Freedom to fly (or fall)

As you begin this week, may you remember to hold your children loosely, with open hand and outstretched fingers, rather than white knuckles and clinched fist. School’s out, days stretch long, and it’s an ideal time to explore…discover…seek adventure. While I’m encouraging you, I need to encourage myself just as strongly – I’m living in (read more…)

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Embrace summer: let go of imperfections

As you start this new week, may you learn to let go of imperfections. When your child invites a neighbor to come over, or shows up with a car full of teens, be mindful of the gifts that surround you as they come into the house or out into the yard or the pool. Learn (read more…)

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Slow down, listen well, bravely ask

As you start this week, may you be mindful of the people put in your life that surround you with good. Take note of the details of these people—the way they hold themselves, how they listen, the color and mood they seem to represent, the beauty that’s found deep within everyone. May you remember to (read more…)

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Finishing school

As you start this week, and if your kids are now officially done with school for the season, may you remember what it’s like to relax. Soon enough, there will be time to rev up that Summer Bucket List a la Pinterest, but for the next week or two? Just… be. Be with those kids (read more…)

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Be the boss of you

As you start this week, may you be courageous and bold enough to do the things that are good and healthy for you, the things you know make you a better grownup and more in to who you’re made to be. I distinctly remember this one evening after visiting some family friends late into the (read more…)

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