Do the very thing you ask of them

As you start this week, think about that thing you keep harping on your kids. You know, that one issue that keeps cropping up about their character—not complaining, saying please and thank you, having patience when things don’t go their way, using their inside voice inside. And dare yourself to focus on the same thing (read more…)

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Go outside

As you start this week—go outside. And I don’t mean that in a figurative, go outside of yourself sort of way. I mean, literally, put on your shoes and go for a walk around your neighborhood. The weather has really dropped here the past week, and we are all-in on the scarf-wearning, boots-donning weather. I (read more…)

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fall trees

Don’t forget to dream big

As you start this week, thinking of the daily micro tasks in front of you—drop-offs, grocery runs, email processing, and the like—don’t set aside your big dreams. It’s easy to immerse myself in the day to day, I find, and there is real benefit to that. The little things really do matter. But there’s something (read more…)

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tunnel walking

In front of you, behind, and on either side

As you start this week, as you look to the left and the right of you to find friends, don’t forget to look in front and behind you as well. It’s not a stretch to make friends with people in your life stage—fellow moms in the trenches, the coworker in the desk down the hall, (read more…)

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dirty boots

Dirt in your nails

As you start this week… ….friends, I gotta be honest. I’m utterly and completely exhausted. I’m writing this on day 12 of separation from my family (though by the time this publishes, I’ll be in my own bed with my favorite person next to me, glory hallelujah). (I’m talking about my husband there. Just clearing (read more…)

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