May we all be Mexican fishermen

As you start this week, may you find contentment in the pursuit of enough. With money, time, relationships, your home, and even your dreams and goals, may you peacefully and boldly pursue that sweet spot called enough, where you aren’t in need, but also aren’t burdened with needless abundance. And in this process, may you (read more…)

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See what happens with imperfection

As you start this week, remember to not wait for life to be perfect before you take a risk in the name of friendship. Don’t wait for your house to be perfectly clean before inviting that potential new friend over for tea, or to have all the time in the world in your calendar before (read more…)

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agatha christie

On hamster care and Agatha Christie

As you start this week, may you relish in the slowness of a light Monday. I know, you have lots of hard work ahead of you, and perhaps you’ll go to bed every night this week exhausted from either the physical or intellectual efforts of your day. Maybe both. But don’t forget to enjoy life (read more…)

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Be you

As you start this week, may you be brave and learn more about yourself and how you’re made. When you feel a still, small stirring inside you, don’t ignore it—take note of why it’s there, and let it lead you down a journey of a bit more self-discovery. And sometime during this week, when you’re (read more…)

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On curing cancer & changing diapers

As you start this week, remember that you can be a world changer. Isn’t this a favorite quote of ours—be the change you wish to see in the world? We even tell our kids this sometimes, that they can change the world. Well, you can too. It’s just a matter of remembering what it means (read more…)

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