Let’s bless some mamas, shall we?

This might be one of the most exciting posts I’ve ever written here. I’ve started and stopped it so many times because I want it to be just right, and yet the words aren’t stringing them together quite the way I want.

But you all are great, so I’m just going to plow on through already and get on with it. Ready?

There’s a village in small-town Ethiopia with our name on it. And by that, I mean WE, as a community of people who read and write the Simple Living blogs, have the chance to specifically and extraordinarily bless another community of mamas and babies who need a bit of our help.

Seriously. It’s amazing and humbling and everything in between.

We are officially partnering with Compassion International to sponsor a Child Survival Program in Woliso, Ethiopia, which is not too far outside Addis Ababa. And we can all play a part in a seriously cool way.

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Weekend links

Whew — 26 hours of travel time, and I made it alive! We’re absolutely exhausted, but if I can speak for the whole team of bloggers, it’s good to be back with our families. Thanks for praying. To celebrate the week, this weekend’s links are some of my favorite posts from my Compassion Philippines teammates: Meeting (read more…)

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Now that you know, what will you do?

Today I met two supermodels. Not really. But holy cow, aren’t these two sisters gorgeous? These two girls are sponsored by two separate Australian families with Compassion here in the Philippines. Aira, on the left, is 17 and hopes to become a teacher. Dhesthile, on the right, is 13 and is mostly happy playing volleyball. (read more…)

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Do you feel guilty? Don’t.

You might be getting a little tired of reading these Compassion posts. It might be too much. Maybe a bit too heavy a read while you’re taking a break during the kids’ nap times. I hear you. I’ve been like that during other Compassion blog trips — I want to read, but I also kinda don’t. (read more…)

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So that others may simply live

I went to Kim and Moises’ house today. These two teenage brothers live in a neighborhood on top of a marsh — as in, there’s a concrete sidewalk leading to their house, with putrid water under floating rafts of trash on either side. Their mother works as a seamstress in a factory, and their father (read more…)

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