Everyday mentors and village people

I was a bystander this time, an observer, learning a lesson again I am so quick to forget:

Words are powerful and persuasive and have the capacity to change lives.

I know this, I even live it, but watching and witnessing a relative stranger speak wisdom into my teen son's life, I saw it fresh, new.  The conversation's effect was palpable--you could almost see wheels turning in my boy's head. We were at the periodontist's office, a consultation for upcoming dental surgery.  Because Dr. M had treated my daughter a few years ago, we were already acquainted.  I remembered how much I appreciated his chair-side manner, but I had forgotten how likeable and engaging he was. Dr. M, cordial but professional to me, directed his attention toward my son.  Thomas was wearing clothes for soccer, since he'd leave his appointment and go straight to practice.  Read More
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Ten ways to use your creativity for good

It seems like summer brings a big sigh of relaxation and a feeling of extra time to do, make, create and enjoy. Everyone seems to be creating bucket lists and planning out all the fun things they want to do as a family. But we can do even more than come up with fun ways (read more…)

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How to talk to your children about sex

“Dadda, your penis is bigger than mine. ” “Mommy, mommy, I have a vagina!” Stated as my daughter entered our bedroom while pulling down her panties to prove her statement. “Why do you and mommy go on dates?” These are all questions or statements I’ve heard from my three-year-old son and five-year-old daughter. They are (read more…)

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7 tips for traveling internationally with kids

As I was SCUBA diving a few weeks ago, my main thought was how I’d love to be holding Kyle’s hand, experiencing for the first time with him the strange thrill of breathing underwater. I saw Nemo hanging out in a sea anemone on the Great Barrier Reef, and of course, my knee-jerk reaction was (read more…)

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When parenting means steering into the skid

I closed the door to our bedroom, tip-toed to the far side of the bed and sat down quietly on the floor. From the living room, I could hear my four-year-old daughter screeching at me to come help her with her computer game. Here I was, the parent who so attentively responded to her cries (read more…)

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