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Sharing a room: is it okay for brothers and sisters?

Reader Laine asks, “My daughter is five and my son is three. If we were to find a three bedroom home for rent (like we live in now), what are your thoughts on putting the children together in one room and having the other room as a playroom/schoolroom. Have you ever tried anything like this? (read more…)

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12 cheap (and free!) toys for young children

The price of toys these days is disheartening. They can also be loud, obnoxious, and cheaply-made. I stand firmly in the camp of having fewer high-quality toys than having a thousand pieces of plastic to trip over, pick up, and lose. Plus, the less toys “do,” the more creative your child can be with them (read more…)

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13 tips for packing light with little kids

Since we live overseas, we travel a LOT together as a family. In fact, I’m sitting in a hotel room as I write this – my baby is next to me on the bed, playing with his toes; my three-year-old is also on the bed, coloring in her special travel notebook with crayons. My older (read more…)

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A preschooler’s allowance

As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve started giving our three-year-old daughter an allowance in exchange for simple household chores. Photo by Michele Catalano I know that $2.45 weekly isn’t going to buy much more than M&Ms or a bouncy ball. But that’s not the point. The point is, we want our kids to start learning how (read more…)

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