The best teacher

As you start this week, may you resolve to slow down enough to enjoy the process of learning. Children, especially very young ones, are the best at this. They find absolutely no hurry in a leisurely walk when there are sticks and roly-polies and grass blades and sidewalk cracks to explore. They ask you a (read more…)

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As you start this week…. take a deep breath. Exhale. Repeat again. Actually, repeat as necessary until you feel your shoulders relax and your spirit calm. Those things that feel really important today? They may not be so terribly important. I don’t know what they are, true, but think about where you were exactly one (read more…)

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Do you plan for the pause?

As I’m writing this, I’m tired. I always get a rush of excitement when summer begins. I imagine wide open months ahead, ready to fill with creativity, trips, and fun memories with the kids.

 Then sometime right around now in the season, the reality settles in of just how long summer days are. And I’m (read more…)

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Common grace for the common good: look for it

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get a little bit down and discouraged about the state of the world, current events, and the like. I stopped watching the news on TV years ago because it was just too depressing. I care deeply about this world and the people in it, which means that (read more…)

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Go out on a limb

This week, as you go along with the carefree days of summer, may you be intentionally aware of who you are connected to, and with whom you are traveling through this season of life. Oftentimes we are given just the right companions, if we simply look around and embrace those who make up our community. (read more…)

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