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This Halloween, lower the sugar intake

Halloween is the pinnacle for many kids.  You get to dress up, run around, and when you ask people for candy, they just give it to you – what could be better? Maybe that’s the kids’ perspective, but if you’re like me, you tremble at the thought of that much sugar running through your little (read more…)

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The Jesse Tree: a family-oriented way to focus on the true meaning of Christmas

Photo by Kevin Day I‘ve wanted to do a Jesse Tree for Christmas for the past few years, but I’ve never actually done it for one main reason – I haven’t planned far enough in advance.  No longer. Think of a Jesse Tree as a sort of advent calendar, except that in addition to a (read more…)

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Serve your community as a family this Christmas

Photo by Sue Christmas is a great time to serve your community, your loved ones, and those less fortunate worldwide. It’s vital to teach your children about the condition of most people in the world, and it especially hits home when those in their own community live with less. But you know what I’ve found? (read more…)

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Gather your holiday addresses now, when there’s still plenty of time

This week, I’m collating our Christmas card mailing address.  This isn’t too complicated for me, since I already keep an extensive database of friends and family with FileMaker Pro. But even if you don’t have this, it still shouldn’t take you too long.  Set aside a few hours this week, and gather your mailing addresses.  (read more…)

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Keep your holiday supplies simple with an inventory and a plan

Photo by Foto Blitz Color This week’s project is not revolutionary or a brand new idea, but the kicker is doing it in plenty of advanced time. This week, we’ll take inventory of our holiday items, get rid of what we no longer need, and make a shopping list for the things you need to (read more…)

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