The sounds of summer (and a playlist!)

Have you been paying attention to the sounds of summer? I started making my own list a couple of weeks ago, and it’s really been a lot of fun.

My ears are usually filled with other sounds – more specifically, the sounds of kids’ music, since that’s what I write about on Swing Whistle Zing.

But for summer, I’m giving my ears a different focus and paying attention to the sounds of the world around me.

I’m not always a stellar memory keeper, but everyday noises such as an owl hooting, children laughing, or squeaky wheels on a bike create an opportunity to make an imprint in your brain — a sound memory.

Some of my favorites? Slurping ice cream, birds singing outside my window while visiting my childhood home, laughter during a heated game of brotherly chase, calls of “ready or not, here I come!” in the park, the slapping sound of bare feet running around, and the boom of 4th of July fireworks.

To add a little soundtrack to your sounds of summer, I created a Summer Sampler Playlist for Simple Mom readers, highlighting some great kids’ music tunes from artists I’ve featured recently on Swing Whistle Zing. I think you’ll find this family friendly collection makes a great accompaniment to your next backyard barbeque or some fresh sounds for a family road trip.

You can find the whole playlist on Spotify (or if you’re interested in purchasing the playlist, you can do that here). Artist names are linked to the review on Swing Whistle Zing, in the event you find one you love and want to hear more.

May you enjoy some summer moments as happy as lazy raisins in the sun.

Sounds of Summer Playlist

Sounds of Summer Playlist []

Lazy Raisins : Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke

KidQuake! : The Not-Its!

Roller Coaster : Kira Willey

Lemonade Stand : Lucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band

Orangutan Van : SteveSongs

Beach Ball : Recess Monkey

Sunshine Through My Window : Play Date

Tomboy in a Princess Dress : Suzi Shelton

Mosquitoes : Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights

Turn Around : Cat Doorman

Would you like to know what sounds some of my favorite kids’ musicians are enjoying this summer? Check out my Sounds of Summer interview series, happening on Wednesdays through Labor Day.

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Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom to two energetic, fun loving boys, ages six and three. She found a new passion in exploring great children's music after becoming a mom, which she blogs about at Swing Whistle Zing. Jennifer fancies finding quality tunes the whole family can enjoy, and dancing with her boys (both big and little) to her favorite songs that connect her to the past and keep her grounded in the present.

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  1. Very cool! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I love this so much!! We need a little more jingle in our summer days.

  3. Great list! We need a little jingle in our summer.

  4. We were just on vacation with my parents, my sister, and brother-in-law to the wilds of Wisconsin. Our plush log cabin had a huge porch to sit on and a swing. The birds were crazy. My sister brought up on her iphone and had all sorts of birds talking to her. She had a crowd of 6 or 7 chickadees completely confused. LOL

    • Sounds like fun! I’ll have to check that one out. We’ve been enjoying the sounds of birds this summer too with another album I didn’t mention – Listen to the Birds. It’s another one of our summer favorites.

  5. Great list! We have been enjoying listening to more music this summer as we slow down a bit!

  6. Looking forward to listening to your list, Jennifer. We Canadians are pretty darn envious of Spotify – it’s not available to us yet. 🙁

    • Hopefully Spotify will be in your neighborhood soon. I remember feeling that way about Pandora a few years back when it was brand new & we lived overseas. I feel your pain!

  7. Cheryl j says:

    Love the post!
    Just wondering why the emailed versions don’t include any author information. Simple mom needs to ensure full credit is displayed! 🙂

    • Agreed. I always think it’s Simple Mom herself until something in the post clues me in to it being someone else. Then I have to go on a search to find out who is actually posting!

  8. Bare Naked Ladies put out a kid’s CD a few years ago that is amazing. I don’t remember the name of it, but my favorite song was about a polliwog.

  9. This is what i was looking for my sweet niece Kim. This summer playlist seems rocking. I hope Kim gonna enjoy it all.

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