The best of summer

Hi friends! Jenny here and I’m feeling a little nostalgic! I’m not quite ready for summer to end but the reality is the clock is ticking pretty loudly now. Here comes that old familiar feeling of slight end of season panic… when the majority of the vacation turns to memories. Suddenly I’m looking at the calendar and asking myself what’s left on our to-do list!

Did we travel enough, did the kids have more fun than they could handle, did we fill our days with that perfect mix of adventure and relaxation?

It’s bittersweet of course because after 10 weeks, I think we’re all ready for a little bit more routine and structure in our day but at the same time, who wants to say goodbye to summer? Not this Mama!


We’ve had some awesome days, that’s for sure. I’m happily checking trips to the zoo, afternoons at the county fair, beach weeks and oodles of swimming off the summer list.

But what’s left? We’ve got two weeks, and I’m determined to squeeze in whatever we can. I’m talking about a picnic under a shady tree, a spontaneous day trip, another sleepover or two for sure. I’m heading down to the basement today to pull out our tent because you know what? No summer would be complete without camping out in the back yard underneath a star filled summer sky.

Also, more ice cream. Lots more ice cream.

Cheers to summer, friends!

What are some of your best memories? Anything left on your summer to-do list?


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  1. When I was little we spent 6 weeks at our cabin in Montana every summer (driving in the Country Squire from CA!) – I just always remember how happy I was to come back to my own room and my best friend.
    We still have some more camping to do, a few more local festivals, and picnics! This summer we had hardly any mosquitoes so we must celebrate with more picnics!

    • A cabin in Montana sounds DIVINE. My husband is from the midwest (Wyoming) and we’ve done several drives out there from Virginia, I love it so much – especially that stretch on 90 west across SD through the Badlands and of course WALL DRUG, home of the 5 cent coffee!!!

      BUT- I’ve yet to see beautiful Montana. You lucky duck! Those are great summer memories.

      Also, hardly any mosquitoes? You win!!!

      Happy last stretch o’summer, Amy!

  2. We have so much left on our list and it’s making me slightly panicky. This has been the Summer Of A New Baby, so we haven’t done nearly as much as I had hoped. We’ve kissed baby cheeks more than we’ve been to the beach, but I suppose that’s good? School starts in 2.5 weeks! Ack!

    • Ashleigh, first of all —–> Happy new baby!!!! That’s so exciting and it trumps everything else, even SUMMERTIME! Kissing baby cheeks is one of the best things ever in my book, enjoy those sweet cheeks while they’re teeny tiny, the beach will allllllways be there, Mama.

      In these last 2.5 weeks before the official End.OF.Summer…. how about you squeeze in one thing you hoped to do over the vacation? A day trip? A staycation… check into a hotel in town and just enjoy the pool and room service?

      Whatever you guys decide, enjoy it. New baby and all!!!

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