Tips for adding color during pregnancy

I have a dorky confession to make: I absolutely LOVE wearing a lot of color, and apparently orange is my go-to hue. I mean, I just can’t get enough…

But I haven’t always work this much color. I made a commitment to myself earlier this year that I’d incorporate more color into my wardrobe. At first it was hard. Adding colors in the form of a Gussy bag was easy — or with a fun statement ring or crocheted cowl — but my entire outfit, colorful? I gave myself a quick pep-talk and agreed to stay committed.

outfit details: orange striped top + yellow ring, c/o Francescas | gray wedges, Payless | skinny jeans, Motherhood Maternity | gray tank, Target

outfit details: headband, my shop | sweater + white flower ring, Forever 21 | striped dress | leggings | flip flops

outfit details: black/white striped top + skinny jeans, Motherhood Maternity | shoes, Payless | cowl, my shop | orange ring, thrift store

outfit details: polka dot sweater + gray tee, Target | skinny jeans, Motherhood Maternity | boots, Payless | headband, Lady Like

I did pretty well leading up to June, but when my husband + I found out we were expecting out first baby the end of the month I knew there could be a few roadblocks up ahead. For the first two trimesters I’ve been able to wear mostly non-maternity clothing. However, since I loooove a cute pair of skinny jeans I’ve recently had to convert to maternity skinnies as ummm, I can’t zip-up non-maternity pants any more —wink!

Wearing a lot of color as I approach my third trimester has been a tiny bit tricky, I’ll be honest. I have had a hard time finding tops to purchase that fit my new found colorful style, but I’ve kept my commitment to color by mixing maternity with non-maternity staples I already own. Items such as cotton/jersey dresses, cardigans or long tanks have helped with the transition. For example, I often pair a basic maternity cotton tee with my non-maternity orange polka dot cardigan. Simple, but so colorful.

And accessories, like I mentioned above, are super easy. Since I spend a lot of time during the day cutting fabric and packaging orders, it’s also been helpful for me to layer the clothes I wear. It’s easy for me to stay committed to color while my body continues to change when I can add in fun accessories.

My husband + I also recently moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles and it’s been surprisingly hard transitioning to the SoCal weather. For the past 27 years it’s been natural for me to wear a lot of cozy items this time of year, but now that the average temperature during the winter is 65 degrees that doesn’t quite work so well. Ha! So, layers it is — and colorful layers, too.

Pairing maternity with non-maternity clothing staples, adding fun accessories + layering often are my 3 lifesaver tips for continuing to add color during my pregnancy.

What is a style challenge you’ve been wanting to commit to? Have you been able to follow through, or is something holding you back?


Maggie Hollinbeck lives in Northern California, and in addition to careers as a musical theatre actress and psychotherapist, she has turned her attention to her love of all domestic arts, especially traditional foods wisdom. She blogs about her journey at Maggie's Nest.

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  1. I have to admit, I’ve never owned a pair of skinny jeans until this pregnancy (gasp!!). I bought my self some boots this past year, and really want to branch out a little more. (My last pregnancy was all summer, so I lived in sun dresses, winter will be different this time around!).

  2. You look absolutely adorable! I love all the bright orange hues in your wardrobe!

  3. You are absolutely adorable! I love your maternity style. I am 21 weeks and I have begun to find it hard to fit into clothing (hah) and with winter approaching I haven’t been wearing too much color, but you inspire me to be more bold and break out some colorful outfits.

  4. You are darling!
    Also, in SoCal, anything below 70 degrees is coat and sweater weather. 😉

    • Oh my gosh, if I wore a coat and sweater I’d sweat. In fact, reading your comment about wearing those things makes me sweat. I’m used to the weather nearing around 20* right now… so this is basically like another summer season, snort. xo

      PS. no YOU are darling!

  5. I no longer fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, and I’m only 16 weeks along! I packed up most of my clothes at 14 weeks because they were just tormenting me 🙂 My t-shirt are now starting to creep up and my belly hangs out – my husband thinks it’s adorable, but it’s not really the look I’m going for! I bought a few maternity items on black Friday (yikes, are they expensive!!!) and nearly all of them are black or gray. I love color just as much as you, so it has been very hard for me to wear such a boring palette everyday. I’m trying to accessorize with what I have while making a list of a few things to collect in the after-Christmas sales or make over the holidays.

  6. Oh you look totally cute on those outfits. I love the jeans. Now, thinking of getting a pair. Thank you for sharing.

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