The perfect statement wall

I have been working on some fresh new decor ideas for my home, and I’m thinking what’s needed is a statement wall. Something eye catching but not in an area where I already have a lot going on. These walls add whimsy and character to a room and make me feel so happy. Check out these inspiration walls I’m coveting:

The herringbone wood wall above is just stunning, isn’t it? Go to Makely School for Girls for the tutorial on how to do this yourself.

I’ve become slightly obsessed with anchors lately – this anchor statement wall is easy to do thanks to this pretty tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.


A few cans of paint and some well placed tape would create this beautiful random chevron wall. Thanks to Animal Print Shop for this one!


A statement wall can still make a big splash without being a bright color. I love the large scale of this chevron wall – check out the DIY for this at Sabbe.


We have all seen the plate-on-the-wall effect, right? What about taking it BIG and creating shapes with the color of the plates? I love the jaw dropping effect of this wall (found on the gorgeous Modernly Wed).

Have you done a statement wall before? I’d love to hear about it!


Arianne creates style ideas, writes thoughts on parenting 4 children, plants knowledge in young minds, curates lovely things, and does it all with an eye for the story being woven through her each and every day. As the owner of Mabel + Riv, she strives to bring you inspiration, handmade creations and beauty from voices across the creative-sphere. Find her on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as @ariannesegerman.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! We just bought a house and there are lots of (design) things to figure out.

    • Oh you are in that fun “brand new” white canvas-ish feeling of a new house! I love it. And it can also be overwhelming eh? Good luck as you create your new home!

  2. I’ll have you know that I’ve been in Lindsay’s home (Makely) several times over the last few years and she is constantly pushing herself forward in terms of design and making their house into a home. She’s an inspiration!!!

  3. these are lovely! can y’all tell me more about wallpaper decals? maybe they could help me do something similar without painting!
    my white walls are crying for a temporary pop!

    • I rely on decals A LOT. Search etsy for the best ones, but they also carry them at big stores like Target, Home Depot, Lowes!

  4. Love these ideas!

  5. Beautiful and colorful designs. The idea and the creativity of the designs are great. I like to have some of the designs decorated in my house. You can see different eco-friendly house designs here.

  6. I love these designs. Very artistic!

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