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Trade as One (giveaway!)

I can’t sing enough praises about Trade as One—it can be a real challenge to eat ethically, and this little company makes it lightyears easier.

You probably already know that so much of our food is cloaked with scores of issues—whether it’s genetically-modified, made with slave labor, chock full of chemicals, or otherwise borderline iffy—the bulk of our foodstuffs in the grocery store is, unfortunately, kind of a mess.

I’m grateful for organizations like Trade as One, because their mission combines two of my favorite things: promoting fair trade and breaking the cycle of worldwide poverty for some people, while helping other people eat well and lessen their excess spending.

As Trade as One says, “We live in a world with two crises. The first is the crisis of extreme poverty that affects much of the developing world. The second is the crisis of meaning brought about by vacuous consumerism that has left much of the developed world with a different sort of poverty. We believe Fair Trade is a way to alleviate both.”

Every three months, you can receive a gift basket subscription full of seasonal goods, all ethically made. You feed yourself quality stuff; your wallet supports ethical work. They’re seriously one of my favorite organizations, and The Art of Simple is happy to applaud and promote their work.



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Win the spring box from Trade as One!


Trade as One wants to give one of you one of their spring gift baskets! Full of both staple items, like rice and quinoa, and fun treats like high-quality Fair Trade dark chocolate, the box is seriously like getting the best sort of mail.

To enter, simply leave any comment on this post! (If you’re reading this via email or RSS, please head to the post directly and comment.)

And head here to sign up for their gift basket subscription (they have options like gluten-free and vegan!).  A worthwhile portion of your grocery budget, let me tell you.

This giveaway will end Friday night, May 16, and we’ll announce the winner soon after!

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  1. avatar
    Eb Wolfe says:

    What a great way to try this out!

    • avatar
      elisabeth says:

      I would love to try trade for one and hopefully become a supporter in the near future:)

  2. avatar
    Charity Purdy says:

    Chocolate? Yum!

  3. avatar
    Kristin Cannelora says:

    I love learning more about fair trade! It’s so important to be aware and conscious of how our actions as consumers affect the world around us. Thanks!

  4. What a fun idea! I would love to try new delicious foods and feel good about what I am supporting! And the fact that it comes in the mail makes it even cooler 🙂

  5. avatar
    Jennifer says:

    This sounds awesome!

  6. Sounds wonderful!

  7. Ethical, healthy and fun- I’m in!!

  8. avatar
    Alandis Johnson says:

    This sounds so awesome! Thanks for sharing about this company. I’m excited to check them out some more. 🙂

  9. A fantastic giveaway. Thank you xxoo

  10. avatar
    Margaret Petry says:

    Sounds great! I would love to try the basket!

  11. Thanks for the giveaway. The basket looks amazing!

  12. avatar
    Jessica says:

    Amazing! This gift basket sounds awesome!

  13. This looks so wonderful!

  14. This is a great idea! I’m already thinking of who I can gift this to (as well as get for myself). I would love to win it!

  15. avatar
    Tiffany R says:

    I can’t wait to try out this gift basket and recommend it to friends!

  16. avatar
    Tiffany R says:

    I can’t wait to try out this gift basket and recommend it to friends!

  17. I would love to give this a try!!

  18. avatar
    Cynthia says:

    What a fun subscription!

  19. I work in Cambodia with organizations promoting a living wage for garment factory workers and fair trade practice for sugar grown here. I’m always happy to support businesses seeking to increase social awareness in our consumption practices.

  20. I would LOVE this!!

  21. Sounds exciting!

  22. What a neat product!

  23. avatar
    Elizabeth says:

    I’m excited to learn more about Trade as One-looks wonderful!

  24. I love the idea of receiving a “surprise” gift every few months…and a food one at that! You just can’t go wrong there! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway.

  25. avatar
    Melissa says:

    Sounds like a fun package- thanks!

  26. avatar
    Heather M says:

    Would love to try this!

  27. What a fun anniversary present this would be for us! Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. sounds fantastic! What a great opportunity to share a conversation with kids about fair trade as well.

  29. avatar
    Rona Nelson says:

    Great idea!

  30. avatar
    Maureen says:

    I would love to try this out. Sounds like a great gift idea…

  31. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  32. avatar
    Heather P says:

    Nice! What a great idea

  33. I would LOVE to try this out! Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. Yes, please!!

  35. avatar
    KristiM says:

    What a great giveaway!!!

  36. What a great idea! Thanks for the chance to try it out!

  37. Lovely idea 🙂

  38. Amazing! We would love to try this!

  39. A box full of new goodies to try?! Yes please!!

  40. What a great way to be introduced to these products!

  41. What a terrific giveaway! Would love to try this out!

  42. Would love to try this company!

  43. Looks fabulous! Do they ship to Canada? If so – count me in! 🙂

  44. avatar
    Michelle says:

    What a lovely idea!

  45. avatar
    Heather says:

    You had me at fair-trade chocolate. I’d love to try a box!

  46. fair trade try-out! me please

  47. This looks like an amazing company!
    Surprises in the mail AND chocolate? Yum!

  48. avatar
    Desiree says:

    This looks delicious, thank you for sharing!

  49. Sounds great

  50. thanks for sharing this with us!

  51. I’d love to try this! Thanks for the chance!

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    Kaitlin says:

    This sounds wonderful!

  53. avatar
    Brittany M says:

    Now that’s great concept!

  54. I have not heard of this company. I look forward to checking it out. Thank you.

  55. Working in a low income area makes fair trade seem extremely expensive. While exploring the website, it’s obvious there is such an incredible gain that comes with the cost. Thanks for pulling us into the world of fair and possible!

  56. Thank you 🙂

  57. Wonderful giveaway! Would love to try this.

  58. avatar
    Elizabeth R. says:

    What a wonderful company! This would be a great gift idea.

  59. Such a fun mix of staples and treats.

  60. avatar
    Stefanie says:

    Love this!!

  61. Would love to give this a try!

  62. I love this so much!

  63. want that!

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    Natalie O. says:

    Interesting. I will definitely check them out. Thank you!

  65. avatar
    Stacy Orndorff says:

    Love it!

  66. What a lovely idea!

  67. avatar
    Amy McKinney says:

    Wow! Thank you! So much to consider when buying things and caring for your family. Thanks for making it easier.

  68. avatar
    Kristina Harshman says:

    I would like to sample this! Sounds like a great idea.

  69. avatar
    Amy McKinney says:

    Thanks for making it easier to live simple!!

  70. Awesome.

  71. would love to try this out!

  72. avatar
    Hannah H says:

    This looks great!

  73. avatar
    Fernanda says:

    Lovely! I am so excited

  74. Looks wonderful!

  75. avatar
    Jessica McDonald says:

    Thanks for the info! Either way it’s a win/win.

  76. avatar
    Katelyn Johnson says:

    Thanks for posting… Will definitely be checking them out! Love me a giveaway 🙂

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    Barbara Azzarello says:


  78. avatar
    Melissa says:

    We try so hard to make sure what we buy is produced in a way that is responsible. I’d love to try this!

  79. avatar
    Karen M says:

    Would love to win!

  80. avatar
    Vicki P. says:

    What an awesome idea! Definitely looking into signing up for a gift basket.

  81. Thank you for spreading the word about this organization!

  82. Wow…really cool concept! Will definitely be checking further into Trade as One.

  83. This sounds awesome!!

  84. avatar
    Megan M. says:

    This looks AWESOME!!!!

  85. Of all the subscription boxes out there, I am most likely to get this one. It’s a great idea!

  86. This company looks quite amazing!

  87. avatar
    Lindsay says:

    I had never heard of Trade as One. What a awesome concept! I’m always looking for ways to make ethically responsible purchases. Thanks

  88. avatar
    Bethany says:

    How cool! Hope I win.

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    Rhonda P says:

    What an awesome company!!

  90. Such a great idea and important.

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    Julie C says:

    Oh wow, sounds amazing!

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    Sandi Wolf says:


  93. Love to try it!

  94. Sounds amazing!

  95. thanks for addressing our food culture in a positive, do-something way!
    (it IS a terrible wreck.) 🙂

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    Ellie Morales says:

    I love the post Art of Simple put up with the giveaway!

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    Juliana D says:

    Awesome concept! Thanks for the chance to try it out.

  98. Sounds wonderful!

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    Christine C says:

    Been wanting to try this but haven’t made then financial splurge. This would be the perfect way to see it if fits our dietary lifestyle!!

  100. avatar
    Christine C says:

    Been wanting to try this but haven’t made the financial splurge. This would be the perfect way to see it if fits our dietary lifestyle!!