Relinquish your power on the things that don’t matter

I don’t share many parenting tips here, mostly because I don’t have a lot. I’ll venture into pantry organization or budgeting — but raising up the next generation? Now that’s territory in which I feel rather unqualified to write. That said — I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. And this one is (read more…)

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4 parenting strategies for difficult days

There are days when this parenting gig is the best one on the planet. Giggles come easily, hugs are plentiful, and cooperation abounds. All seems right in our world and in our family, and our confidence soars. And then, there are those days – the days when every situation devolves into a meltdown, and it (read more…)

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10 questions to encourage engaged parenting in a new year

As the last days of this year tick off of the calendar, many people are drawn to introspection and reflection. For parents, these last days of the year offer space to sit down and intentionally consider how you are working to become the parent you want to be for your children. If you have a (read more…)

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Big trips with little kids: yes, it can be done

The week of Thanksgiving, my family and I went to Paris.  It was the first time we’d ever taken a big vacation together, and it was so much fun.  It was cold, windy, and rainy, and the prices were exorbitant, but we had planned well enough and saved up enough cash to still enjoy our (read more…)

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girl playing the piano

10 clutter-free gift ideas for kids

This morning, our four year old daughter told me, “I don’t want a bunch of things for Christmas. I just want one thing: a pogo stick.” We are constantly cutting back on the number of toys and parts and pieces that are so often underfoot in our home, so the approaching holiday season has me thinking (read more…)

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