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The Simple Mom cloth diaper review


So far during our Cloth Diapering 101 week, you’ve heard about the different types of cloth diapers available, why you should at least consider cloth diapers, answers to common misconceptions about cloth diapers, and two videos that show you how to use and clean them. Today, I’m going to review the cloth diaper brands I recommend.

This list is not exhaustive. There are many, many cloth diaper brands that do a great job, and have their superiority for any wide variety of reasons. But I don’t want to review something I haven’t actually tried, so today’s information is solely based on my personal experience. In the comments section, feel free to use similar criteria to add your $.02 about another brand you like.

The reviewed criteria are absorbency, cost, overall fit, drying time (on a clothesline), the cute factor, the company’s customer service, and Dad and Grandparent-friendliness. This last category is contributed by my husband, who rated each diaper based on his first-hand experience. Hesitant dads, grandparents, and other caregivers is a major consideration with cloth diapers, so it’s important to give honest feedback regarding a diaper’s ease of use.

I’ve rated the diapers in each category from one to five clothespins. Here are the definitions:
cloth diaper rating

• Perfect Size Diaper from FuzziBunz (Pocket Diaper)

fuzzibunz diaper review
This is a great diaper from FuzziBunz. It’s the one we have the most quantity of, so we use one of these almost daily. They’re a cinch to snap, and the shape is great around the legs — we’ve never had a blow-out with one of these. My son is skinny, so the caboose is a little loose, but that means there’s plenty of room to add a doubler or extra insert at night. These are one of the fastest-drying diapers we have, and the customer service is wonderful. I’ve interacted with them a few times, and they’ve always responded very quickly to my emails. FuzziBunz is a great company.

I also love their other products I have. We use their hanging diaper pail, and we’ve never had an odor problem. After we wash it with the diapers, it dries really quickly. We carry their travel wet bag in our diaper bag, so the few times we’ve needed it, there’s never been a smell issue — you can’t tell anything’s in your diaper bag. This comes in handy in other ways, too, since it’s waterproof — our older daughter wet her underwear and jeans one time, and we just tossed them in there until we got home. It can also go in the wash.

I like their wipes, too. With their Organic Double-Sided Wipes, one side is cotton and the other side is a soft fleece. They work great for getting off poop, especially in combo with homemade diaper wipe solution.

Overall, I don’t think you can go wrong with anything by FuzziBunz.

• 3.0 One-Size Diaper from BumGenius (Pocket Diaper)

bumgenius diaper review
This is a great, quick-drying diaper that fits my trim baby really well. We’ve never had an explosion in this one, either, and the Aplix (super-strong velcro) stays put. I only have one of these diapers, but I’m happy every time I use it. The insert has snaps so that you can optionally shorten the insert and make it thicker in the front, which is great for a boy. And because you can adjust the size with the snaps in front, you only need one set of these diapers to last from birth to potty.

BumGenius is very popular with cloth diapering mamas, so even though it’s on the pricey side, you might be able to find secondhand diapers on the internet.

• Blueberry One-Size Bamboo Velour Diaper from Swaddlebees (Pocket Diaper)

swaddlebees diaper review
This is quite the luxurious diaper from Swaddlebees! It’s easily adjustable for any size you need, and the inside is a super-soft organic bamboo cotton blend. The Aplix is really strong, too. The best thing about this diaper is the inserts — each diaper comes with two! One is smaller, for the really young age, and the second one is longer that snaps together as a trifold. You can use the smaller insert as a doubler at night, so you’ve essentially got four layers going on. Each layer is really thin but absorbent — this is often our nighttime diaper.

My only complaint is the cost. It’s one of the pricier pocket diapers out there, so if you’re interested in Swaddlebees, you could first look secondhand.

• Side Snapping Diaper from BottomBumpers (All-In-One Diaper)

bottombumpers diaper review
BottomBumpers as more of a hybrid of a pocket and AIO, because BottomBumpers includes a soaker that snaps on top of the inside. It’s a double-folded, super-soft organic cotton padding topped with bamboo velour. It’s a breeze to snap in because you don’t even need to reach inside. But what I love best about these diapers is the fit — for my slim little man, these are the best-fitting diapers we have. They contour wonderfully between the legs, and the side snaps keep it nice and trim on the bottom.

Again, the only issue is the cost. But for an AIO, it’s not bad. And I love that I’m supporting a small cottage industry run by a mom.

• Bamboozle from Bummis (Fitted Diaper)

Oh my goodness, I love this diaper from Bummis. This diaper has four layers of bamboo, which means it’s compact yet super-absorbent. It is unbelievably soft! I love that a 100% bamboo is so eco-friendly — bamboo is a renewable resource with a very short growth cycle and it is grown without fertilizers or pesticides. Plus, it’s breathable, cool, and absorbs 60% more than cotton. This is one of our favorite diapers, and I’d have more if it weren’t for the cost. Still, I love how slim-fitting these diapers are. There’s absolutely no puffy bum here.  He’s wearing this diaper under the Imse Vimse Organic Wrap photo, reviewed below.

Organic Cotton Prefolds from Bummis (Prefold Diaper)

bummis organic cloth diapering kit

These are the prefolds that come with Bummis’ Organic Cotton Diaper Kit, a complete diapering system in a box. These unbleached prefolds are super absorbent and soft, and they’re a great size for my son — he’s wearing one under the Bummis Super Brite Wrap photo, reviewed below. So far, they’ve held up very well. As we’ve mentioned all week, the best benefit of prefolds is the cost — they’re definitely the cheapest cloth diaper available. But I also love their versatility — you can fold them a myriad of ways to fit your baby, and depending on the wrap you use, you could hold it together with a Snappi or simply hold it securely within the wrap. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of prefolds. Once you get the hang of them, diaper changing goes really quickly.

The main downside is possible reluctance from dads, grandparents, or other caregivers. If this is the case, and you want to mostly use prefolds and wraps, I’d recommend still using a few pockets or AIOs, and they can use these when it’s their turn.

• Super Brite Wrap and Super Whisper Wrap from Bummis (Diaper Cover/Wrap)

bummis cloth diaper wrap review

Bummis makes great wraps! I love both my Super Brite wrap in Blue and my Super Whisper wrap in Froggy Pond. They fit really well around a Bamboozle or a prefold, and the gussets around the legs has meant no leaks at all. I also like that there’s a little pocket in front so that you can slip in a prefold without Snappis. The Aplix on these guys are also the strongest I’ve seen — there’s no way my son could ever take this off. And since these are quite popular wraps, you’re likely to find some secondhand.

• Organic Cotton Cover from Imse Vimse (Diaper Cover/Wrap)

imse vimse cloth diaper wrap review

This is a very lightweight, soft cover with the most adorable farm print. I think this is my favorite in the cute department! The hook and closure front is softer, but our son has never been able to remove this. I do wish there were inside velcro tabs to close up the velcro for wash time, but it’s no problem just to adhere it to the front. This cover also fits my son perfectly – there’s no bagginess, and the gussets in the legs work wonderfully. It’s a bit pricier than other wraps, but if you’re going for cute, you can’t go wrong with these covers.

gDiapers (Hybrid Diaper)

gdiapers review

If the thought of cloth diapers still seems challenging to you, then perhaps a hybrid diaper is your answer. gDiapers consist of a washable, cotton outer ‘little g’ pant and a plastic-free flushable diaper refill. They are made of breathable material just like sports clothing. So the outside is a simple cotton cover, and inside is a detachable waterproof liner. Inside the liner, you add a flushable diaper insert, which makes the diaper absorbent. When it’s dirty, you can either flush the insert, compost it (it breaks down in 50-150 days), or even toss it in the trash — there’s no plastic, so it’s biodegradable. You should still toss poop in the toilet, though.

I thought these would be harder than they were. Putting in the inserts were just as easy as refilling a pocket diaper, and the simple procedure behind flushing the insert is easy, once you get the hang of it. gDiapers’ website has a video on how the process works, and their customer service is fabulous — I called them with questions, and the woman on the phone was friendly, down-to-earth, and helpful.

My main complaint is the cost. These diapers are expensive. If your driving factor behind using cloth diapers is cost, then gDiapers aren’t for you. You can buy them locally at a wide variety of stores like Whole Foods, but the refill inserts still average about $.47. Quite a bit more than standard disposables. Until their price is lowered, I can’t really use gDiapers. But their covers work great as wraps for prefolds, and they’re super cute.

In addition to all these diapers, I also highly recommend using Snappis, Bummis BioSoft Liners, Imse Vimse Flushable Liners, and Soapnuts for cleaning. Many of you use all kinds of products, so please share your recommendations in the comments section. We can make this post a resource guide for people overwhelmed by their choices. So please contribute all you can!

Giveaway Time!

Okay, I know you’re all curious what the giveaway is about. To celebrate Cloth Diapering 101 week here on Simple Mom, several companies want to give away some of their products to the readers!

• From FuzziBunz, two people will win three pocket diapers — two of their one-size diapers and one of their perfect size diaper. Each set of diapers is worth over $55.

BottomBumpers will give one reader a three-pack of their all-in-one diapers, worth around $60.

• Swaddlebees is giving one reader two of their diapers, a Blueberry Minky One-Size snap pocket diaper and a Swaddlebees EcoNappi, worth $62.

Bummis is giving one reader a complete Organic Cotton Diaper Kit, everything you need to start using cloth diapers right away! This kit is worth $169.

For a chance to win any of these prizes, here’s what you do:

1. Submit a comment on this post, and do the following: If you’re already using cloth diapers (or did, when you had kiddos in diapers), recommend a brand and type of diaper you liked, and why. If you haven’t used cloth yet, share one reason you’re willing to give it a try.

2.For a second entry, Twitter about this giveaway, using the hashtag #clothdiapers and my Twitter name, @simplemom.

3.For a third entry, write about this giveaway on your own blog, linking back to this post so that I receive a trackback.

This giveaway will only last this weekend — I’ll close the entries on Sunday, June 7 at 11:59 EST. I hope you win! And thanks again to these great companies who want to bless the socks off of Simple Mom readers.

This weekend, I’ll provide a list of a ton of links — from diaper brands, to stores, to services, to online communities, and more.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I did not use cloth diapers on my first baby. However, we are expecting a daughter in little under 9 weeks and have decided to make the switch for mainly two reasons: 1) money-once I did the math and figured out how much money I spent on disposables, I knew I had to change and 2)environment–I never could get over all the diapers I contributed to the landfill with my first child. I was just thankful she potty trained early.

    I would LOVE to win a few more cloth diapers to start out my stash.

  2. John L. says:

    A great review on cloth diapers! My wife has used cloth diapers before (from a previous marriage) and swears by them. I agree with her as disposables are a waste of resources. We’ve just gotten pregnant and would love the head start on diapers.

  3. I use Mother Ease one size diapers. They’re great in terms of absorbency and drying time, but too bulky in my opinion. If I had to do it over again, I’d go for the BumGenius all in one or something of the sort.
    Maybe I’ll win one of the types you’re giving away!

    Thanks for such a thorough review!

    Nicole´s last blog post…Financial Planning 101

  4. I use Mommy’s Touch One-Size Easy-Clean Snap diaper (quite the name!) for night time. They’re one-size, so I don’t need to size up. They snap, which means better durability than velcro. And I can stuff them with lots of absorbency without getting leg gaps, so they’re great for night. The best feature? The Easy-Clean aspect. I don’t have to remove the insert before throwing it in the diaper pail–it comes out in the wash. This is great for a night time diaper, when the insert is soaked and you don’t want to touch it!

  5. I am currently reasearching cloth diapers, as the obvious environmentally friendly alternative to the disposables we currently use. I always intended to use cloths but disposables were so easy while Bubs was setlling in. Now she’s settled, it’s time to switch! The giveaways would be a great push in the right direction.

  6. how adorable! My new niece on the way will look great in these! and would give my SIL a push in the right direction!

  7. I didn’t “find” cloth diapers until my 2nd child developed a severe rash to disposables. I’ve now been CD for almost a year. When my baby was little and less squirmy my favorite combo was prefolds at home and Bum Genius 3.0 pockets for on-the-go. Now that she’s older, we’ve been relying more and more heavily on the Bum Genius with a few fitted thrown in the mix. My oldest, whose day time potty trained, wears the 1 Fuzzi Bunz we own at night when it is clean. She loves it and asks for it over her disposable. When budget allows, more Fuzzi Bunz are my next purchase.

  8. I have used cloth diapers on and off with my third and now my fourth child. We have gotten back into the cloth diapering groove. My favorite diaper is the BumGenius 3.0 stuffed with a unbleached cotton prefold. The prefold absorbs more than the inserts that were given and is a little less bulky. But since we only have a few of the BG’s, I use prefolds and covers during the day mostly. They make for easy quick diaper changed. I trifold the diaper and don’t worry about pinning or snappi. This works great for my very chubby baby, but did not work well for my third child who is very skinny.

    Crystal´s last blog post…Grilled Pizza Photos

  9. I tried a variety of cloth diaper brands with my first child but gave up because I never found one that I liked. But now with your posts and recommendations, I’m willing to give it another shot with my third child who is 2 months old!

  10. I’m so glad this series was posted! It’s definitely renewed my interest in cloth diapering. When my son was born, I had a whole set of AIO cloth diapers to use, but they must not have been a great brand because they leaked all the time and his skin got red from the moisture against his skin—hard to see in your newborn 🙂 The city we lived in at the time had a ‘green bin’ garbage system that was for compostables… you could even compost your disposables diapers! So, overwhelmed from being a new mom and knowing that they were going to be composted anyways, I switched. Since the switch, we’ve moved cities, which means no more city composting (I miss that! It literally cut our garbage in half). And now, my son is in daycare, which is another push in the disposable direction. And yet, with this series, I have a renewed enthusiasm! I think I’ll ask the daycare today about whether or not they’ll consider an AIO. If not, I’d still like to see if I can use them at home. Every little bit helps, yes?

    Thanks so much for all your great info!!!

  11. I used basic prefolds, Snappis, and diaper covers when I was using cloth. They worked great! But I have to admit that the all-in-ones look SO easy!


    steadymom´s last blog post…Steady Thought for the Day

  12. I love my BumGenius diapers. If I could afford it, we’d use only those. But we also use prefolds and covers.

    I can attest that their customer service is great! I ordered more reusable diaper liners when I found out I was pregnant with my son, but the ones that came were not as long as the ones I already had. I wrote to complain and was told that the change was a permanent one due to a change in manufacturer. But they had two packages of the older diaper liners available which they sent me free of charge!

  13. Heather says:

    We are currently alternating between cloth and disposables for my one month old…I really thought that I would be using disposables for the first few months as I adjusted to my new life, but I hated the angry red elastic marks on her legs and creepy gel feel of the disposables. I started using CD in her second week….just prefolds with a very basic PUL cover (can’t remember the name of cover) and it really couldn’t be easier. I only have about 20 infant sized prefolds, so I have to do one load of wash every other day, but I figured she’d be up a size soon enough so why waste resources. I bought all of my other bigger sized CD used on craigslist, so i feel better about not buying a bunch of new stuff.

  14. I use mother-ease diapers and love them. I’ve used one set for both of my boys now and they’ve worked great.

    Shannon´s last blog post…Food Roots – June 4

  15. Laura Jones says:

    Thanks so much for the info you’ve provided this week! I am absolutely willing to give it a try now with my 1 1/2 year old and hope to continue with future kids. I’d like to save up for the bumGenius AIO diapers because they seem closest to what we are doing now and so would probably be the easiest transition for my family. Any recommendations about how many diapers you’d need to dive into cloth diapering?

  16. I am a part time cloth user, and I use BumGenius – I would absolutely love to try another variety! I do like my BG’s but am curious to see what else is available, and if anything would work better on my very tiny babies! 🙂

    Jenny Muth´s last blog post…new creations

  17. I personally really like Bumkins All-In-one. They are so easy and they work really well. Thank you for the give away!

    Gretchen´s last blog post…Baby Update – maybe more than you want to know

  18. I’m willing to try cloth diapering for the cute factor alone! : ) Just kidding, though I’m thinking summer would be a great time to start so I can see my baby’s bum running around the house and yard. I’m excited to be living in a place that now has a washer/dryer and encouraged about the ease of the process to clean a dirty CD. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  19. We use a fitted diaper similar to Mother’s Ease (hand me downs that I don’t know the name of! Along with the bummis or Thirsties waterproof covers.
    We also love gDiapers that I used with our first son.
    Thanks so much for doing this cloth diaper review. Many of my friends are interested in Cloth Diapering so I’ll send them here!

    Beth H´s last blog post…We’ve got a sleeper here!

  20. After much research, we decided on the bumgenius. They have proved their worth over the last year. Beware: have a plan for diaper rash b/c it does happen even with cloth and know the tabs on BG will wear out (they offer free replacements for to sew on yourself). All in all we love them (and their new fun colors)…I do wish their covers were even a little funkier though..

  21. I am so glad that you are doing this series as cloth diapering as really been on my mind lately. With our first son, I started CDing when he was 13 months, but gave up after 2 or 3 months because I couldn’t keep his skin from turning red and rashy. Now that son is 2 and we have a 5 month old, so the expense of disposables is a bit ridiculous. We mostly used unbleached Indian prefolds, but also have a few Thirsty’s fitteds, a BumGenius AIO, and a hemp pocket. I love the prefolds for the versatility, ease of laundering, and cost. They really are NOT hard to use.
    It is very easy to get frustrated CDing when you read about all the different styles, folds, laundering opinions, etc. Thank you so much for putting together this simple, informative series!

  22. April Lott says:

    I use cloth and my favorites right now are my one size Fuzzi Bunz, my BumGenius and my diapers that were made my WAHM on HyenaCart and DiaperSwappers. 🙂

  23. I am expecting baby #3 and althought I haven’t used cloth diapers in the past I am wanting to give it a try this time. There are several reasons why I would like to switch to cloth. I don’t want the baby to have any chemicals in contact with thier skin all the time which a normal diaper has. I also know that at first (unless I win something 🙂 ), the cost will be great but ultimately it will be way less than what I would spend in 2 years diapering a child. I have just been trying to get to a more natural way of life and this is one of the ways.

  24. We use prefolds and Bummis. We have one (one!) BumGenius from the baby shower and I love it.

  25. Hi! I used cloth diapers with my daughter 10 years ago! We loved the experience…as strange as it sounds, we loved wash day. Nothing like seeing those diapers hanging on the clothsline! Had baby #3 and used disposables. We were on the go so much more and felt like I didn’t have the time. Now we’re pregnant with #4 and reading your blogs all week long has convinced me to go cloth again. I’m amazed by all the new products that have been introduced just in the last 10 years! I honestly can’t even remember the name of the brand we used way back when! Sorry! Thank you so much for your blogs all week! You’ve given some great tips….love the recipe for your own wipes as well!! Can’t wait to start…

  26. Jennifer B says:

    I’m pregnant with my fourth child, my last one was born almost eight years ago and while I had an interest in cloth diapering way with my first three, I really had no resources or support to learn from about cloth diapering. I would like to cloth diaper this time for environmental and financial reasons. This week-long look at cloth diapering has been soooo helpful and my husband is definitely on-board after looking through the posts! Thank you for taking the time to provide all the information!

  27. I cloth diapered my daughter and my favorite were prefolds and kissaluvs for ease of use. That was in a previous marriage, and with my son, my husband refused to entertain the idea. My son is 2 and we are in the process of greening our lives as well as living more simply so I am really wanting to go back. I presented it to my husband that it might help with potty training to feel the wetness (and at 2 our son is nowhere near ready to train), so he agreed! I still have some of my prefolds, but would love to have a few more dipes for my stash! I hope I win!

  28. I would like to try cloth diapers to see how much money we could save. We have 4 children (the oldest is 4 years old), and I wish I would have tried cloth diapers sooner. I’m praying I win some of these!

  29. Katie White says:

    I love Fuzzi Bunz and Swaddlebees that you mentioned and also Happy Heineys and Dream-Eze AIOs.

  30. Thank you for doing these posts! This information is helpful. I have a little one who is currently filling up landfills with disposable diaper usage. I would love to switch to cloth diapers!

  31. I enjoyed reading your review. I have an 8 month old and we are looking at changing to cloth diapers. I have a 2 year old and he is potty trained already! The expense of the diapers every month is really hurting our budget, and I love the idea of not sending so many diapers to the landfill!

  32. I have been using cloth diapers now for about a month. I had a friend give me a bunch of fuzzi bunz mediums and petites for my twins. I also have a few swaddlebees which I really like because they are slimmer. Sometimes the insert is kind of weird to get in that slim of a diaper but I like the diaper. I just need new inserts. I am ADDICTED to looking for diapers and shopping secondhand on I bought some used off of my local cheapcycle group yesterday. I got 6 custom diapers (retail for $120) for $40! They are so cute. If we have any more children it will be cloth all the way!! It’s my new passion!!

  33. We use most of what you reviewed plus Happy Heiny OS and Happy Hempy fitted (for night with a wool cover-works great for our super heavy night wetter!)

  34. Thank you so much for this week of posts! We are due with our third child in about 9 weeks and really want to cloth diaper. My husband was wary at first, especially about the “poop” factor, but he really is warming up to the idea. I must say, he said his eyes were opened by your post yesterday.

    Hope I win!

  35. Natalie says:

    I have never used clothe diapers, but I’m intrigued enough to give it a try. I’m very, very due with #4 and now would be the perfect time to give it a whirl!

  36. I want to try cloth on our third because of the environmental reasons, the cost of disposables and I actually think it might be easier on us here in France. We already line dry all of our laundry as it is and with stores closing early and not open on Sundays (and we walk everywhere), no more running out to carry home a big box of expensive diapers with 2 small children in tow! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. I still am not sure that I want to make the investment. I love the theory of cloth diapers but, wonder if it wouldn’t get old really fast. I think that they would be so much more comfortable!!!! I am a middle of the road kind of girl so I just don’t know. I appreciate the review it was very helpful.

  38. Christine says:

    If I had to do it all over again I would have just stuck with my initial purchase of bumGenius diapers – they were our workhorse diapers and even when I revamped our “stash” over and over again, they were the diapers I kept coming back to. It also took me a year to really try and like prefolds, but when I did I wish I have been willing to use them from the beginning! I preferred Indian prefolds for their softness, and found if I trimmed them with my serger before prepping to our desired length, they were AWESOME! A prefold combined with a Nikky cover (breathable poly) were a great combination for us!

  39. I have used cloth diapers from the start with my little one, and laugh when people ask me now if I’m “still doing cloth diapers” (she’s only 8 months old).

    My favorite diapers right now are Knickernappies, although I didn’t like them during the runny poo stage. They’d hold it in, but the side-snap design meant that there would always be poo on the long wings, which would then get on… anything else when I opened it up.

    I’m also a fan of Mommy’s Touch one-size pockets & AIOs, but I think my girl is going to outgrow the rise before potty-training.

  40. I was interested in cloth when my DD was born 2 1/2 years ago but didn’t know enough about it, or anyone else doing it, and with so many other things to think about, I just ended up defaulting to disposables. I was going to make the switch to cloth when pregnant with DS last summer (mainly for cost savings) but DD freaked when I tried to put a cloth diaper on her, and since she was so bothered by the change and was facing many other changes, I ended up staying with disposables again.
    Recently DD got a really, really bad diaper rash and her Dr. recommended a hypoallergenic diaper. I didn’t mind paying the high cost for her since we’re going to be potty training this summer anyway so I bought some Seventh Generation disposables for day care and some gdiapers for home. I really wanted to like the gdiapers but she leaked out of them 75% of the time. We’re using just Seventh Generation disposables for her now until she is potty trained to avoid a repeat rash.
    I still really want to make the switch to cloth for my 8 month old DS though. DH isn’t so keen on the idea since: 1. he could care less about the environment, 2. DS’s skin isn’t as sensitive as DD’s, 3. DS is already 8 months old and 4. since the startup cost for cloth is so high (we’d have to go with pocket or AIO’s for the ease of DH and day care), there isn’t much savings over the Target disposables we now buy(which will only cost us about $650 from now until DS is potty trained). BUT, if I got some FREE cloth diapers he’d be willing to try them for sure while we’re at home and if that went well, I bet I could convince him to buy a few more and switch at day care too….help me out here…! 🙂

  41. Sarah Curry says:

    I love my Bum Genius!

  42. Thanks for all of the information you’ve given us! My husband and I are interested in using cloth because it’s better for the environment and less cost in the long run.

  43. I blogged about it, how do I make sure you receive a trackback?

  44. You hit all of the brands that I would recommend. I would add emphasis out there for anyone new to prefolds to *get the unbleached ones.* (!!) Many of you may think this seems obvious, but I was clueless. I had my first diapers shipped from the U.S. to where we were living and the supplier was often out of the unbleached for the prefolds we wanted (duh!). When I finally did get a set of unbleached prefolds, the difference was huge. They were softer, obviously didn’t show stains as much, and fluffed up much faster than the bleached.

    Also, I would love anyone’s recommendations on a nighttime diaper for an older (heavy wetter) baby. The biggest challenge to cloth diapering once my kiddo was past about eight months was finding one that would hold up reliably through the night.

    Have just ordered my first set of bamboo fitteds though, and reading what you’ve posted here, I am thinking bamboo may be my answer.

  45. We love BottomBumpers too! For using prefolds and covers or fitted diapers and covers I especially like Motherease covers. They are super adjustable and fit no matter what shape the baby’s thighs are in!

    Catherine´s last blog post…The Week in Books 2009, No. 22

  46. Melanie says:

    I would love to give cloth diapers a try! In fact I always wanted, but I was influenced by the opinions of all the against-cloth-diapering people around me (and a mother in law:o). Now after four years of mothering I’m self-confident and independent enough to use them (and I have a brand new washing machine!).
    Thank you for sharing all the information!

  47. I use cloth on my almost 9 month old son, and we use mainly prefolds, as well as FuzziBunz and Bamboozles at naptime. The fuzzibunz are my favorite, as they are so easy to put on. I’m not a huge fan of Bamboozles.

    Beth@RedandHoney´s last blog post…Get Your Creative On: Homemade Sleep Sack

  48. Rebecca says:

    Wow, we love our cloth around here. We have several different brands, but our faves are bumGenius and Fuzzibunz. The bumGenius are SO easy to use, anyone can do it! I really want to try prefolds and covers, though! Pocket Change diapers are also nice!

  49. I switched over to cloth when my oldest was about 18 months old. Now I have another son who just turned one and we LOVE cloth. I like many of the brands you recommended. I also like Green Acre Designs embroidered diapers because they are so cute (and if you’re doing cloth it might as well be cute) and the inside fleece layer comes in many different colors besides the typical white!!

  50. Thank you for the cloth diapering 101. It has really helped! I do not cloth diaper yet, but I’m looking into buying a 12-pack of bumgenius 3.0 one-size diapers for my 8 month old. I am a stay-at-home mom and it makes no sense to me throwing away all of these disposable diapers (and money). I am trying to save money by buying the cheap disposables but all I have are leaks and blowouts (which seems to be a rare thing for cloths)! I’m still doing some research to find out what brand will do best for my chunky little man but I am SO ready to have my cloth diapers. I’m trying to do my part by saving us some money, keeping the land-fill down and keeping my little man comfy. When I thought about it I wouldn’t want to wear plastic scratchy undies all day!

  51. We’re expecting our first in August and I had always had it in my head that I wanted to use cloth for the environmental and cost reasons. Based on previous research I was planning on using a combination of prefolds and pockets.

    Thank you so much for all the great information in these last few posts (and all posts really). Also the videos have made my husband less anxious about diaper changing in general. 🙂

  52. Awesome review!! I also love Green Mountain Diapers pre-folds. They are awesome and so durable and paired with a Thirsties cover, they are almost guaranteed leek proof!!!

    I love cloth diapering and am expecting my 6th child anyday, so would LOVE to win one of these great packages! 🙂

    Chelsey´s last blog post…Putting It All Out There

  53. Melissa says:

    I recently began using cloth diapers, and I have no complaints about them! I’m currently using the gDiapers with prefolds inside (the disposable ones are WAY too expensive!) However, they are really bulky and show a lot under clothes unless I use my one fitted insert. The absorbancy is great for me. My daughter was leaking at night with disposables and doesn’t leak at all, even at night, with the cloth! As I’m due with #3 next month, I’d love some more options with the other brands!

  54. We primarily use two types of diapers right now. We love the Bum Genius 3.0 One Size Pocket Diaper and we also love the One Size Pocket Diapers made by Diapers by Deb. The Bum Genius diapers are great for absorbancy…they are so reliable for nighttime and for longer time periods. What I LOVE about Deb’s diapers is that she makes them herself and that she personalizes them…you get to choose the colors of just about all the fabrics and you can have embroidery as well. They are the cutest!

  55. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooHHHHHHHHH, I want to win so badly!!! I have never used cloth, but I’ve always been interested…but i’m apparently scared/overwhelmed/don’t know where to begin because I considered using them for my second child, and he’s TWO, while my THIRD child sits here on my lap in her fancy schmacy disposible. I want to try it a) because every time I throw away a wet disposible it feels like SUCH a waste and 2) because the image of all of my sposies sitting in a landfill kills me and iii) because diaper covers are ridiculously adorable!
    I’m usually pretty laid back about blog give-aways, but I AM SO dying to win this one! 🙂

    (I hate for my first comment to be a “gimme something!” comment, but this is my first day every visiting, so I guess I picked a good day!)

    p.s. Hi…nice to meet you. 🙂

  56. We LOVE cloth and you can’t beat the cost. I bought a few to try out different brands and then have bought most second hand in very good condition for a fraction of the cost. We have used a number of brands and types. I find prefolds and covers (We love thirsties for their fit, price and great colors) are best when the babies are small and pockets/aios are easiest after around a year when they get too wiggly to fold a prefold. I have used fuzzi bunz, bumgenius, happy heinys, swaddlebees, bumkins, motherease and maybe some more…all work well and have pros and cons. I have never found a pocket that didn’t leak pee around the legs if not changed pretty quickly. So for sure fire leak-proofing I go with prefolds and thirsties. For convenience and fitting under cute clothes I go with pockets. Hope that helps any newbies!

  57. Right now we’re using gdiapers with our son, who is four months old. I’ve always been intrigued by cloth diapers, however, and now that I know that I can deal with the “poop factor”, I think cloth diapers would be a good choice for our son now and for our future babies.

    Louise´s last blog post…Sewing Machine meme

  58. I have used cloth on and off over the past 2 1/2 years. We have 2 girls, ages 2 1/2 and 11 months with a new little one due in Nov. My favorite cover that I have is Wonder Wraps one size covers from I was able to get mine as seconds for half the price of new. I am hoping to get back into using the cloth more as we get our home more organized and family into more of a routine.

  59. Niki Vail says:

    I have been using cloth diapers for 3 years. I LOVE them! I used disposables for my first two children and have used cloth for my third and fourth children. My favorites are Bumkins and Fuzzibuns. I agree that Fuzzibuns are the most absorbent and overall best fit, my only complaint about them is that I have to go up a size in pants in order to fit the extra tush! I love Bumkins because they are a better fit, but…in the end I have to change the baby more often and watch very closely in order to prevent leaking through! Both diapers are easy to dry and wash as well. I would HIGHLY recommend cloth diapering to any new mom. Don’t be afraid, it’s not nearly as difficult as folks try to make it sound and the biggest advice I have is to just get in a routine to run a diaper load each evening so you have clean, fresh diapers each morning! Good Luck and God Bless!

  60. Stephanie says:

    We’ll be first time parents soon (we’re adopting!) and I’m leaning toward AIO’s. We’re trying to be good stewards and hope not to contribute to the landfill/diaper issue. Plus…they’re super cute! 😉

  61. I’ve been using cloth since my oldest son was born — and he’ll be 5 in less than a month. Fuzzi Bunz have been the backbone of our system for ease of use, but I have to admit that there’s very little cuter than a newborn in a Kissaluvs size 0. The Fuzzi Bunz have held up wonderfully and I haven’t bought any diapers for my youngest, who was born a month ago. I will be glad when I’m not washing them anymore, though…

  62. I have never used cloth diapers before, but I want to stop bagging up giant bags of dirty diapers and filling up the trash shoot with them!

  63. I love my bumgenius diapers! I have about 20 in the one sized and a dozen in the xsmall for our newborn, due in 2-3 weeks. I have never cloth diapered a newborn before, began when my last child was 10 months old, so I have been researching lots of new ideas. I have the dozen xsmall AIO from bumgenius, 3 wraps/covers and am debating a purchase of Indian preemie prefolds or some fitted diapers to go under the wraps. I have about 2 dozen regualr sized Chinese prefolds that I may trim down to fit my newborn.

  64. We are pregnant with our first and plan on cloth diapering. The amount of information out there is overwhelming!! Thank you for your series this week – it has been extremely helpful! I really appreciate it!

  65. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been cloth diapering my son (16 mo.) for a little over a year now! We love our fuzzi bunz! After much trial and error in the beginning, we found out that these are the BEST diapers for us. I’m dying to try out the new one-sized diapers from them : )

  66. Thanks so much for this series! My wife and I are seriously thinking about trying cloth for our first baby (due in a month). It helped having all this info.. although we were a little put off when reading about the poop!

  67. I’ve never tried cloth diapers but would LOVE to with my next child, both for economical and environmental reasons. Thanks for all the info!

  68. I used BumGenius on my daughter and plan to use them for my next child (who is due in September). They really held up well (no leaks) and were easy to use.

  69. I’m pregnant with number one, but we are definitely planning to go cloth in the diaper department. My mom used cloth diapers on all three of us, and we loved it. My two main reasons for cloth diapers are cost effectiveness and cuteness. I have the FuzziBunz perfect fit pocket diapers on my baby shower list, and we’ll see where we go from there. I’ve already purchased some prefolds, and we get the washer and dryer next month! I can’t wait!

  70. Thirsties AIOs are my absolute favorite! Their newest version includes a pocket in the back so you can adjust absorbency for naptimes and bedtime. They were always super trim on my kiddo and we never had a blow out. They are perfect for outings during the day. I also love the Thirsties PUL covers for my prefolds. They come in tons of cute colors and were easy peasy for the hubster to use. For nighttime, you can’t beat Drybees fleece dipes. Stuff it with two hemp inserts and your child will NEVER leak…at least mine never did. It not a good dipe for the day time as it is pretty bulky, but at night, it was always our go to diaper. I had three of them, so it was easy to rotate.

    Since I started CDing when my son was nine months old, I don’t have a clue what dipes work best with newborns. We are planning on CDing our next one from the word go, so I would appreciate any suggestions about good newborn dipes. Thanks!

    Melissa´s last blog post…For Pete’s Sake…

  71. Oh, I so hope you pick me!!!!

    My dd is 3 months old, and the pampers that we were given for baby shower/after she was born are almost gone. I’ve always planned on cloth diapering her, I just needed an extra push to get those diapers purchased!

    I plan on purchasing prefolds and sewing my own covers.

    The reasons I want to CD: better for baby, less money spent on diapers, better for the environment. 🙂

  72. I used cloth diapers with my first child for a few months because she had developed an alergic reaction to her pampers. But being short on money I just used the gerber prefolds with the plastic pants and they leaked a lot which made me seek out a disposable diaper that my daughter could wear. With #2 on the way I am looking for a better cloth diapering solution and your review was very informative. It is hard to find a website that actually reviews all the choices out there side by side. Thank you!

  73. I’ve considered, and dismissed, cloth diapering with each of my three children, for one reason or another. It is something I really want to do, I just need the umph to get going. I think this week of diapering 101 may have done the trick! My youngest (so far) is 7 mo., so it isn’t too late to give it a go… Who knows, we could still get several babies worth out of some cloth diapers…

  74. I’m pregnant with our first and I’m hoping/planning to cloth diaper because I love the idea of reusability and cost savings. Also… they’re just so cute!

  75. I’m not using cloth diapers yet, but that’s only because my baby isn’t here yet. I am so excited about cloth diapers – because of the cost, less negative environmental impact, they’re SO stinking cute and they’re so much better for baby’s skin.

    We’re expecting a long skinny baby based on our body types, so it’s great to hear your experience with the different kinds of diapers. We have a friend who’s lending us her kissaluvs with covers, but I’m also hoping to be able to pick up one or two of a few different types to have some variety in fit, absorbency and ease of use and to see what kinds we like the best since we’ll have to give the kissaluvs back and probably get our own with the next kiddo.

    Sarah´s last blog post…Last Day

  76. Jessica says:

    We’ll be starting our second turn with cloth here any day now! I’m very pleased to be diapering this baby for almost nothing (aside from a few little boy prints, since the last was a girl). For the cheapest solution, I think nothing beats the prefolds and proraps classic covers. The proraps usually run around $7-8 on most sites. Yeah, their just white, but NOTHING escapes these covers. Not even the scariest breastfed baby blowout. I’ve also got a small stash of the BumGenius onesize and a couple fuzzibunz, which I also love for convinience sake…they’re great for the diaper bag. I’m actually thinking of ordering two or three of the fuzzibunz onesize for this baby. The cost isn’ t so bad when you consider that they can wear them from birth to potty training.

  77. Kimberly says:

    This week has come at the perfect time! I’ve been considering switching to cloth diapers but like many others had been so overwhelmed with all the choices. This has simplified it so much AND given me quick facts and reasons to persuade my husband. :O) Our main reasons for considering switching is good stewardship of our money and our natural resources. We would LOVE to start off with some snazzy cloth diapers! Many thanks for sharing your info this week too!

  78. I use bumgenuis and love them. They are a little more expensive up front, but still waaaay cheaper than disposible. I really believe that most people would love cloth, they are so easy. Not your mother’s cloth diapering system!

  79. Breanne says:

    We LOVE Bum-Ware all-in-0ne (and all-in-two) diapers at our house. They’re on the pricey side, but totally worth it to us. They’re the trimmest diapers we’ve found, they never leak, they’re really easy to use (yes, daddy-friendly), and they come in a ton of fun colors. We even use the Bum-Ware Extremes at night time with an extra hemp liner with no leaking problems. My daughter has been in the same size (large) from the time we began cloth diapering (10 months old) until now (age 2 1/2). Now that we have another baby on the way, I just need to do some research on what type of diapers to use with a newborn — it’s new territory for me!

  80. I blogged about your giveaway here!

    I have no idea how to do a trackback on blogger…so if anyone can help me out, I’d really appreciate it. I’m pretty new to blogging and probably a little clueless when it comes to these things. Thanks!

  81. Colleen says:

    This series has motivated me to try the cloth diapers that were given to me before my son was born. We started yesterday, and so far, so good. The only label I can find on the diapers I have say “Angelik” and I bought a couple Kushies covers. It would be great to have some slightly more absorbent diapers to add to our stash.

  82. I used Bum Genius All In One diapers for my son’s first six months. I loved them, but quit once he started solid food and his poop changed. The first six months were easy — no scraping or rinsing dirty diapers. I think I’m ready to try again though. Your post about throwing poop into landfills reminded me why I wanted to do cloth in the first place.

  83. The way we got around cost on using the gdiaper system is to cut plain ole microfleece (not anti-pill) from the fabric store into the same width and roughly twice the length of a gdipe insert. After a few washings it will pill up and feel a lot like sherpa. When we’re at home we use those, and when we go out, we use the flushable inserts. For us it’s a win-win!

  84. Thanks for the great diaper review. I would have loved to have had this when I was thinking about switching to cloth. We switched to cloth for our second child a few months ago. I bought the Bum Genius 3.0 one-size diapers at Cotton Babies on recommendation from a friend, and they’ve been working great. I can’t believe how much better they hold the poo than disposables. We were having blowouts every day before and haven’t had one since switching.

    LeAnna Alderman Sterste´s last blog post…Mabel at 8 months

  85. bumGenius one-size diapers were always our work horse – they’re easy, come clean really well, the fit is GREAT, and I never get leaks. If not a bG, then I like to go simple and use a prefold w/ a cover. Prefolds from Green Mountain Diaper are the BEST, and for covers, right now I’m liking the fit of Imse Vimse.

    Great job breaking them all down, Tsh!! I’ve found that so many people I talk to are so afraid and disgusted at first, until I give them a little “tutorial”. I’ve managed to convert FOUR people to cloth diapering!!

  86. Yay! What a fantastic giveaway! We use a lot of the brands you mentioned. Best for naps is the BumGenius. Prefolds and covers are great for the rest of the day. We like our bummis whisper wrap and our Imse Vimse cover (non-organic). However, my new fave is a one-size Wonderwrap. It snaps like the BGs and has a wide waist elastic to prevent red marks. Love it!

  87. I am a part time cloth diaper user. I use prefolds and some nylon pants from Dappi. These are cheap, wash well, and do not leave red marks on my son’s legs like the cheap gerber plastic pants. My only problem is that they are low waisted, so I sewed a fleece cuff on the top and it helps. I also use a strip of fleece down the inside of the diaper and the poop just rolls off and my son feels drier. I do not use cloth at night and still love a disposible on a lazy day. I find using cloth is a bit labor intensive, multiple changes in a day, but it helps financially.
    I would love to try one of these nice brands though!

    • Twin Mom says:

      As a tried-but-don’t usually use cloth mom, I think your comment is very realistic. To consider cloth cheaper, one has to value one’s time at about zero.

  88. Jasmine says:

    Thanks for the posts! I know this will be super-helpful to so many! We use the 3.0 by BumGenius. We didn’t use them for our first, but started using them when our second was around 10 months. They are easy to use, and the inserts dry quickly when you put them in the dryer with a towel. (a trick from my MIL) I would love to be able to give my friends some to start out with! Also, if you are in the St. Louis area, the CottonBabies store has bins of returned diapers (many have never been used!) at a reduced price.

  89. Our work horse is the BG one size 3.0. We love it and it’s always our go to diaper! It’s just so easy to get it on just right, and we never have accidents in it. We’re starting to branch out right now though, so I hope we win!

  90. Candace says:

    We primarily use prefolds and covers at our house. My favorite prefolds are the Green Mountain Diaper prefolds. Great variety of sizes, super soft, super absorbant. I have a few Bummis covers and I like them, but I typically reach for my Thirsties covers first. They’re much thinner and softer and they come in a huge rainbow of colors. For nighttime use I do like the BG 3.0’s stuffed with both inserts. Works beautifully.

  91. Though we only have 10 and just use them when we’re out or when we leave our son with family, I love our bumGenius 2.0 & 3.0s!

    Due to a pre-birth miscommunication, my husband used the bumGenius diapers unstuffed as covers over our prefolds for the first few weeks. It worked so well that we continued doing that way until he was too big (around 3 months or so). By then, he was big enough for a normal prefold and cover or a stuffed bumGenius.

    Steph´s last blog post…Our Five Year Plan

  92. I’m due any day now and planning on using cloth with number two. I’ve managed to pick up pieces of all sorts of diapering systems here and there for cheap or free. I’m even trying to sew my own prefolds. I would love to try for a chance at having some good quality, new stuff.

    I also haven’t figured out how to trackback, so here is the post where I wrote about you on my blog:

    Thanks for all the great help as I plunge into this new parenting adventure! Staci

    PanJiaLe´s last blog post…Start Spreading the News….. Cloth Diaper Give-Away

  93. Great post with great information! So far we’ve only used prefolds and recycled wool covers on our 6-week-old daughter. The prefolds are from I really like them! The wool covers are from They’re good, but I’d love to branch out and add some other types of diapers to our stash!

  94. I haven’t used cloth diapers yet, but now I can’t understand why they are not more popular! I would definitely give them a try – the environmental and cost benefits are worth it for me. Th idea of earlier potty training is also very appealing!

    RLR´s last blog post…No umbrella….

  95. We’ve used BumGenius 3.0 for over a year now, and while I LOVE the absorbancy and ease of use, I’m a little disappointed at how they’ve worn. In retrospect, I wish I’d line dried the covers more instead of throwing them in the dryer. We’re now pregnant with #2, and researching our options to continue using cloth (our BGs just won’t make it for another little one). It would be great to win one of these diapers and try something new!

    Sarah´s last blog post…Have you missed me?

  96. I would be willing to try cloth diapers with my second one to save some $$$! (And because my Dad is CONSTANTLY telling me that, you know, babies who wear cloth diapers are potty trained sooner).

  97. I have 2 sons, ages 2 and 9 months and up to now I’ve been using disposables. I’m spending so much money on diapers and wipes, I’ve decided I’ve got to try cloth diapers/wipes (also better for the environment). This series has been so helpful to me…now I don’t feel so intimidated by the whole cloth diapering process! Thanks!

  98. Heather says:

    We didn’t use cloth with out first, but with our second (now 9 months) we have used cloth from the time she was about a month old. I was lucky to have lots of friends gift me or sell cheap their old dipes. As you can imagine, we have quite the variety! My favorites are the fuzzibunz. The fit seems to work well and we can prep the diaper in advance. We also have a lot of different covers and prefolds, but that sometimes gets tricky with a squirmy kiddo! 😉
    It’s so great that you are providing such detailed information. When we first started cloth diapering it was totally overwhelming, but now it is a breeze!

  99. Thanks for all the info, I’ve used cloth on my little girl from when she was 2 weeks old (she’s now 18 months), but it’s always interesting to hear how others do cloth! At first we used folded muslins and a snappi. When she was a bit bigger I used Motherease One Size which I love, they’re easy to use, I like the fact you don’t have to buy different sizes, they dry pretty well. I tried the Imse Vimse wraps which are gorgeous but unfortunately didn’t fit very well on our little girl so I bought some Motherease ones instead. We also use cloth wipes and fleece liners which are fantastic, they keep her feeling dry for much longer and mean we don’t have to use the flushable kind. We do use disposables sometimes (when we go away etc) but I buy eco disposables so less chemicals and more biodegradable than other disposables which for me is a suitable compromise.

    Sara Hawkridge´s last blog post…spring on the table

  100. I am chomping at the bit to use cloth diapers for our little guy, but I’m going to burn through a lot of our disposable stash first. We’ve heard so many good things about cloth diapers – we want to try them because of the cost-effectiveness of it all, the fact that it’s good for the environment, and the hope that he will be potty-trained sooner rather than later.