Giveaway: Vortex Marble Run & Connectagons from Hearthsong

This giveaway is now closed. Check back soon for the winner!

I‘m back for another Home for the Holidays giveaway! We’ve got 15 giveaways across the entire network this week—all great gift ideas, perfect for the holidays.

So last year I was psyched to give my daughter a dollhouse as one of our giveaway items. This year, it’s the boys’ turn! I can’t wait to see their faces when they open this on Christmas:

This is a serious marble run. Specifically, it’s a Vortex Glow-in-the-Dark Marble Run from Hearthsong. This will be Reed’s main Christmas gift this year!

Not only that, Hearthsong is also including Connectagons in today’s giveaway:

These are going to Tate for Christmas—the girl loves to build things, so I know she’ll love them.

Together, these two items total a prize package of $100!

Learn more about these toys and how to win them.

So our marble run review took place at night, after the kids were in bed. We can’t spoil the surprise.

Needless to say, Kyle was happy to help with the review.

We both had a ball playing with this thing. It’s sturdy, easy to assemble, and limitless. It inherently fosters open-ended, creative play—my favorite kind of play.

Now, I wasn’t sure about the quality before it arrived in the mail, because I prefer wooden toys. But this marble run really is quality-made and sturdy. It’ll last us a long time, and our kids play with toys hard. Plus, I like that the sound effects are optional (I have a serious aversion to sound-making toys)—simply don’t include the batteries.

I’m also psyched to have a set of Connectagons in the house! My niece and nephew have a set of these, and my kids love playing with them when we visit. They also foster open-ended play because you can build anything with them—the only limit is creativity. Knowing Tate, she’ll probably be building a house or farm on Christmas morning.

I adore Hearthsong (really!) because they’re adamant about providing children with age-appropriate, wholesome, quality playthings. They care about kids being kids. You won’t find any icky toys here, and I love supporting a business that provides quality, family-friendly products at decent prices. Win! I’ll gladly point relatives to Hearthsong when they need gift ideas.

One Simple Mom reader will win a Vortex Glow-in-the-Dark Marble Run and set of Connectagons from Hearthsong!

How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: What was your favorite plaything when you were a child? (If you’re reading this via email, you need to click over and leave a comment on the post itself.)

2. For an extra entry, “like” both Simple Mom and Hearthsong on Facebook. Then come back here and leave an additional comment letting me know! (You don’t need to leave a comment on Facebook.)

This giveaway will end tomorrow, Thursday, December 1. I hope you win!  We’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways at the end of the week.

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  1. I liked playing with My Little Ponies.

  2. I remember loving care bears and rainbow brite 🙂 Great giveaway!

  3. I liked Simple Mom and Hearthtex on FB.

  4. I liked simple mom and hearthsong on facebook

  5. Sarah Hernandez says:

    My favorite thing to play with were my little ponies. Now I love watching my daughter play with them.

  6. Sarah Hernandez says:

    I liked both Simple Mom and Hearthsong on Facebook 🙂

  7. I liked to play with smurfs. I had a whole village of mushroom houses.

  8. my favorite playthings were books and board games.

  9. We loved playing with outdoors stuff, mimosa pods, dirt, grasshoppers, etc.

  10. I loved Lincoln logs. I temember building cabins and corrals for our toy animals 🙂

  11. My favorite toys were my dolls. They were so real to me!
    (I also liked simple mom and hearthsong on fb) Thanks!

  12. liked hearthsong. already like simple mom!

  13. Michele Laramay says:

    Dolls. I was a mama waiting to happen.

  14. I played with Barbie’s alot growing up.

  15. Honestly my brother and I loved to play explore and would be outside all day doing that. But if I had to choose a toy it would be a stuffed teddy bear that I loved and slept with every night.

  16. My favorite toy was my Barbies. 🙂

  17. I loved Lincoln Logs! My kiddos would love this giveaway!!

  18. Liked simple mom and hearthsong on fb

  19. Mary Weaver says:

    My dolls and all the clothes that they had.

  20. Mary Weaver says:

    I like simple mom on FB

  21. Mary Weaver says:

    I like hearthsong on FB

  22. I just liked simple mom/hearts. On Facebook!

  23. I loved playing with Fashion Plates.

  24. I “liked” Simple Mom and Hearthsong on FB.

  25. My favorite playthings were my dolls. The year of the cabbage patch dolls (all siblings and cousins received one) was very memorable.

  26. I liked simple mom and hearth song on FB.

  27. my cabbage patch kids! All the way! I took them everywhere and loved them to death.

  28. Little People were my favorite. I had an entire town. Great fun!

  29. I loved dress up clothes! I played in them long after any of my school friends new. Most of them were my mother’s prom dresses or things she picked up for us at the thrift store.

  30. I loved my cabbage patch kid. I used to throw her off our porch and play a game where I had to rescue her. Thanks!

  31. I like Simple Mom and Hearthsong on FB!

  32. Christine S says:

    Probably my blankie and pound puppy. So much fun!

  33. Bronwyn Kate says:

    My favourite thing to play with as a child was my LiteBrite. The hours I spent creating brilliantly lit works of art!

  34. My favorite plaything was my bike!

  35. I liked both Simple Mom and Hearthsong on facebook, too! 🙂

  36. My Pop-pop, my dad’s dad, hand crafted an amazing dollhouse for me. My Grandmother lovingly added the finishing touches; carpet, wallpaper; some furniture. I played with it every day and now my daughter gets to enjoy it!

  37. Also “liked” Simple Mom on FB:)

  38. My favorite toys as a child were dolls and dollhouses!

  39. I like SimpleMom and Hearthsong on FB

  40. My favorite was my cabbage patch doll. I carried her everywhere!

  41. I loved the Fisher-Price little people…the ones from the 70’s. I built houses for them with a set of grid flooring pieces and cardboard things that slid into the grooves to be the walls…so cool!
    I’ve enjoyed your website…great topics, great info!

  42. Nicole Wagner says:

    Wow those look like fun toys, and I love Hearthsong, too. My favorite toys as a kid were legos – I had buckets of them. And that was back when they were an open-ended building toy.

  43. I loved my Mrs. Beesley doll when I was a little girl!!

  44. Lauren Sizemore says:

    When I was young it was always dolls…loved playing house! And as I got older books, books, books!

  45. My American Girl dolls!!

  46. Nicole Wagner says:

    And I “Like” Simple Mom and Hearthsong on Facebook.

  47. As a kid, I loved Barbies. I had the suitcase that carried them and all of their accessories.

  48. barbies…all the way!

  49. My sister and I loved little people, the ones that were just a head on a cylinder. We would spend hours divided the people and setting up the houses!

  50. Dolls..I think I’ve been preparing to be a mom my whole life.

  51. My favorite toys from my childhood were Barbies and My Little Ponies! 🙂

  52. I already like simplemom on facebook, now I like Hearthsong too!

  53. Like both you and Hearthsong on facebook.

  54. My favorite toy growing up was my bike. I couldn’t get enough of riding through our neighborhood! I still own a bike today and it has become my “me” time.

  55. celeste cochran says:

    Favorite plaything? A house and furniture my friends and I made for our Trolls!

  56. My very favorite plaything was my dearest doll – Janie. Many hours were spent with her and I loved every minute of it!

  57. Lauren Sizemore says:

    When I was young, it was always dolls…i loved playing house. And then as I got a little older, out was books, books, books! Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  58. celeste cochran says:

    Already like you on FB.

  59. Lauren Sizemore says:

    I already liked Simple Mom on fb, and now I like Hearthsong too! Great stuff!

  60. I think my favorite toy growing up was my my little ponies. They were so much fun to play with, and I would make a tent under the kitchen table and play for hours…and make my little brother play with me 🙂

  61. Shelley R. says:

    Castle Grayskull for my He-man and She-man figures. Seriously.

  62. I liked both Simple Mom and Hearthsong on Facebook

  63. I loved playing house and school- I was always the teacher. I also loved Barbies, but not quite sure how I feel about those for my daughters.

  64. My little ponies!!

  65. My favorite thing as a kids were my books!

  66. I was a puzzle kina kid. I always enjoyed sitting down with my mom and putting a puzzle together 🙂

  67. I loved Fisher Price Little People, and my dads old toolbox. I would sit in the driveway and pretend to “fix” my tricycle by hammering at it with an old wrench.

  68. We had a lot of Barbies and Lego in our house. I am not sure which one was my favorite!

  69. My favorite toy when I was a kid was legos. I didn’t have any kits just a big box of blocks. I loved creating different things with the windows, wheels and doors! I spend hours creating and then playing with those creations!

  70. We had small box of cars and I have the best memeories of playing with them with my big brothers!

  71. I love Hearthsong too! I loved playing with dolls when I was younger. Barbies, Rainbow Bright, and an array of others.

  72. I would have to say my favorite playthings as a child were my dolls, especially the baby dolls.

  73. The thing I remember is the dress-up barrel, a cardboard shipping barrel full of clothes that we used to play ‘Princess & Peasant’ and a variety of other fantasies. We fought over who’d be the Peasant because we liked the outfit, but the Princess had old fancy skirts & such to put on so that role was fun, too. Mom’s old party clothes made up a lot of it.

  74. Tinkertoys! I played with them for hours.

  75. I loved my Barbies as a kid. I was always having fun with them.

  76. My favorite childhood toy was my cabbage patch doll.

  77. I loved my doll. It had a tiny open mouth for “feeding” and eyes that closed when you laid her down. My parents weren’t huge fans of toys, I played outside a lot.

  78. I loved my Fisher Price Record Player (wow, that dated me, didn’t it?) I loved playing my Sesame Street records!

  79. I also liked Simple Mom and Hearthsong on Facebook!

  80. Oh my, how to pick a favorite?? Barbies, Legos, Cabbage Patch dolls and lots of board games!! I love to see my kids enjoy the same toys I remember playing with as a kid. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  81. most of my memories are imaginative play. i have fond memories of dressing up my little brother and pretending he was my baby, and doctor was another favorite for all but the patient.

  82. And now I like both on FB!

  83. My favorite gift was always something active like roller skates or workout videos (even at a young age). I was a tom boy and HATED dolls. ha!

  84. Like you both on Facebook!

  85. I just “liked” Simple mom on Facebook!

  86. My two favorites were Barbies and Hot Wheels

  87. I loved to play with my dolls and doll house.

  88. Julie Craig says:

    Apparently, I loved to play with Fuzzy Felt. Basically thin felted pictures of animals, people and such that “magically stuck” to another felted board. Sounds like an Etsy buy before it was even invented!!!!

  89. My brother and I would make block houses and towns for our Little People. We also played with lots of LEGOs!

  90. I always had my nose in a book.

  91. I loved playing with my cabbage patch doll!

  92. I also like you on facebook. 🙂

  93. I loved paper dolls:)

  94. Elizabeth F says:

    I growing up on a farm loved to play with tractors and dolls. The dolls were the farmers family and I would make my land plot and plant a large garden with the tractor.

  95. Barbies

  96. I loved Barbies, really.

  97. I’d probably have to say my cabbage patch doll. We had a beautiful wooden marble toy that my grandfather made – hmm I’ll have to ask what happened to that my girls would enjoy it!

  98. My favorite playthings were my collection of Breyer horse figures.

  99. I loved my dolls and stuffed animals!

  100. Definitely my cabbage patch dolls.