to win this-what an awesome line up of speakers!

  80. This would be awesome. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  81. This sounds wonderful! The one in SC is closest to me, but my son lives in OH, so that would work also. I homeschooled my 3 sons, then took a break, but have been homeschooling my daughter, age 11, for a few years now. We haven’t been to a convention in years, and it would be a welcome encouragement! Thanks for the opportunity!

  82. We would be very happy to win this! Our family would enjoy it and going to convention with some experience under our belts now would be helpful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  83. Homeschooling is an option that we are seriously considerering more and more every year now that our oldest is kindergarten age. Would love to attend and learn from the experts. Thanks!

  84. Pick me! Pick me! We are just starting to homeschool and would love the chance to go to this. CA would be our closest option. Thanks for the chance!

  85. This is our fourth year homeschooling our four children. Next year our oldest will be in high school so that is a growing concern. We live in NC so SC is where I would like to attend. Thank you for this opportunity!

  86. I would love to go shop, learn, and be recharged!!!

  87. I went to this convention in Greenville, SC, last year and was very impressed and challenged. There is truly something for every stage of the homeschooling family!

  88. avatar
    Erika Russell says:

    Yes, Please!!! It sounds incredible.

  89. hiya! would be stellar to win as I need a little extra encouragement in my homeschooling adventure!

  90. avatar
    Erica Cosminsky says:

    What an awesome giveaway. We’ve been planning on going to this. My daughter is in prek at our church but we’ve already started homeschooling.

  91. Would love to win this as we are gearing up to homeschool!

  92. Thanks for this giveaway. We are researching homeschooling, so this would be a good opportunity for us to learn more.

  93. I need this! Please pick me.

  94. Last year was our first time attending and we loved it! Looking forward to attending again this year although we have several years before we have to start thinking bout starting school!

  95. we have an 18 mos. old and will be homeschooling through the pre-k years and perhaps beyond. We ate very interested in learning more and think this would be a great way to start.

  96. avatar
    Phillica Fowler says:

    I went to my first homeschool conference this July and I learned so much! I highly reccomend attending one, even if you are just considering homeschooling.

  97. How fun! I would totally make the drive with a newborn in order to attend this! Thanks for the opportunity to win! 🙂

  98. avatar
    Stacy Casper says:

    This would be a wonderful adventure for our family to take together, I have always
    wanted to attend a convention that has some focus on teens.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  99. We would love to go. We are just getting started homeschooling so this we be a great help. Thank you for the giveaway.

  100. avatar
    April Jackson says:

    I’ve heard how great the Mid-South Homeschool Convention is. I’d love to win this & find out for myself!