Weekend giveaway: Chantelle Nicole Designs

by Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

This giveaway is now closed. Check back here for the winners!
We’ve got a weekend sponsor giveaway! Chantelle Nicole Designs is a jewelry boutique that offers everything from clean and simple to modern and whimsical. With a unique approach to jewelry design, each necklace, bracelet, and earring is delicately handmade, using only high quality metals to craft simple, yet meaningful, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Chantelle, the owner and designer behind Chantelle Nicole Designs, loves anything fashion related, and thinks  jewelry is one of the most important parts of a wardrobe. Struggling to find jewelry she loved in local boutiques, she taught herself how to create it. She was hooked, and Chantelle Nicole Designs was born in 2009.

She believes that every woman has something or someone special in her life, and she can celebrate it with jewelry. This combination of quality, beauty, and personal meaning is what Chantelle loves most about her work. And this weekend, she is giving two Simple Mom readers a $50 gift certificate to spend on anything in her shop!

Browse her shop, and keep in mind that she can customize any design. To enter the giveaway, simply leave any comment on this post! If you’re reading this via email, you must click over to the blog to leave a comment.

This giveaway will close tonight, August 6, at 11:59 pm EST. I hope you win!

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  1. What beautiful jewelry. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. avatar
    Leslie Wright says:

    they are amazing! Would love to win!

  3. avatar
    Jolene in Michigan says:

    Beautiful. I hope I win. :)

  4. Beautiful! Would Love one of these creations!!!

  5. love! the pennant necklace– sweet jewelry~ (:

  6. just love the little nest necklace! :)

  7. Beautiful, classic pieces that will last a lifetime. I’d love to win the gift certificate.

  8. avatar
    Jeri Thurber says:

    Such lovely designs! I would love a bracelet personalized with my baby’s name!

  9. avatar
    Sheila Wagner says:

    Beautiful jewelry – I’d love to win something for myself this summer!

  10. What beautiful jewelry, great giveaway!

  11. Absolutely beautiful. I love it :)

  12. Would love to have some new jewelry!

  13. So pretty!

  14. So elegant.

  15. I hope I win!!

  16. avatar
    Kristy in Canada says:

    I enjoy your blog very much… I’ve started doing the no-poo and the oil cleansing method… So far so good!! And I do love the Chantelle Nicole stuff too! : )

  17. avatar
    Brianne Allen says:

    I would love to win. What beautiful jewelry!

  18. Just gorgeous!!! 😀

  19. avatar
    Mary Beth says:

    Really neat jewelry – love it all, but my favorite is the beach-inspired bracelet.

  20. so many pretty things to choose from! I personally lovet he glass locket!

  21. I would love some whimsical jewelry!

  22. mommy wants to feel pretty again,this would certainly help!

  23. Beautiful! Very nice work, thanks for offering the giveaway!

  24. How beautiful! I’d feel so honored to win a gift certificate!

  25. Lovely Designs! I would love to win!

  26. I’m trying to get 3 kids (& 2 dogs and a husband) ready for the beach, we were to leave 3 hours ago – stressed with one last check of email – and there was the gorgeous beach inspired bracelet on Chantelle Nicole Designs. How awesome! No whammies, no whammies, no whammies……………..

  27. I’d love to win! Especially the Bird on a Branch necklace for my daughter.

  28. Adorable! I would love to win!

  29. I waited 40 years to have my sweet baby, and would love to commemorate his existence with jewelry. I love her work- I would wear mine proudly!

  30. avatar
    Debi Henson says:

    Really simple and unique jewelry, I love wearing something (hardly) anyone else has! Pick me! Pick me!

  31. I love the “sandy toes and salty kisses” necklace!

  32. Beautiful jewelry!

  33. Absolutely fabulous …. win or not, I have bookmarked her page so I can purchase something really special for my daughter for her birthday in December. Thanks for sponsoring and giving us this awesome opportunity!

  34. Beautiful and unique!

  35. Her work is lovely! I’d love to be able to wear her pieces!

  36. avatar
    domestic diva says:

    So many gorgeous things. My fingers are crossed.

  37. Beautiful!!

  38. I’d love to win – such beautiful pieces! Thanks for the chance!

  39. Wow! Thanks for the give-away!

  40. avatar
    Janey Backer says:

    I love pretty jewelry, hope I win!!!

  41. avatar
    Carrie V says:

    simple and beautiful!

  42. I love the fact that the jewelry was created to personalize the jewelry collection. Nothing could be more unique! Beautiful jewelry too :)

    Gems xxx

  43. Oh, she has so many beautiful items. I hope I win! I can feel a need for Christmas shopping coming on!

  44. Gorgeous pieces! I hope I win. :)

  45. Beautiful jewelry! Would be so excited to win!!

  46. Looks very lovely!

  47. Beautiful! I love that her pieces are one of a kind.
    It’s been a little while since I’ve treated myself with something like this, um, I think since before my son was born. 😉 It would be so wonderful to go on a little shopping spree in Nicole’s store.

  48. Oh, she has gorgeous stuff! I’ve wanted (but been to chicken) to get a tattoo since our youngest son went to Heaven.. I’d love a stick family charm anklet.. I wonder if that would be doable.. Thanks for introducing Chantelle Nicole!

  49. avatar
    Nancy Mosley says:

    I just love her items. I love to collect birds in my home and so I especially like the little bird nest with 4 pearls in it because I have 4 children. But there were so many other wonderful items to choose from as well. What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks!

  50. Gorgeous jewelry!

  51. Oh my, all the pieces are just beautiful, original. You can carry the precious in your life
    around your neck. I see some Christmas gift ideas here for sure! Love it!

  52. would love to win so I can get a necklace for a bride to be :)

  53. beautiful jewelry!

  54. Wow!! Gorgeous designs! Would love to win :)

  55. avatar
    Ashley C. says:

    Love the flower pearl earrings. Such elegant designs! Crossing all my fingers…

  56. Beautiful jewelry!

  57. What a fun unique shop, love to win!

  58. avatar
    Marilyn Holeman says:

    Lovely jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway.


  59. avatar
    Jennifer H. says:

    The tiny bird’s nest is beautiful!

  60. i love the peridot gemstone cluster earrings! and the whole spring line is just lovely.

  61. Beautiful items! I long to own some high quality custom jewelry. Winning a gift certificate would make that possible!

  62. Simply beautiful! I would love to win.

  63. Chantelle Nicole jewelry just melts my heart! A self taught artist? Nah, she has a gift and designs with love!

  64. Nice place to purchase a personalized gift.

  65. avatar
    Lauren Sanchez says:

    Love the her work! Thanks for sharing!

  66. What gorgeous and unique jewelry!!

  67. sweet giveaway! I think I’d gift my dil if I won. :-)

  68. Love the ideas you share with us! (I am also thoroughly enjoying your book*. We are entering a new phase of our lives as our children grow and graduate from homeschool–our youngest has only one formal year left, etc. So this is just a natural time to regroup and reorganize. Thank you.)

    *I wish more practical books were spiral -bound like yours–great idea!

  69. Beautiful jewelry!

  70. I love her glass lockets! What a beautiful idea.

  71. avatar
    Brooke W. says:

    Beautiful pieces… i hope i win, too. 😉

  72. I love the tiny mother bird necklace!

  73. avatar
    Meredith says:


  74. avatar
    AngelaGibson says:

    I’m new to the Simple Mom blog, but I have devoured it in the last week or so. Great resource. This jewlery is beautiful. I would love to replace a personalized (child’s name) bracelet charm that I lost 3 years ago!

  75. Stunning pieces of jewelry! I’d love precious necklace(s) with my children’s names on it/them (I have 5 kids – so I’m unsure how many can “fit” on one necklace). Gorgeous!!

  76. A special piece of jewelry would be nice.

  77. I would love to win!

  78. avatar
    Krista H says:

    would love to win!

  79. how beautiful!!

  80. Gorgeous jewelry! This inspires me to learn how to create some myself!


  81. Gorgeous work! Hand-stamped jewelry is my favorite. It makes it so personal and so much more special. :)

  82. Beautiful jewelry!

  83. Love. I think the frame pendants and the penny rings are awesome

  84. I am in love with the chalcedony and pearl necklaces! Such beautiful work. I will definitely keep this designer in mind for Mother’s Day next year.

  85. Such lovely designs!

  86. An excuse to buy jewelry, what could be better than that.

  87. avatar
    Christina B says:

    What a creative way to mark special moments. Love this jewelry!

  88. Stumbled across your blog today and so happy I found it!

  89. Adorable jewelry! Thanks for the chance to win!

  90. avatar
    Jamie leigh says:

    beautiful……would love to win :)

  91. avatar
    Allison T says:

    Beautiful pieces! Would love to have something from her collection.

  92. I love the pretty colors and simple, tasteful ideas. Chances are I will be buying something!

  93. What beautiful jewelery!! I would love to get a necklace with my boys dates on it! Thanks for the chance to win!


  94. What a great giveaway! Love this!!

  95. avatar
    Tulsi Becker says:

    Love the design of this jewlery, simple with intentional creativity (much like your website, blog, and book)…

  96. Beautiful!! She is very talented!

  97. She has wonderful artistic abilities! I would love to purchase a piece!

  98. These are beautiful!

  99. Oh how I would love to update my jewelry stash with something pretty like this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. Great blog. Beautiful jewelry. I’d love to win!