Two ways to make New Year’s Resolutions actually STICK

I’m wrapping up my week at (in)courage today, talking about two key things that’ll help us reach our goals this year. From the post:

“So talking about 2012 goals is all well and good… but just naming them isn’t enough. You’ve got to make a plan so that they’re more than a memory by February.

“I’m not speaking from accolades of success here. This is Tsh, Normal Person, writing here. Like you, I’m busy, too quickly overwhelmed, and so often distracted by the next shiny object. ‘Get in shape? Who wants to do that? There’s cookies.'”

Head over to read the rest and to share your thoughts about one thing you’ll do to help you reach a goal this year. (And don’t forget, the giveaway for a copy of my e-book ends today!)


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