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Do the thing in front of you

As you start this week, may you heed the advice I was given back in college during finals week, and has stuck with me ever since: “When you don’t know what to do, do the thing in front of you.” It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’ve got a full week—especially on a Monday as (read more…)

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Art is everywhere

As you start this week, may you notice art. Kyle and I got in to a conversation this weekend about the definition of art. Is art art because of the motive behind the creator? Is it the viewer’s responsibility, indicated by how he or she interprets it? Is there an objectivity to it, a dividing (read more…)

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There you are!

As you start this week, think a little bit about how you make others feel when you’re around. I’ve heard it said that as writers, we should notice how our words make readers feel, and not just how they think. So it is with the rest of life, I think. And not just with our (read more…)

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Do the very thing you ask of them

As you start this week, think about that thing you keep harping on your kids. You know, that one issue that keeps cropping up about their character—not complaining, saying please and thank you, having patience when things don’t go their way, using their inside voice inside. And dare yourself to focus on the same thing (read more…)

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Go outside

As you start this week—go outside. And I don’t mean that in a figurative, go outside of yourself sort of way. I mean, literally, put on your shoes and go for a walk around your neighborhood. The weather has really dropped here the past week, and we are all-in on the scarf-wearning, boots-donning weather. I (read more…)

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