Normandy, France

The beginning of the end: Normandy, France

On this day in 1944, the Allied troops landed on the beaches in Normandy. I knew when I saw that this month’s Intellectual Grownup offering landed on June 6, I had to somehow focus on this day that went down in history, known to World War II as “the beginning of the end.” But really—what (read more…)

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Coffee: a brief history, how it gets to your cup (and what do those labels mean?)

Ever wonder how your cup of morning deliciousness was born? Me too. In fact, the idea of this month’s Intellectual Grownup came in the morning as I was begging my coffee to wake me up out of my stupor. I was staring in wonder at how much I love it, thinking about the millions around (read more…)

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The history of… tap dancing. (Really.)

You might remember that I danced all throughout my childhood. From age three to 16, I was involved in some combination of ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and lyrical dancing, and at one point, I even considered going professional. When I was 15, I tried out for my city’s professional ballet company, and I got in (read more…)

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