A birthday alternative: less stuff, more fun

September brings a birthday celebration in our home. Our younger daughter turned two this month, so I have had birthday parties on my mind. As I purged the toys in our playroom before her birthday arrived, I thought about how quickly we accumulate stuff. Thinking about all that stuff reminded me of The Story of (read more…)

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What’s your opinion on “kid-free” zones?

The hot topic on the Internet this week has been “kid-free” zones in certain places — essentially banning children from certain events and arenas. The buzz really got going when a Whole Foods Market in Missouri announced a new event: two hours of free babysitting while you go shopping, every Friday in August. Parents can drop (read more…)

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How freely do you let your kids play?

We recently had a great discussion about whether we know our neighbors, and whether it’s even important for us to know them.  I found it fascinating the range of demographics and geography represented in the comments.  Overall, it seems like most of us want to establish some sort of community relationship with our neighbors, no (read more…)

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Have yourself an inspired little summer

Summer break has officially started. No more running around looking for matching socks at the last minute or loading up the dishwasher with one itty-bitty lunch box container after the next. For the next two months, we can play barefoot all day and we can eat off paper plates. For some people, summer is stressful (read more…)

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The value of being heard

“What’s doobie?” She’s five – I thought. I also thought things like: She must have seen cable at Uncle Brian’s house. Now we’ll have to move. I never liked Uncle Brian much anyway. I thought things like that. Normal, rational things. Then I took a deep breath and feigned calm. “A doobie is like a (read more…)

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