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by Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

tmmo_book_2006_lg.jpgThis giveaway is now closed.  Thanks for entering!

To those of you hopping over from Bloggy Giveaways – welcome to Simple Mom!

For this season’s Bloggy Giveaways, I’m giving away ONE reader one of my favorite books, The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. Since this blog is about simplifying the job of home management, I can’t help but recommend Dave’s financial philosophy, plan, and products. He can’t get much simpler when it comes to personal finance! I highly encourage you to follow his ideas for your family’s financial game plan.

Hence – I’m giving away the book.

The “fine print”:

• To enter, leave a comment at this post. In your comment, tell me your all-time favorite dessert. (And you’re crazy if it doesn’t involve chocolate.)

• Be sure your comment is linked to a valid e-mail address.

• To be entered twice, subscribe to my feed, then leave a second post telling me you’re a new subscriber.

• You have until Friday, April 25 at midnight Pacific Standard Time (U.S.) to enter.

• All entries worldwide are welcome! I’m willing to ship to my fellow non-U.S. residents.

• I’ll do a random drawing and announce the winner here on Simple Mom on Saturday morning, April 26.

If you’re new to Simple Mom, I encourage you to take a look around, contact me if you have any questions or thoughts, and subscribe via RSS or e-mail!

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  1. Flan :)

  2. Chocolate covered strawberries.

  3. Well my favorite all time desert would be my brothers creation. He would make french toast, coat the pieces with peanut butter and then cover them in syrup…oh my goodness…it was soooo good. I would absolutely LOVE to win this book, my hubby and I could really use it.

    Erin’s last blog post..A day late and a dollar short

  4. Well – my favorite desert is hard to pick – I like anything sweet… Since it’s spring I’ll say Key Lime Cheesecake but in the summer you can’t beat strawberries and angel food cake and in the fall I love brownies and homemade ice cream and at Christmas I can’t pass up the pecan pie…

    I’d love this book, we’ve started trying to follow Dave Ramsey’s advice and we’re making progress! I’m new to your blog but I’ll look around a bit…

    Blessed’s last blog post..Oh no – She’s just like me

  5. Oh and I just subscribed to your blog!

    Blessed’s last blog post..Oh no – She’s just like me

  6. I’ve been looking at Dave Ramsey’s books for a bit and have debated buying this one but hadn’t done it yet!
    My fave dessert? Tiramisu! How can you lose when you combine chocolate and coffee??

    Heather’s last blog post..You Never Cease to Amaze Me

  7. My favourite dessert is the white chocolate brownie served at Moxie’s in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I seldom get back to taste it though. Maybe once every five years or so.

  8. My favorite dessert is my moms cheesecake!


  9. We’ve been wanting to use this!!!

    Fav. Dessert: Anything chocolatey. Like a chocolate cake with chocolate filling and chocolate icing and chocolate icecream. Souns yummy to me!

    Jenn’s last blog post..Whim-Z! You KNOW You Want One!

  10. Hmm hard one – not sure you would call this a dessert but probably Turtles chocolates – or anything with fresh raspberries – hmmm turtles & raspberries – I may have created a new fav :)

    Kim’s last blog post..Spring Bloggy Giveaway – Tote Bag

  11. I would have to say that pretty much any type of cheesecake is my favorite.

    Princess Leia’s last blog post..Just Had to Share

  12. Pumpkin Cheesecake w/ cinnamon icecream.. :)

    I am running a bloggy carnival right now as well with over $530 in prizes! Go check it out Connor’s First Birthday Bash at!

    Angela’s last blog post..Connor’s First Birthday Blog Bash!

  13. I’ve been wanting to read this book. Count me in!

    Broad Horizons’s last blog post..This week’s Wrap-up

  14. Ps. I subscribed to your feed.

    Broad Horizons’s last blog post..This week’s Wrap-up

  15. I would love to win this book, I borrowed it from a friend awhile ago, but I had to give it back. :(

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Win a Copy of Disney’s Enchanted on DVD

  16. My favorite dessert by far is striped delight. Yum!

    Playful Professional’s last blog post..Spring Bloggy Giveaway

  17. Warm apple crisp w/melty vanilla ice cream. Ok truthfully, MY applecrisp w/melty vanilla ice cream.

    Lisa’s last blog post..Groceries

  18. avatar
    Tanya Moyer says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks for offering! I love my family’s recipe for brownies!!! Awesome!!!!!

  19. avatar
    Kimberly says:

    Chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing…throw chocolate candies on it and I melt!

  20. avatar
    Christina says:

    Tiramisu! I would love to read this book; my friends rave about it.

  21. My current favorite dessert is devil’s food cake!

    Enter me, please!

  22. So many desserts to choose from! If I could only have one for the rest of my life, it would be a hut fudge brownie sundea with vanilla ice cream!

    Jenna’s last blog post..Neglectful…

  23. My favorite dessert does involve chocolate: a brownie sundae!

    Amanda’s last blog post..Oh, no!….And what to do.

  24. tiramisu for sure!

    ndisilvio at gmail dot com

    Niki’s last blog post..Thrift Store Finds of the Day

  25. Well, I’m sure my favorite dessert would include chocolate, if I wasn’t allergic to it. But since I am, I’ll have to go peanut butter oatmeal no bake cookies. Or maybe cheesecake with fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce on top, or maybe….well, I better stop. I’m making myself hungry.

    Summer’s last blog post..For a limited time only!

  26. I like peach cobbler.

  27. I love Dave! Listen to his show often!

    This past week I madea delicious Old Fashion Ice Box dessert. It turned out better then expected! I wouldn’t say it is my all time favorite, but it is up there.

    Nicol’s last blog post..Bloggy Giveaway Carnival– Hand-Beaded Bobby Pins

  28. avatar
    Sarah D. says:

    I love me a good sized slice of German Chocolate Cake. Yum!

  29. French silk pie

    Ginny’s last blog post..GIVEAWAY ~ Win a $25 Gift Card to Target

  30. fudge brownie sundae with mint chip icecream

    Noreen’s last blog post..Huggies CleanTeam: Dirty Kids vs. Bath Time

  31. Cake and ice cream…or cake flavored ice cream….if one or both are chocolate…even better.

    Kim’s last blog post..The Bloggy Giveaway Carnival!

  32. My favorite dessert is a tie between Blue Bell Banana Split ice cream and Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..Totally Random Thoughts

  33. I love Oreo Mint Dessert! It’s an icecream pie! YUM! What a great giveaway! Please enter me in your drawing! Thanks!

    Liz’s last blog post..Bloggy Giveaways!!!!

  34. Also, I’m a new subscriber. Keep ’em coming!

  35. My favorite is Tiramisu!!! Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win.

  36. I LOVE cherry cheesecake!

    Marlana’s last blog post..A new breed of animal…

  37. Just subbed via Bloglines. Thanks!

    Marlana’s last blog post..A new breed of animal…

  38. My favorite dessert is currently strawberry shortcake, but chocolate is a close second. As a SAHM I need to win this book! Great giveaway!

  39. I love cheesecake!

  40. First I so NEED this book. I am a single parent slowly getting her house in order.

  41. New bloglines subscriber here and you are on my blogroll too…:D

    Carol Pollard’s last blog post..Menu Monday- More Cheap Cooking

  42. I am thinking that my dessert of the day is Pecan Pie.

    darci’s last blog post..Men: proceed with caution (you can participate)

  43. Sadly, I’m crazy :( My favorite dessert is cherry cheesecake. I do love chocolate as well though :) I’d love this book, I’ve heard so many great things about Dave Ramsey. I’d love to win! Thank you for the chance =)

    Mo’s last blog post..Spring Bloggy Giveaway #2: Womens Books

  44. Any kind of Pie!! I love pie! Great giveaway!

  45. Seriously? Just ONE? I can’t do it. Cheesecake, Cold Stone ice cream, brownies, cherry pie. . . . I can’t pick one. Please don’t make me.

    Jamie’s last blog post..It’s a giveaway!

  46. I really could use this book right now. But on to a brighter topic: my favorite dessert is a special cake my mom used to make for my birthday. Or cheesecake. Maybe it was ice cream. hehe

    Audra Marie’s last blog post..Where Have I Been?

  47. I’m a new subscriber via email (used this one: writetome.audra(at) :) Looking forward to coming back and reading more. :)

    Audra Marie’s last blog post..Where Have I Been?

  48. I need this like a plant needs water! :) What a great giveaway. Thank you.

    Jennifer Resemius’s last blog post..Signing Time: Review & Giveaway!

  49. I am a new subscriber! Yeah.

    I didn’t add my email last time so here it is…

    Jennifer Resemius’s last blog post..Signing Time: Review & Giveaway!

  50. Well, my all-time fave dessert is an Oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen. My NEW fave dessert is the White Chocolate cake/ice cream concoction at Chili’s–YUMMY!

  51. I love the double chocolate mocha trifle…it’s a pampered chef recipe that is to DIE for! I know I posted the recipe on my blog way back…if you want it, email me or look for it…you will be in chocolate heaven!

    Shannon’s last blog post..It’s Bloggy Giveaway time!!!

  52. I’d love this book! And my favorite dessert is Tiramisu Cheescake.

    Melissa’s last blog post..Please pray today

  53. Chocolate Chip cookie dough!

    Debra’s last blog post..Honey Mustard Curry Chicken

  54. Yes, please!

  55. Yes, please! I’m a huge Dave Ramsey fan. We’re working on the debt snowball right now.

    Favorite dessert? Chocolate Mousse Pie. Yum.

    Sharon’s last blog post..Hey, Mediocre Girl…

  56. My favorite changes often. Right now it is cheescake.

    Great giveaway

    Barb’s last blog post..The Carnival is finally here

  57. Love Dave! Haven’t read his book yet though. Fav desert…hum…toss up between chocolate cake, chocolate cookie deep dish sundae from Uno’s and Fried Strawberry Shortcake from a local mexican place. Love desert!

    Mom to 2 Boys’s last blog post..Menu Planning Monday

  58. My all-time favorite dessert would be a chocolate fudge brownie (has to be warm!) with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream! Yum!

  59. fudge truffle cheesecake

    Ebienic’s last blog post..What kind of conservative?

  60. My all time favorite is Chocolate Truffle Torte Cake, if you want the recipe e-mail me! :-) I just finished this book and loved it, and would like to give a copy to my sister who desperately needs to get out of debt!

    Katie’s last blog post..M.o.M. Review/Cloth Diapering Guide Pt. 4

  61. My mom makes the greatest dessert ever. We’ve always called it “The Green Dessert”. It involves pistachio pudding, ice cream, and Oreos. Yum! :)

    Marly’s last blog post..The view from an old soul…

  62. My favorite would have to be Sugar Cookies!

    Sundi’s last blog post..Big Announcement

  63. I subscribed to your blog

    Tiffany Rosson’s last blog post..Living Frugally and Greenly (is that a word?)

  64. I really need a Dave Ramsey book right now. We are working on getting our money to “behave.”

    Thank you for doing this giveaway.
    Tiffany Rosson

    Tiffany Rosson’s last blog post..Living Frugally and Greenly (is that a word?)

  65. I’ve heard really great things about this book! I’d love to read it. My favorite dessert-ice cream with strawberries mixed in. YUM!

    Beth’s last blog post..Giveaway-Infant Tutu

  66. Chocolate mousse cake – yummmm.

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Bloggy Giveaways Contest

  67. P.F. Chang’s cheesecake. Yummy. Not that we go there often, but everytime we do, you can bet I get the cheesecake.

  68. Death By Chocolate! And thanks for the book opportunity!

    Frugal Dad’s last blog post..Money Lessons Learned By Square Foot Gardening

  69. I would love to win this! Please enter me.

    Tara R’s last blog post..Bloggy Carnival Giveaway #2!

  70. OH I forgot to tell you my fav dessert- satin chocolate pie with real whip cream!

    Tara R’s last blog post..Bloggy Carnival Giveaway #2!

  71. Without a doubt Tiramisu is my favorite dessert. :)

  72. Hmmmm…. I think it’s brownies. Or that seven-layer various-chocolate-concoction cake that every restaurant seems to have? Or maybe it’s hot fudge cake. I can’t decide!

    But I *would* love to have this book – we are currently trying to figure out how to get out of all the credit card debt we racked up while DH was in medical school.

    Michelle’s last blog post..Sweet Hour of Sanity (or, Bloggy Giveaway #2)

  73. I have listened to this guy on iTunes and he sounds good. Thank you! Fav dessert . . .? Right now I’d have to go with strawberry rhubarb pie with ice cream. I know there’s no chocolate on that which is crazy ’cause I love chocolate. Ah well, there you have it.

    Sheryl’s last blog post..Baby bud hairclips giveaway

  74. Mmmmm, I’m a cheesecake fan here. And a plain old (huge and horrible for you) New York style one….so no chocolate. But it does involve MY personal favorite….coffee! :) Come on over and have a slice sometime.

  75. It is so hard to pick just one desert! Probably cheesecake. (plain, with raspberry sauce, chocolate sauce, chocolate, most any type really).

  76. Oh my favorite dessert is Apple Crisp. So yummy!!!

    Org Junkie’s last blog post..Bloggy Giveaways Carnival ~ FruitfulTime TaskManager

  77. Strawberry ice-cream..yummy :)

  78. all time fave? i guess that would be strawberry shortcake with vanilla or cheese cake icecream.

    amyb’s last blog post..miracle monday

  79. apple pie a la mode

  80. avatar
    Mrs. Hewett says:

    My favorite dessert would have to be a triple chocolate fudge mousse cake. My mouth’s watering just looking at it typed up there! Thanks so much for including me in your drawing.

  81. Walnut Brownies with vanilla ice cream!!

  82. avatar
    Jennifer says:

    My all time favorite dessert is banana pudding! Southern style….

  83. My favorite dessert: “Better Than Sex” -drool-

  84. Mississippi Mud Cake (AKA Death By Chocolate)

    Worlds Greatest Mommy’s last blog post..Stargazing With Dad

  85. I’ve heard good things about Dave Ramsey and his money ideas. My favorite dessert is Tiramisu. I get it every time we go to Olive Garden even though it’s like 6 bucks for a dinky slice.

  86. avatar
    Miss Heidi says:

    My favorite dessert is simple-chocolate chip cookies. Actually Pizzeria Uno has a great variation on this. They have a choco chip cookie inside a little pizza pan. It’s topped with ice cream and whipped cream. It comes out all warm so it’s nice and ooey gooey. Thanks.

  87. avatar
    Anastasia says:

    My fav is Strawberry Shortcake…. I don’t usually have it with chocolate, but i bet chocolate covered strawberry shortcake would be lovely 😀

  88. My favorite is German Chocolate Cake, yummy!
    This book really sounds interesting, I would love to read it.

  89. It’s a tough choice between cheesecake and tiramisu, but I;ll have to go with tiramisu.

    kristen’s last blog post..Love Free Stuff? Who Doesn’t!

  90. My all-time favorite is my Meme’s chocolate pie. Nothing can beat it! Great giveaway BTW!

    Christi’s last blog post..Adoption Update

  91. Great give-away. I listen to Dave on the radio, but I do not have his book. I need to take that jump, though!! My favorite dessert is anything with frosting on it! No, just the frosting.

  92. avatar
    Dan Smith says:

    french silk pie

  93. cheesecake

  94. avatar
    Carol Ezovski says:

    Bread pudding

  95. My favorite dessert would be the Claim Jumpers Chocolate cake. Yummy!

  96. Hmm…simple, hot fresh chocolate chip cookies! Thanks!

  97. Cream Brulee with a dollop of ganache under it. Just a little bit of chocolate surprise!

    Ashley BB’s last blog post..More Soccer!

  98. Speaking of Chocolate:) Mines would probably be a nice slice of chocolate cake with chocolate icing with a nice scoop of chocolate ice cream on the side, can work with vanilla however:)

  99. I’ve subscribed to the feed and does being the 100th comment count for anything? (just kidding:))

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